Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Napaluto Lang...

Ang pagkain, parang libro lang. Minsan nakakahiyang sabihin. May mga taong mapapa- "whaaaat?" pag malaman nila na kakaiba yung trip mong food sa trip nila. Ipaparamdam na para kang alien na nanggaling sa ibang planeta. This is where we learn hypocrisy, the common option for us to feel we belong.

Sa mga pagkakataong ito, hindi ba pwedeng maging kakaiba? Can't we be real? Can't we respect each other's uniqueness?

May mga taong sobrang opinionated. Hindi natin binibigyan ng pagkakataon na maexperience ng ibang tao yung mga bagay, hindi natin naeencourage na mailabas nila yung creative side sana nila DAHIL inuunahan na natin agad ng sarili nating opinion. "Bakit ganyan, bakit ganun?" Unsolicited advice.

Minsan sa aking ojt, one of the staff cooked dinendeng. Parang ewan lang yung lasa. Parang hinalo halong gulay lang na nilubog sa sabaw na hindi maintindihan ang lasa. I did admire how everyone was silent and still ate generously, walang fuss. Walang nagsasalita ng patalikod. And during that time, we ate in one table, hindi kanya kanya. I really do admire them. Not all of them, but most of them.

One of the reason why I have never learned how to cook complicated food is, they've never let us cook to avoid wastes and mistakes. Why not if it's easier and more efficient when done by someone better? But it also shows their lack of patience and sensitivity. Yung mga sunog na kanin, nasobrahan sa alat, nagkamali sa pagkakasunud sunod, hindi man sila kanais nais pero part yun ng experience. First hand experience is still the best teacher, and mistakes is an inevitable part of it. Magkakamali at magkakamali tayo. Bakit hindi natin (nila) hayaang maranasan ng mas maaga yun, para habang maaga pa lang mas marami na rin tayong matututunan.

At naaalala ko pa din nung nag babalat ako ng hotdog, and the comment made me feel like, para magbalat lang ng hotdog (which is not a very complicated thing to do, at sa tinagal tagal ko ng nagbabalat at nagluluto ng hotdog) may mali ba sa ginagawa ko? Is there a general rule of thumb that I missed?

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Palmolive Naturals | Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner Review

palmolive anti-hairfall

I've also experience a large amount of daily hair fall before but I wasn't able to figure out the real cause of it. It could be the shampoo, the stress, or a side effect of medication. This yellow Palmolive is meant for those who have hair loss problems. My mom was the first to hoard the shampoo when she saw it in the commercial.

Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo's specialized formula with Ginseng and Keratin extracts, nourishes hair from the roots to help prevent hair fall due to breakage. So hair is stronger and more beautiful. With a sensational and long-lasting fragrance experience. ~product description in the bottle

Palmolive Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Price: 96.50 php
Their shampoo is actually a shampoo + conditioner in one but they also have a separate conditioner. Since it’s both a shampoo + conditioner, expect that the formula is different than a regular shampoo.

This variant of Palmolive lathers well but not excessively and not the squeaky clean type. While it lathers, the texture is already silky at the same time. It’s hard to determine whether the shampoo is already rinsed well because of that silky stuff. It’s great for the mane but it makes my scalp dry and unable to breathe.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Fall in the Creek

It’s my dream to have a beach house or a house suited at the top of a mountain. My bf and I share that dream. Maybe that was what the owner had in mind prior to the construction of the private house that we had previously gone to. It was located in our province and not really far from the city but still it felt like I was transported in a different place. The landscape, the fruit farm, the coolness of the air, the remoteness of the area, they all contribute to the relaxation of mind. A good place to break free from the confinement of the busy metro life.

I didn’t take a picture of the house though. It’s still just a typical modern house, nothing really grand apart from it’s being on top of the mountain. I didn’t find a very irresistible angle that could overcome the awkwardness of taking a picture when no one else does. I’m a shy photographer except when I’m in the company of my selfie junkie friends/kins. And for me to enjoy travelling in different places, a souvenir photo is a must! That’s one of the few things I’m really after. So whenever I go out, I always silently pray That I'll be with a person with an outgoing personality and a sensibility to include me in the big picture.

But even in the most exquisite place, loneliness can still slyly creep in and steal the moment of reverie. Nothing can beat the melody of laughter of those important people in our lives. Maybe it’s just a point of view of an introvert person? Because I mostly find other people who loves getting around while ignoring other people who wants to be with them. I’m speaking of “a not that mutual feeling/attention” here. Imagine a grandmother patiently and silently waiting for her daughter or her favourite granddaughter to visit her or an old best friend missing her friend who prefers to spend time with her new friends and the likes.

And these, my friends, are my pictures of that day...

a walk in the morning

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Recent Products and Hello!

Hello guys! Sorry for the MIA. Let's say, it's the effect of the aftermath of my long absence. Most of the drafts I’ve created remained unpublished. I want to blog but the environment I stays in doesn’t motivate me. I wish to live in a place that exudes positive energy and euphoria. Yung feeling na you don’t have the freedom to change something because you don’t own the place or the elders are against it. And since you can’t do/achieve that change, the “restless feeling” is always there. That kind of place doesn’t encourage growth.

It was the main culprit apart from my cravings of adventure. I want to make my weekends something I could really look forward. I want to enjoy life. Unfortunately, I find no enjoyment on both weekdays and weekends. Here goes the quote “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

But even though I’m gone, I continuously received different products from brands and my subscriptions.

acnecare products

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Everyday I Love You 2015 (Movie Review)

I've asked my cousin yesterday to accompany me in the movie theater as usual. We were stuck between “Flotsam”, “Spectre” and this another tagalog romantic movie. Deciding between the first two movie was a real challenge. Yeah, I've crossed out the last one without even looking at the poster until my couz read the title of this tagalog love story. “Everyday I love you” he said. That was the only the time that I've noticed it was Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, the Lizquen love team from Forevermore. Despite of not liking the sight of Gerald Anderson there, Liza Soberano was enough to convince me of buying a ticket for two. Thanks juices that my guy cousin, who is currently in love and was possibly influenced by that, agreed of watching a tagalog film.

