Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Childless or Single Mom?

When is the right age to get married? At age 25. And so I believed. What I didn’t see coming was I won’t be a part of that population. I thought it was automatic but no it’s not. You need a guy who have a strong desire to build a future with you and that finding that guy isn’t easy at all. The age to really get married is 30-45.

It’s only when we get old that we realize there’s a lot of smart women who are not in a relationship or a single parent. What happened to the guys? Did they stop dreaming big? Are we getting scarce of them? In real life for women, it’s either you get pregnant early and get married after or just get old alone. A guy will wait for you to get pregnant before he realizes that he even wants to marry you. You might even find yourself lucky that he wanted to marry you after all.

I knew what I really wanted even when I was still a kid, to wait for that one and only. First and last boyfriend. Someone to have a deep connection with and loves me. That’s why it was very traumatic for me when I had my first ex. For a woman who waited for a very long time, it was very hard to accept and realize that I made a bad choice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Collagen by Watsons +Q10 Hand Cream Review

One way to prevent the sign of aging in our hands is to use a moisturizer whenever the moisture is stripped out from the skin. The Watsons +Q10 Collagen Hand Cream does it purpose of removing the dryness especially from frequent hand washing. It contains anti-ageing Q10, Vitamin E and Shea butter.

Description from the packaging
“Upgraded with Tri-collagen Complex* from Europe, Collagen by Watsons Moisturizing Skincare offers an enhanced 3-tier collagen boosting system to improve skin elasticity, firmness and moisture retentions. Reinforced with Matrixyl Peptide which helps stimulate skin regeneration and restore skin texture; Baobab Tree Fruits Extracts from France which helps form protective water locking layer for long lasting moisturising effects; Pea Extracts from France which helps nourish and tighten skin. This range helps reveal younger, firming looking skin.”

Collagen hand cream tube.

When buying a hand cream, it defeats the purpose when it feels like a body lotion. So far, you will recognize the difference if you use this Watsons cream over a regular lotion. I don’t reapply so it means that hand cream is doing its job.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Experience in Buying in Shopee | Watches (Digital and Analog)

digital and analog watch in shopee

Years after my first failed attempt, I finally purchase from an online store again. The reason why I chose Shopee is because their products are way cheaper than Lazada, there's a lot to choose from and I can avail free shipping fee with a minimum purchase of P500. In this 4 watches, I really only wanted the white analog watch and the pink digital watch for my sister, the rest is picked to reach P500.

Shopee Online Store
The complicated website design of Shopee makes it hard to determine whether the parcel is being sold by a seller abroad.  Good thing is you don’t have to personally deal with customs through Shopee. It takes longer to arrive but it’s worth the wait considering the low price. My order took 21 days to arrive. Payment method is cash on delivery.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Making the Crayon Candle

Some candle making DIYs in YouTube uses crayon in their candles because of its accessibility. It is not proper to use crayons though as its known to clog wicks. Maybe its okay for occasional projects but not for a long term. Besides, a piece of crayon can only color a little amount of wax compared to dyes intended for candles. You need a lot of crayons to have a deep shade while increasing the chance of totally clogging the wick. The flame of your candle will suddenly die if it's clogged. Crayon is believed to be more expensive too.

using crayons in candles

I'm yet to discover if its real though. To experience is to believe. I want to see if it will really clog the wick and if it's really cheaper to use a dye. The smallest box containing 8 pieces of crayons costs 21.75php. I'm guessing that dye is only cheaper when bought in bulk. I hypothesize too that crayons does clog only if you put a lot.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Failed in Making Whipped Wax

Candle making is known as a therapeutic pastime, but this particular whipped thing/icing candle can be draining during its initial phase. So if you plan to do the same thing, remember to not push yourself too hard and don’t be in a hurry in perfecting to avoid burnout. Listen to your mood and don’t set deadlines.

My goal here is to make icing and sprinkles out of whipped wax. With whipped wax, you won't be just relying to redundant mold to make a unique and interesting design. Whipped wax makes candle more pleasing to the eyes. I was not able to take a lot of picture while doing the whipped wax since I have to be very quick when working with this. Besides, having too much pictures in a blog post is an eyesore.

layers of paraffin slab

Let me start with this paraffin slab again since it's one of the things that is usually done first - chopping the paraffin slab into smaller pieces. I find this slab quite deceiving. You will see 2 layers here (but it’s actually 3). The middle of the paraffin slab is opaque while the outer shell layer is translucent. I am wondering how they processed this in the factory and why there is an obvious layer. Again, I prefer a paraffin slab that is purely translucent in color. There are 2 kinds of paraffin; semi-refined and fully-refined slab. Not sure where this slab belongs.
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