Thursday, June 27, 2013

People You’ll Meet in Workplace

The fox have the habit of peeking at your desk as if it just wanted to see the window at your side. The fox has the headset with him that serves as a tool for eavesdropping.

They will spare you if they’re in good mood. But when the peak of pressure comes so as the bully starts. They will avoid you in front of many audiences but when their own group detaches, their power also extinguishes.

People tend to talk most of the time. Nevertheless, it’s bearable if it is not made in repeated fashion. Not dangerous.

Need to be careful of accomplishing your work since it will reflect you. You need to be careful to spot this kind of person. Back in school, they are the strict ones, and if you mind your grades, you should mind your work too. This person wants to be approached first.

Killer eyes
Be careful as this one is just looking for some imperfections you have. And boom... Information will be disclosed to the higher in the hierarchy and you’re in danger if that person doesn’t like you from the beginning. It is evident in their eyes and instinct will tell you so. Just a hint by just a second glimpse will tell you that you've been the talk a while ago. Follow the path of their eyes and you will learn. It is disheartening that some of them won’t even conceal their actions.

They don’t really have the intelligence factor but belongs in the lower hierarchy too. Something that fastens them in the team is their high communication skill and their influence. They are not really that sociable at everyone but they can really fit in well, however, you cannot assure the genuineness of their actions. Insecurity rooted from the progress of one of the team member. They someone feels they should be in that place, but their own laziness impede them so.

Back Stabbing
Remember that, if this person can tells negative about its past friend, watch out. Danger here.

They are the people who whines a lot for they have this conviction that they should be treated highly. They tend to be whiny about things people did but they’re the one who’s exempted. Rule maker and rule breaker.

Play Safe
They are a not so dangerous people but have some kind of moodiness. Party neutral and don’t take sides. Favors can be asked in a modest quantity and should not be abused.

Sometimes it’s mild it’s hard to tell at all. They talk about things loudly but actually they’re just trying to let you get the message you’re the one they’re referring to.

You will always meet some old person that seemed to come to that old era too. They carry with them their past customs and behaviors. Some of them are made by time into a very compulsive person. They’re nagger as generation tells; they’re a representation of a walking alarm clock. Learn from them, for you will gain knowledge that the other team will not care to tell to you.

Rumor Spreader
Once in a while, a person who you we’re not used to talk to will start a conversation and ask about your past and the likes. They were too curious to know and have something to delight others of information they collected from you. Be careful of sharing personal information.

Attention deprived
Always like to be on news and be pampered else expect the worst.

 They have the charm of leader but in an 'almost' kind of quantity. Since a negative core is deep rooted in their being, they may be on the high plain but will not really get into the peak of the mountain. They may get people do the work but they will not inspire and persuade people into its very essence. It’s just like comparing an artificial fertilizer from an organic fertilizer.

Here is a real life example of people you can meet in your way to work. I mean it! Some can even be that aggressive we can speculate receiving death threats. Be careful of being framed too…

Most of the time, group of the same feather flocks together. But don’t be dismayed, every group has their goodness and badness. Those loathed quality sited above can be countered; you just have to discover how.


  1. Hi. Kamusta? Isa po akong masugid na tagasunod ng iyong blog. ^_^ As I have scrolled through your old entries, sobrang naka-relate po ako sa mga sinusulat nyo. Nawili po talaga ako nung nabasa ko itong post na ito. May mga mas worse pa akong na-encounter kesa sa mga yan, to tell you the truth.

    ~ Kim S. ^^

    1. Hi Ms. Kim. Thanks for visiting my blog. ^_^ Ah yes, we human beings are capable of worst things na masmalala pa dito. Di ko alam may reader pala ako, it made me smile. I hope na we can also be friends too :)


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