Now Showing Poster

Should I declare myself as a Lizquen fan? I love the Forevermore teleserye despite not being able to watch it religiously during its airing days. I've mistaken “Everday I Love You” to their first movie which is “Just The Way You Are”. Unfortunately, it was not available in our province. But EILY didn't fail to make me so super kilig including our companions inside the cinema.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Behind the Joys of Blog Hopping

When I’m not writing articles, I blog hop. I go to different blogs and leave a comment on interesting posts. Sometimes it’s a way of initiating relationship between bloggers that can be very beneficial especially when they’ll become a follower of each other’s weblog. Blog hopping also enables me to understand the industry better. It exposes me to more ideas and helps me realize the path I’m pursuing. Back reading their posts even makes me more conscious of how korni my other posts can be.

Blog hop or blog hopping works by visiting a blog that has the same niche with yours. If your blog is about fashion or beauty, you search for similar sites and leave a relevant comment together with your own link.

I’ve done this in my early blogging days to discover and follow inspirational or entertaining blogs and to also introduce my blog to my fellow Filipino bloggers. I’m happy to say that some of them have followed me back. However, I’ve stopped leaving my link because it might get spammy and it can hurt the overall health of my blog instead of benefiting from it. I believe that there’s an unspoken rule regarding the proper way of leaving comments in other websites. I honestly don’t know the exact rule, only a wild guess that it is not advisable to just leave your plain URL or URL hyperlink below the comment. It’s very tempting but who knows if it could backfire someday. There is a right and obvious place for our links and there's even a dedicated textbox for that.

Disadvantage of Blog Hopping

  1. There’s no real interaction. Some just leave comments deprived of real value. If you are a blogger, you’ll learn to discern which comment is genuine, rushed or fake. For the love I have in my e-journal, I'd rather choose to stop exchanging comment or reduce the frequency of my comments to other blogs than to receive a message from them that feels like a spam.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Asking Dumb Questions

I admit I'm not a patient teacher to noobs. It's not easy to explain everything to a person who has a zero knowledge about the field he is asking. Worst is, he doesn't know what to really ask. I don't like spoon feeding if there was no effort in their part to find the answer on their own. The most annoying part is when someone keeps on asking the same question without bothering to remember or jot down the information that was freely given to them.

"Would you give a person a fish or teach them how to fish?"

It's not like I'm always grumpy. Sometimes the way the person approaches and his/her intention matters. The way the question is constructed will determine if it's encouraging enough to be answered.

The Reason in Asking

There are some people who wants to ask my opinion only to find out in the end that they really have an answer to their question. It feels insulting to express my side while they argue whenever my view differs from them. I think I need to start composing a brush off excuse if they will try to engage me in another future conversation. I felt used. I also realized that they don't really want or need my opinion. What they want is to have someone to listen to their antics or have an audience that agrees in their stories. I don't sugarcoat.

This is true between clients and professionals. For a client, the opinion of their friend weighs more  than the advice of professional. So why bother going to a professional if you will not believe them? Spare them the insult.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Adore Fragrances (in Innocent) Review

adore fragrances

Fragrances are like clothes, you should know how to carry it, it should properly fit occasions and it should fit your personality. I haven't found the perfume for me yet. I will only say “yes” for everyday perfume if I have finally found my perfume soul-mate. I'm just waiting to be convinced, but I don't like the idea of spending thousands for that yet.

Those sample and full sized perfumes that was sent to me since I was young was either too strong or was not enough to make me fall in love with. Fragrances should be like an extension of ourselves too, like another body part. Imagine how other living creatures in this world use scents to communicate. So let's pick our perfume wisely!

So for today's post, I have the Innocent variant of Adore Fragrances. All for the sake of review, curiosity and addiction to Sample Room.

innocent variant

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Current Experience in this Blogging Journey

It was easier if we write the first thing that comes in our mind. That’s how I write in my early blogging days. However, the absence of any form of reward makes writing less motivating especially in the later part of blogging career. It’s really a huge mistake if you don’t have the heart in writing and expect this experience to generate money. The worst mistake is not studying and analyzing your blog. Realizing our long term goal in blogging is very important. Why do we really blog? What outcome do we expect? What will motivate us to continue?

Blogging Became Time Consuming

Trying to make it perfect takes a great deal of time. It’s not easy to be the boss and workforce at the same time. In this venture, you’re the brain who thinks of ways and techniques to improve your blog but you will do the laborious task of executing it too. To make your blog healthy, you have to write daily. But writing alone will not guarantee your success. There are some blogs that are regularly updated but the quality of their content is sacrificed. They don’t really have genuine readers. You won’t feel like reading every article they’re posting because the personal feel of their blog is gone. They’re in a rat race. They may fool brands, but not the real audience – the readers.

The Need to Update Strategy

Aside from posting daily, there are really other ways to improve your daily page views. You have to seek that information. You need to observe and contemplate on your previous action and have a careful thought of your future plans.

The Three Pressure you will Experience in Freelance Blogging:

1. The need to write articles.
2. Keeping the frequency of posts.
3. The quality of your posts.

It takes me 3 hours in post-processing pictures and 3 hours in research and writing. I proofread a lot but it still doesn’t assure that my articles are error free. I may have consumed lesser hours, but I already feel exhausted to continue or to write another article. It sucks the joy out of me. There are instances where the pictures still need adjustments to aesthetically fit in the page. It must have a unique background to kill monotony and a proper lighting which requires waiting for the right time of the day.

