Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Palmolive Naturals Body Wash Milk and Olive Review

Palmolive Naturals Body Wash with Sponge
The free puff is for limited edition only.
It's the bottle that hooked me and yes... curiosity. The green and white combination is like a neon light that blinks freshness in every angle. It claims to have milk and olive oil that just compliments to the gleaming word “Naturals”. How often would you fine a brand that invests in bottle's aesthetic? It still causes me confusion about why some famous brand still makes aesthetically unappealing container. Maybe it's still “don't judge the book by its cover” and because they're already common, established or massively produced. And they don't need to have to improve their physical appearance to tempt their consumers

Palmolive Body Wash

I don't really use body washes. The first one I tried made me perspire more especially when I'm under the sun. That was when I was younger. My skin felt smooth but not really hydrated underneath. I didn't feel totally clean and only gave me the urge to use lotion more. Though it really depends upon the preference of each individual.

The Palmolive Naturals Body Wash (Milk and Olive) has a mild scent but becomes overpowering when  paired with my lotion. It makes me feel dizzy but I mostly blame the lotion for that. It doesn't feel and smell like milk. It lathers well when used with a puff, but you have to use a lot more product to make the washcloth lather.

Palmolive Body Wash Olive and Mik, lid

-The container looks pretty
-The smell is fainter than my previous body washes


No. It's just that my personal preference is still bar soaps.


  1. very helpful review sis :) thanks for this. i was thinking about trying other body washes but i would probably stick with dove for now :)

    1. I'm not into shower gels, but if it's the only choice left I still go for it. So far I have tried johnson's rice and milk bath but I haven't tried using Dove except for their bar soaps. For me it more pratical to use bar soaps.

      I have a feeling that the greatest attraction of shower is its soothing experience and the claim of having a milk on it.

      Thanks for dropping by ^_^


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