Sunday, January 3, 2016

My thoughts | I want to buy a brush set!

I want to play and experiment, and I want to help unveil the hidden beauty of other people.

I've been thinking of make up brushes the whole day of yesterday and the first thing I did when I woke up this day was to continue browsing reviews and opinions over the net. Watching Rhazel's channel in youtube inflamed my old desire to buy my own brush. And I'm still not using my bdj box from Pink Sugar, like it silently waits for the arrival of my future brushes. I don't know why, but it suddenly felt like it's so crucial to have it (when I don't really think of it back on previous months and years). But now, I want to have my own set of brush na!

I will be on a hormonal therapy for this month and hopefully for the following months. That will eventually lead to a face free of pimples. I really wanted to shift from skincare to cosmetics so I could at least do my own makeup on special occasion. It ruins my mood when I don't like the result of other people's work in my face (especially eyebrows) and even in my hair. What I currently have is too far from being complete though. I still need a huge palette for eye shadow and contour. How I wish the price of the entire makeup set is not intimidating.

I told my boyfriend I want to have a set of make up brush. I find it ironically funny when he volunteered and asked me the brand, price or where he can possibly buy it because the combined price is embarrassingly expensive compared to guys' gadgets (because we female have gadgets too!). I won't let him buy my personal female luxury things because it's awkward and it's a luxury we can live without. But if he wants to buy a DSLR for me, okay lang lols...

The prices of other beauty products is really intimidating. If I make my living by doing other people's makeup, the price will be reasonable. Maybe knowing my goals in makeup and sticking with it will help. On the early days of my blogging, I can't even fathom why women buy a lot of expensive face products. They only use it in their face lang naman and it expires. May naiipon pa kaya sila? My main concern is the same, “I'm a low wager” and there's the guilt feeling on splurging on those things.

Isn't less better? Does this makes sense when I really don't want to wear a heavy makeup in a daily basis? Who will be my prospects when practicing? Will it be okay for me to share my personal brush and other makeup products on other people's face?

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