When I was gone, I’ve gained a clearer insight behind the blogging industry. I was actually quite giving up and aiming for a different prospect but it still led me back to this. Now, I have new ideas... and Hope.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Memoirs of a Geisha | Book Review

I've watched a lot of Korean series and some of them made me associate Kisaeng as a high class prostitute. I'm not aware of their real function since most of the series are love stories. In movies, it's not explained, you just watched it and form your own conclusion (that's why sometimes I look for book counterpart to understand more). I was a fan of Hwang Jini way back high school but then her first love, Jang Geun Suk, died early for me to finish the whole series. The pretty cover of this book is hard to ignore and initially I thought it's about Kisaeng but soon I realized that Geisha is the Japanese counterpart.

This book portrays Geisha as a woman you could admire. It was quite tricky because in the end I still think of them the same way. Let's understand though that it's part of their culture and they don't have that much choice. It's actually an advantage to become one of them, at least in this book. It's either you become a slave (maid) or become a geisha. It's good to know that despite the poor upbringing, they can still have a wealthy life. It doesn't mean that it's easy because they need to master the art of entertaining, dancing, singing, etc. It means you will study all your life and endure different hardships to become one.

Memoirs of a Geisha Cover
by: Arthur Golden

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Facebook Now, Friendster Before

Facebook used to be so enjoyable when it was just “us” in the campus and the instructors. That was when we didn’t yet add a lot of people we didn’t really know or accepted the friend request of older generations, relatives and nosy neighbors. Back then, we just play Farmville and exchange gifts even with our instructors. We take pride in our achievements in different FB games. Simple joys.

I miss Friendster. I miss the part where you can see who viewed your profile. You also have to make an effort to go to other people’s page to know them more because you admire them or just curious of them. When you post, no one would know it unless they visit your page. There’s no Newsfeed where every post of yours will be seen by all of those who are in your friend list. You just browse pictures. You customize your page to express your personality.

Posting in Facebook is quite embarrassing now. It’s equivalent to showing off. It’s too public. Besides, it’s not a place like a blog to log your life. Facebook is not your diary. It’s not an Instagram for you to bombard it with pictures. It is currently a place where you can easily call the attention of people from different walks of life. Some people rant and get annoyed. You receive unsolicited information through your friend’s post even if you don’t really need or like what they’ve said.

Argan Oil Hand Cream (Naturals by Watsons) REVIEW

It’s pretty tricky to make a review of hand creams. It’s different from lotion applied in the body because you use your hands pretty often. Thus, you distinguish more of its texture and its effect. I have a sweaty palm, so when my sweat glands is inactive, my hands become superly dry. I don’t want it to look like my grandma’s hands yet, so prevention is needed.

Since my favourite brand seems phased out in Watsons already, I bought this Argan Oil Hand Cream of Naturals by Watsons. I’m about to just buy one but I’m stuck with buy 1 take 1 offer, the sales attendant insist it. Most of the time, hand creams are more expensive than the lotion counterpart. I wish I could just buy a regular lotion but can’t. Ordinary lotion is either too heavy or greasy to the hands (unlike when used in the body) or doesn’t really moisturize the hands and just accumulate on top of the skin. Besides, it’s more inspiring and easier to remember to moisturize when there's a cute tub or tube right on your own working table.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Vampire Diaries: The Fury Book Review

I've watched 1 season of Vampire Diaries and it's nice and very addicting. I assumed that the suspense part of this book will lead to the father of Klaus, the vampire who made Katherine a vampire. If you don't know Katherine, she is the original girl in the love triangle. She made Stefan and Damon a vampire. The female protagonist here is Elena though. Katherine is long dead and the two guys fell in love at Elena whose appearance resembles Katherine.

In the TV show, Katherine is alive. But in this book, her appearance is quite lame and isn't surprising. If I didn't know the video counterpart of this, maybe I can still get shocked. Her rage is not relatable, it's actually stupid. Everything is her fault. That doesn't justify her to throw fit and kill people. She's not horrifying enough to be the cause of the great dread.

The Fury Book Cover
The Fury by L.J. Smith

It's quite annoying that the suspense is presented in a dramatic way and then the threat is just empty. The only way to beat the evil power is when all of them unite and if there's a sacrifice. All of the protagonist are safe and none of their friends is dead. For me, a sacrifice is like a life taken away. The only dead character is their enemy. That doesn't count as a sacrifice. There was also a part where Bonnie mentioned that her mother uses a melted lead for predicting the future. Isn't that explosive when combined with water?

They Fight Again

I don't why they always fight when my boyfriend and I rarely fight on the first year of our relationship. The only cause of our fight during the early stage is him drinking (he's banned from doing that) but the rest works just fine between us.

Within that first 3 months of relationship, this guy I am close with always cry. Sometimes even in front of me. The relationship either makes him so high or extremely down. She's not his first or second girlfriend but their relationship is more of puppy love to me. Or maybe it just happens that she is his first love.

People fight because they want something that was not given to them. It means “Please change” or “I'm shy to tell exactly what I want from you so we'll fight hoping you'll guess it after”. You and your partner are two different worlds clashing to become one. He's from Mars, you are from Venus and both of you meet on Earth. Fight occurs to cement you two. That's when compromise happens, the give and take part where one of you (or both) change to make the relationship stronger and to last longer. You will understand each other more and will learn to respect the differences both of you have.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Writing for Other Blogs: Is it Worth it?

Advertising in blogs doesn’t yield immediate profits. It’s like a tree; it needs proper nurturing and years before it could bear fruits. To become famous, you need to work hard and create good connections. A patience that can persist for a long period of time is a must. One of your enemy, if you write your own article instead of hiring a ghost writer, is it can cause you to burn out. You need a creative mind or at least make your blog presentable. Your articles should be very entertaining to keep your audience or very useful enough for search engines to display. There’s the part where you have to promote it too. You have to self study to be competitive.

I’ve been contemplating about a writing gig that was offered to me for a few dollars per article. Do you think I am competent for that? Is it worth it? I am not a writer and don’t know its fundamentals. I suck in subject verb agreement. Only when words sounds good together after reading it, then that’s the time I decide that it’s okay to post. My choice of words is simple. But for general SEO purposes, it’s better to make it simple and engaging. Remember that the general population of those who are searching in Google, Yahoo and the likes are looking for easy answers.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thinking of those Kids that Time

I went to her classroom to deliver my belated birthday gift. She's a grade 1 teacher. Some of the chairs are still empty when I came inside. The chairs, painted with light blue paint color, makes the room looks amazingly pleasant. It’s not gloomy, thanks juices! It’s comfortable and very refreshing to the eyes. Kids really need to have a room filled with different light colors because it’s good to their age. The kids are also very amusing to look at. Tiny little version of our race. That time, a part of me wants to fool and play around with them. Years ago with a different set of students, I brought a camera and they all came to me like a bunch of minions. It's like Gru surprised with sudden delight and amusement.

I’m scared of crying and insolent kids but I have a soft spot on kids that are naturally sweet and friendly. I miss those little kids from the past who once look up at me; it’s as if I was their idol. They’re cute and silly. They have a way of making you smile unexpectedly. It’s just unfortunate that we really don’t have a lot of kids in our place. That’s why I’m still scared to approach and handle those occasional little kids I met. I have only my little sister to practice at.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

thread: Snippets of July

Ginger tea because I don't want to drink medicine. Yeah I'm stubborn. This is very effective though. 30

Chicken meat at the center. I'm not afraid of rats until this happened. I caught 1 rat using this kamoi paper. This is the only time that I realize how gross it is. The little rat is alive and staring at me. I can't pick the paper because of that and it's trying to escape. It's still a living thing that it breaks my heart too. I need a guy in this task (yohoo bf!) What I'm afraid most is that those little vermin knows how to take revenge. I was not able to caught the other rat because well, they're smart.  The same trick won't work with them. The kamoi paper also caught 2 poor lizards. 28

Korni Laughters...

Movie Review | Mission Impossible 2015

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

This movie has a high ratings that I can't totally relate with. Why so high? The movie is not awful but I'm not completely amazed. I am numb after and I find it difficult to conclude a final say. It's not the kind of movie that I can still think of after but it left me bewildered. It's a fine movie that is in the middle of average and excellent.

now showing mission impossible

The involvement of CIA here is quite ridiculous. They're CIA yet they can't capture Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). The casts are few too and for the first timer like me the IMF looks like a team of 4 (not that believable). I need a subtitle here as I can't understand their conversations well. Ethan still has acess with some high end equipments even if the IMF was already disbanded.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Moringa O2 Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner (with Argan) Review

moringa malunggay herbal shampoo

Herbal/natural shampoo usually doesn’t lather richly so I was surprised with how this set turned out. The design of Moringa shampoo looks like it’s an organic product but it’s not. I was initially amazed when I first used it since it lathers and works like an ordinary shampoo with just a little twist.

Moringa shampoo feels very gentle to use. The unisex scent is clean and refreshing. At first, you might feel that it lathers like Sunsilk though the distinction between the two shampoos becomes noticeable if you use the Moringa longer. Aside from having a clear blue appearance (which sometimes looks green too), Moringa shampoo is not stripping and drying.

shampoo and conditioner content

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dermal Vegetable Placenta Mask Review

Collagen Essence Mask

Firming, Regeneration, Moisturizing

dermal vegetable placenta mask

After my first unpleasant encounter with a sheet type mask from a different brand, I’ve accepted that they will not work well on me. I generalized and stayed away from it. But after I’ve tried this Dermal sheet mask, I realized that there are brands or lines that will still work even if they're supposed to work for a certain skin type only. Too bad it's mostly a trial and error before I could find them. Experimenting is expensive because you have to buy them and just run the risk of disposing them if they don't work.

The cooling sensation from a wet mask is relaxing as always though I wasn't able to relax on this because the selfie consumed my time.

The essence really remains on the skin after. It feels gentle and not penetrating for those who have sensitive skin. It doesn't sting the eyes too. I was really surprised when the effect was still there the next morning. I love the feeling of this mask than a typical moisturizer applied at night. The fact remains though that the effect is only temporary unless if this will be used regularly.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How To Be a Bridesmaid Book Review

how to be a bridesmaid book
Price: 100php

I don’t know what an “abay” truly is even after being a bridesmaid for around three times. My first bridesmaid experience will always be the most unforgettable and special of them. It’s not because of the pretty dress or for simply being asked for but because of the unexpected short bond I have with my cousin, who is the groom, and the other pampering and luxury that followed.

7 years of relationship + dream wedding. It’s such a wonderful wedding. I admire it. It’s not like the other bridesmaid experience where they’ll just take the body measurement, let you fit the dress and then only see each other on the day of the wedding. Since the groom shouldn’t see the bride yet, I accompanied my cousin in the hotel and slept there. Sayang kasi yung hotel, it’s a room for 3. It may be unintentional bonding but I’m glad it happened. It was my first time in a high-class hotel. I also appreciate that my cousin and I were able to eat breakfast together. It’s a rare opportunity to not only be invited but also be a part of a wedding typical for wealthy people. A once in a lifetime kind of experience way back early teenage years.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ant Man (Movie Review)

ant man coat

We're about to watch the Terminator but it was replaced exactly on the day we watched this. My cousin was really looking forward for that and was quite hesitant to watch the Ant-man. I'm not actually interested in Terminator. Not that I only like a love story movie, it's just that not all action movies appeal to me. Yung tipong pinagbibigyan ko lang... Guys sila eh. Besides I can't resist being a Santa when simple things makes other people genuinely happy.

Ant-man. Parang walang dating. Yet it's one of the nicest movie I've watched in Cinema. It's unique compared to the recent action movies I've watched. Simple, cool, and funny but worth the payment of the ticket. Even funnier than minions. I really laughed then felt embarrassed because ang ingay ko ata. I'm surprised when we both thought it will be boring. The humour pile up in the last part of the story which was also the climax. There's 2-3 korni humor on that last part but generally the rest feels relatable or natural. It's a good way to end it.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Book 1) Review

I'm glad to have read this book without spoilers. So far, it's nice and I enjoyed it. Some twists are shocking even if the other reviewers say it's not original. This book made me miss HP (Harry Potter) books but nothing can beat the magical world that HP created.

The world they've made around City of Bones is just simple. My late reaction after finishing the book is it's not satisfying. I want a world that is really complex and would amaze me. I also want to jump on action part right away. Waiting for the mystery to unwrap is agonizing but not so horrifying when revealed. I will still say that this book is okay. I just hope that the next books of Mortal Instrument series is worth reading.

City of Bones (Book 1)

I hardly put the book down. It only happens when I need to sleep. It's quite addicting. It took me 2 days to fully read the book or not even an entire day if it's weekend. Our protagonist, Clary Fray, has some past memories she can't remember because it was intentionally removed from her. She may have learned her real identity but those past memories are not yet revealed in this book and the author didn't hinted if there's more to look forward. The author didn't put much cliffhanger that will make you desperate over the next book.

This book is about shadowhunters, they are Nephilim but they are far from the true Nephilim of the Bible which is half human and half angel. The main teenager characters are descendants of both shadowhunter parents, not of a human and angel. There's a lot of questions I have in mind like the shadowhunter that was bitten by a werewolf. How come that he survived knowing that he became a mixture of 3 breeds now? The author should have added some disadvantages. It's a loophole that can be easily abused.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Minions 2015 Movie Review

The coming of Minions in cinema is a much awaited movie. The collectibles of Mcdonalds and the commercial in televisions just teases and heightens anticipation. I was not yet planning to watch this but cousin treated me.

The duration of this movie is very long despite the simplicity of its story. The craziest and funniest part for me is few and that is when Stuart was given a gift of gratitude (a snowglobe) and when Bob pulled the sword which led to the huge shift of the story. It may seem strange but the best part is the beginning (along with the trailer) and the end of the story.

Minions in Orlando

The movie is just average. The excuse why the outcome of the movie is not that appealing to adults is it's meant for kids. Pero kahit na! The Despicable Me is for kids like how most of the cartoon are for kids too. But still, a lot of adults are captivated in Despicable Me. So why not continue the charm in the Minion’s own movie? They could have done something better.

For Kids?
I noticed that some kids laughed the loudest when there’s someone hurt. I was also quite horrified to find some mild sexy jokes. I only relaxed a bit when I’ve read over the net about kids not capable of understanding the joke due to their age.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

2nd Time at Logos Hope La Union

logos hope ship

I'm really looking forward for this ship to arrive. I want to hoard books again. So far, I went home empty handed. I just can't roam around and scrutinize potential books because I'm with my cousin. It will just spoil his first Logos Hope experience if I will look at the books one by one since he's a guy and not into books. I always want to have a good glance whenever there's a bookstore. It's good that he still enjoyed his first ever visit to Logos Hope.

What I miss the most is the part where you can buy any 2 (can't remember if it's 3) educational books and pay 500 pesos only. In this ship's previous arrival, most of my purchases are computer books. This time though, I find the choices pretty limited compared before where there's a lot of eye catching books from different sections. Hopefully, they'll have those kind of books next next year.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Have Reasons...

I've grown in an environment where people doesn't celebrate or give much emphasis to birthdays or anniversaries. It's not a surprise why those things are not a big deal to me then. It doesn't mean that a person is not important or I don't love him/her just because I don't know his/her birthday. A part of it may be true but can't the person just needs to lie low for awhile?

A friend made me feel like it was such a big deal to not know our other friend's birthday. Whaaaat? You dont knooow iiiiit? I know the month and used to know the exact day. Sorry guys! I just have to. To make it feel worst, she tested me by asking when is her birthday too. Too bad I am not sure of the day. Why not when I know that her birthday and my best friend’s birthday are next with each other and I can always cheat in Facebook when the months approaches. I'm that lazy. I know my best friend's birthday though... Then she said, “If the person is important to you, you should know those little details”. It's like saying I don't consider her special because I don't know her birthday. It was like I was slapped hard in the face. They used to be that important to me way back. But hey, I don't even know the birth year of my parents, the birthday of my favorite cousin who I'm always with, and the rest of my friends or best friends. Unless, the date is really easy to remember like it's on April Day's fool and the likes.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Glamworks Body Wax Strips Review

glamworks body wax strips

For my first time waxing experience, I've procrastinated many times. It takes courage if you don't have the experience yet. It's complicated since it needs a proper timing like you should grow the hair first and have made sure about not having activities that can stress the legs after (like going the beach, the need to take a bath right away or if it is raining). There's a possible skin reaction that you should be wary too. It's painful, but how painful? Fear of not knowing. And also, no one in the family does this thing.

My first use is already ages ago (perhaps early this year) and I have used it twice already. Thus, I can no longer give my exact impression from that day accurately. From before to now, it changed tremendously.

So ironic that my female relatives don't like the idea of removing hairs. I can understand them because it reminds us of youth and innocence. But we have to shape up! I've listened and believed before but in the end, I don't look professional in a bushy eyebrow and hairy legs. Yet it's so awkward to personally caught their horrified looks at my legs.

waxing kit

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nivea Exfoliating Wipes Review (Oily/Impure Skin)

nivea exfoliating wipes

I'm curious of this wipes yet the counters of Nivea here doesn't stock it. Not sure if we have it in Puregold though. Even the hand cream is not available here. Hopefully I could hoard the other products if there's a 50% off again.

It's expensive just because it's not essential for my skincare routine. I'm just curious because it's “Nivea” and the clean-looking packaging of the wipes alone is very attractive. Buying this for the purpose of removing make up though is like a fork in the road where you'll pick between the laborious healthy way or the short convenient way.

The wipe is huge, sturdy and has long lasting moist. Maybe it doesn't have a strong alcohol. The magnolia extract is new to me.

A mainstay: Iwhite Whitening Peel off Mask

Iwhite Whitening Pell off Mask

I know it's not something new but that won't stop me from sharing my review and opinion about this product. It’s a mainstay and will always be a part of my skin care regimen.

iWhite Whitening Pack is a peel-off mask that effectively strips off all kinds of skin impurities. With the use of the iWhite Whitening Pack, visible results can be seen immediately:
an instantly brighter, clearer, and smoother skin.

Way back college, my female friend pointed out that (we) I have black heads and that I should use the nose peel counterpart of this. It's embarrassing to think of how I'm so manang, ignorant and less observant of my body before. No one influenced me and most of the changes I did is more on initiative or a lesson learned in a hard way.

I stopped using the nose pack though. As if I have a huge patience for beauty things before! I'm not so girly and I'm so nerdy (If only I could go back, I will recommend to the old me to go for a spa facial wash, nose pack for weekly maintenance and to wash the nose with warm water).

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Zenutrients Softening Argan Hand & Body Lotion Review

zenutrients hand and body lotion

Just after my VIP subscription ended, this line of Zenutrients appeared. I wanted to have the soap too but my regular points is not enough. This is the first single purchase I did in Sample Room. I paid P140 just to have this. The color of the bottle is unique and has a strong nature feel on it. The Argan oil felt like it promises a dreamily moisturizing experience.

When I tried this for the first time, it's very different from what I thought it will be. It's not the kind that you slather at night to deeply moisturize your skin since it's best suited for a day use. It won't trigger sweat even if you are doing heavy activities. The lack of SPF makes it not good to use under the direct heat of sunlight. Not a problem since I'm not always into SPF products, I just make sure to avoid the sun.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Giving Some Love Advice

It's not that easy to give an advice if the person is very sensitive and is not used to constructive criticism. What if he'll blame you later or if he'll realize you're not trustworthy after. What if your friend lose his confidence and become unproductive. Then he will distance himself and won't be open anymore.

Years ago, a schoolmate said to me "Bata pa kasi kayo". Why did she say that? Kaya ba hindi naaayos ang relationship dahil bata pa? How come if we're not even minor. Seryoso ako kaya it's hard to admit that it was even my first love. The heart ache took more than 4 years to heal.. Iba kasi pag trinato ka na parang wala kang kwenta. Very prone sa mga choosy at mga minsan lang pumasok sa relationship tapos sa hindi pa deserving na tao.

Bata pa kasi kayo makes sense. It means you're not matured enough. But yes, it's part of the experience until you'll get better in handling relationship - pero sa ibang tao na. Kung crush mo lang siya, hindi pa yan. Pag nahihiya hiya ka pa pag nakikta mo siya at natatameme, hindi pa yan. Pag nadevelop ka dahil tinutukso siya sayo, hindi pa yan. Ang totoo natuwa ka lang sa atensyon ng mga nang aasar pero mawawala din yan. Hello?

Safeguard Acne Prone Skin Facial Cleanser Review

(Includes a gross picture of pimples.)

safeguard acne prone facial cleanser

I was taking a certain medicine that gives a great skin for a side effect. I finished medication while in the middle of using this Safe Guard Acne Prone Skin facial cleanser. The facial cleanser is still doing fine then. Soon my skin turned back to its ugly duckling state but it is slightly better than how worst it is originally. It's hard to accept when pimples are suddenly sprouting back when you’ve already gotten used in being pimple-free .

Then the breakout started…

I still hold on and gave it a chance because it's meant for pimple but I’d eventually lost my patience due to its gradual effect. The 8 weeks promise before the zits will totally clear up is such a long time (but it could also mean that it's gentle enough). I want an immediate result or a sign of improvement the next day to inspire me. I'm not getting that though. I stopped using the Safeguard facial wash and used Kojie San. I hope my skin won't build tolerance with that product. But now that my skin has improved, I'm using the two alternately. Sayang kasi...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Myra Hand & Body Lotion Review

I’ve run out of lotion so it means that buying what’s only available in the department store and drugstore from our remote province is the left choice. But honestly, I just haven’t found my HG lotion yet. That makes it hard to decide which lotion to stock and hoard.

Myra Hand & Body Lotion Bottle

This is my 2nd or 3rd purchase of Myra E lotion yet it’s only now that I made a review of this. It’s more of giving this a second chance since I was not impressed with my first use. Though I still have faith that it can work just fine considering how bad the state of my skin 2 years ago compared to an improved state now. I bought this because it’s simple and perhaps plainer than other common brands.

Myra Hand & Body Lotion
with Vitamin E Beads
For healthy, beautiful, young looking skin

Has Vitamin E Beads that gently burst onto your skin. Vitamin E helps protect & nourish skin
Dimethicone & Glycerin seal in your skin's natural moisture preventing dryness
Helps keep your skin healthy, soft, & smooth to touch

Safe and effective for all skin types
Non-greasy & ideal for everyday use

PS I still Love You (Book Review)

“To All the Boys I've Loved Before” is way more beautiful than the sequel “P.S. I still Love You”. I am not instantly disappointed when I finished reading it yet I am not completely satisfied too. Her other books, the Summer series, is way better than this duology. Maybe because when I’ve read the Summer series, all books is available for nonstop reading. While this duology, I have to wait a year for the publishing of the 2nd book.

The first few pages were very reminiscent of the first book and gave me high hopes. It didn't really make me go gaga though. Reading this is still fast paced but there's a boring part that made me stop once. I wish she didn’t rush into making this 2nd book. 3 years of waiting can be okay as long as it's worth it.

Part of it is quite predictable. The character did a lot of things that made me question this “Why are they even acting like that?” Why give a precious jewelry to your love one then return it again? Why does Peter still choose her ex over her girlfriend? The reason is not even that grave.

PS I Still Love You Book Cover
2nd book in the duology

It isn’t just right to ignore Josh after the years of friendship. He is, after all, the original character in the love triangle in Book 1. The arrival of new guy in Book 2, John Ambrose, doesn’t match the tension that came from the original Josh. John Ambrose just popped out in this book. There was no huge anticipation in his arrival and his character was not developed well in book 1. No wonder it’s not easy to root for him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Danger with Guy Friends

Being with guy friends means: no shrieking and excessive talks about crushes and opposite sex as if it's the only thing that matters, no exaggerated scream when a cockroach and rats passes by and most of all there's no destructive competition that's so common in a female group.

I have a closer relationship with my guy friends. They're mostly the last to stick to this friendship despite the changes that happened in our lives now. I generally hate guys... though most of the special person in my life belongs to that gender. Even my social life consists of them.

You might think that the friendship with them is very susceptible with falling in love. It happens to some but there are those who don't mind it. Falling in love with them was never a problem. It's a matter of discipline. It depends upon your character and actions too. It's really under the control of female. You're giving them a reason to act the way they do.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ender's Game Movie Review

Ender: the main character
In year 2135, humanity is preparing to launch an attack on the homeworld of an alien race called the Formics who had attacked Earth and killed millions. Over the course of fifty years, gifted children are trained by the International Fleet to become commanders of a new fleet for this counter-attack. ~Wikipedia
Right after watching this, I was wondering if this movie is derived from a book. My guess is right! It didn’t become that famous though but it was a great movie for me. It seems that I have another book series to read soon.

Hearsay is there’s a lot of alteration in the movie. I’m glad that I have watched this but the huge change from the original story of the book might feel deceiving for fans like me. Would I hate it if I’ll read the book? Should I still read it? This was what happened to me in the book “Divergent”. It felt like they have only borrowed the idea (because they can’t make their own) which dishonors the book.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

This is Cheating!

and an amazing site despite its typographical errors and few unorganized/incomplete sentences. Try putting the names of your friends and family and discover their dominant characteristics. Name has powers and I believe in that. Why do you think artists uses screen name instead of their real name? Why do we use endearments to our special someone? Even knowing someone’s real name give us an immediate impression.

I don’t believe in daily horoscopes found in newspapers. It’s just so impossible to counsel every zodiac signs especially if we think of the huge population of human beings all over the world and expect it to be accurate for everyone. It only pressures us to think of those people who might be the candidate for “There’s a person who will make you happy today”, “Someone is thinking of you”, “You will meet someone today” and so on. It shouldn’t be the basis of our decisions and dictate our actions. I knew someone before who believed in his daily forecast about love life instead of just moving or doing something to make their relationship better.

Numerology Name Calculator

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Letter of a Friend: The Sadness From Not Making It Easy

You are my friend, not just those kinds of so called friends. I mean it when I say I am. I hope you know how I take relationship seriously and how I usually end up hurt. When you met me late in life, I am already a million shattered pieces trying to be whole again.

I was mad at you for that kind of approach. Please don't say I only remember you when I needed you. That's not true. I was very angry and insulted for I've never done that. You know how I'm almost independent and that I don't take advantage of people who are close to me. I can choose to not to talk to you but still I welcomed you in my life. Never mind giving then, if you will only want something in return. I don’t ask a lot from you, and actually I’m avoiding it. So please don’t be too demanding… I cannot just easily give what I don’t have.

Please don't throw tantrums, for I have experienced worst thing than you. Please make it easy for us, say it in a concise way. Don't let me guess if there's something wrong for I always know there is, and not knowing the real reason only makes me more infuriated. Please understand that during those times that I'm gone, I also deal with my own problems and sorting my life.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mutual Understanding Gone Bad

Mutual Understanding Gone Bad

I know you once liked me, but that was not enough. You're not sure of me and I will never find the reason behind. You're there but you're just there, you're not moving. Should I make the first move, or wait until you're really sure? Or should I leave so it won't hurt me? I need to move on too.

But why do you make me feel like I could have been yours? Then only to find out that you chose a different girl. Why do you have to make me feel like your regretting, that I am also to be blame for not trying. But hey, did you even try your best?

You know I like you, but I'm still sane. I have said enough of what you need to hear but it still feels like you're not sure of making it real. If there's one thing I can be afraid of, it's the part that I am just one of the options. Or can it be, you're the one who's afraid of it?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dove Go Fresh Energize Body Wash REVIEW (grapefruit and lemongrass scent)

Dove with grapefruit and lemongrass scent
Go Fresh Energize

There’s something in Dove that makes it better than the other brands. It doesn’t fake the moisture. It doesn’t dry the skin and won’t give a feeling like there’s a film coating the skin. It feels mild, safe and it’s a trusted brand.

It initially reminds me of bubble gum but after few days of using, the citrusy scent became more pronounce. It may be strong when you sniff it closely but it actually doesn’t stick on the skin unlike the Deeply Nourishing variant (you can check the review here). It doesn’t last long because it doesn’t really linger in the first place.

Energetic refreshment that effectively nourishes skin. Revitalization that refreshes every inch of you. The sparkling scent of grapefruit  lemongrass. The added joy of skin that feel dewy-fresh and vibrant.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Unboxing Bdjbox May 2015 (My first box!)

It’s only now that I subscribed to BDJ box because waiting for around 3 months for the box arrival isn’t that so exciting. However, my Sample Room VIP subscription seems more expensive and still doesn’t guarantee that I can avail the other available premium brands (Bobbi Brown, Shiseido etc.). It’s true that you can choose the products you want to try in SR but doing so diminishes the value of what you paid for especially if you are a VIP. It’s more of luck. At least, the BDJ box gives you triple value of P580.

May BDJ Box 2015

With that and the makeup of previous boxes, I felt it’s time for me to try BDJ. Since it’s a mystery box, I assume that they will only give the best or at least will try. I want the selection to be diverse now and I find SR too limiting with their mostly skincare and hair samples. My baby steps with make ups will hopefully start with BDJ. I want to experiment w/o spending a lot while also learning in the process. As I get acquainted with different consisteny, texture and other related things, the familiarity and knowledge will help me make a better choice in the future. There are things that you will only learn by trying...

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ship Your Phone Through LBC

Sharing you my own experience of sending a cellphone through LBC.

I’m still not comfortable of sending valuable packages like cellphones, other gadgets, etc. with our local couriers. It never occurred to me that I will be sending a phone someday.

They are closed every Sunday (check their schedule posted in their main door since it might vary with each branch). Even if the branch is open, there’s no delivery on Saturday. If you sent it on that day, it will arrive on Monday instead of Sunday.

Due to procrastination, I rushed to LBC before their cut off time (this will determine if your product will be delivered exactly the next day or the day after that) only to find out that they don’t have a cut off time on Saturdays. It makes sense because they have 6 working days and a rest day. The cut off time is around 3:00pm on Monday-Friday.

I’m relieved that the branch I’ve went didn’t throw the parcels (similar to throwing a ball) in the crates like what I’ve seen before.

Turning blind eyes?

I heard the experiences of other people about opening the packages for inspection. Even though they don’t do that regularly with my past transactions with them, I didn’t fully close the bubble wrap yet. I placed the phone box in the counter and they didn’t say anything so I started taping the bubble wrap in front of them. I felt really stupid that when I hand it to them, that’s the only time they’ve said they will open it for inspection. Isn’t that annoying?. They will fasten naman daw yet I didn’t like how it is packed after.

Tip: Check if the smartphone is properly turned off.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

First time in Everyday Me | Free Sample

Free Downy Sample Sachets

Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle led me in this website. It all started just because Sample Room, after waiting for more than 5 days for the package to arrive, missed to deliver my order so I have to wait a maximum of 5 days for it to delivered again and wait another 5 days before I could review the product and another 3 days or more before they will approve my review. After that, Pantene sample (with free shipping fee) is disappointingly no longer available. Through reading the review of other bloggers, I have found out the Everyday Me Philippines is giving free samples of Pantene too.

I registered in Everyday Me website and availed the Pantene conditioner. It didn't arrive even when I have tried to follow up in the post office. How would I know if they even sent it, if the Kartero just didn't saw someone in the house to leave the package, or if it got lost? There's no tracking number, the sample history is not so traceable in their website and they didn't send an email pertaining to the samples you availed or those they have sent.

Watsons Strecth Mark Minimizer Review

Watsons Strecth Mark Minimizer Review

It’s not a heavy moisturizer and it’s not oily or too thin for a cream. It’s more of a lotion to me; a good lotion. It feels gentle and safer to use. Because it’s not as thick/hard like the other stretch mark cream, I believe it should be applied twice a day to make it really effective.

The nice scent reminds me of a hair treatment from salon.

I only put a sufficient amount since it's pretty useless to use more. It will only be absorbed by the fabric I’m wearing. With different factors like sweat and fabric, reapplication is needed to keep the skin moisturized. Prior the use, I have a dry flaking skin in my bikini line. This body butter keeps it moisturized. It somehow mildly lightened the area. However, there’s a continuous friction there that darkens the skin so a different and a stronger whitening product is needed to completely whiten the dark areas.

This product is easy to blend and is absorbed well by the skin. There is just this tiny starchy part that needs massaging before it will settle in the skin.

Watsons Body Butter: A look inside

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beginning and Refusal to Networking

It doesn’t feel right when huge money is involved. Letting go is not easy, especially if it’s hard earned. If I was born rich or if money comes easily my perspective might be different from now. I am not a huge risk taker. I need to consider my current status and I will not invest into something I am not familiar or deeply knowledgeable.

Trust and transparency of the company is important to me. However, there are times that the pressure of peers becomes a problem more than the reputation of the company. I don’t know why other people are lured at the thought of investing because of the promise of big and instant money that in reality takes really an effort (or resorting to some deception) to have it back. This just shows our laziness, greed and ignorance.

Remember that money is the root of all evil.

Why I was Gone...

It started because of migraine. I thought it was just a simple head ache. Too bad I am very stubborn when it comes to taking medicines especially when I can tolerate the pain. Days passed and I still have it. Sleeping early made me believe that all will be well for the next day. The pain still persisted. I even tried taking a short nap at work but it didn't work so I decided to take a paracetamol. When it didn't ease the pain, I realized that what I have is migraine. That's the only time where I felt the pulsing pain too. I didn't took Ponstan (the only medicine that works with my migraine) and just sleep early again. The next morning, I still have a mild head ache but it subsided before lunch came. This took 4-5 days.

Then dsymenorrhea followed. I though I won't have it because I'm taking tea and was exercising the weeks before the migraine occurred. All of this made me irritated and freaky. I'm not sure if it's all about hormones or there are other things that might happening inside of me. I was unstable, tired and helpless. I have a short temper too. Then I regret the hurt I caused to those people who became the outlet of this ill feeling. I became sad and uninspired but I'm okay now except that I'm having a hard time staying late (still struggling to have a free time for blogging).

I hate transacting with cunning private companies... that made me more stressed during those weeks.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Watch The Last Part of Forevermore

Poster of Forevermore
Photo from iwanTv

Kahit siguro wala akong lovelife... okay na sa akin yung manood na lang ng love story... Because even if there's a lot of test and trials, I am sure that they will somehow give it a happy ending. Eh sa real life we doesn't really know.

I'm initially not attracted to Agnes because she's new (i'm not yet attached before), she has a very unique face and I like Kate more (when she has a short hair). It was bf who appreciated her beauty first. But as the teleserye goes on, I finally saw how beautiful she is and it's kind of exotic and refreshing.

I don't watch TV anymore because the commercials makes it more of a waste of time. When it comes to Forevermore, I watch it only when I feel like doing so and when the promotions they're advertising is catching. I only stopped watching it since there are scenes that are unnecessary and makes the phasing slow. It just make the story long that I want to fast forward it but can't.

They have a good combination of casts in Lapresa (excluding the mom of Agnes who seems can't act well with emotion yet). Their roles push the love story in success. I find myself laughing at their jokes and charmed by their family bonding.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Travel Kit Review

I wanted to try Celeteque before but I always end up having a variety of facial products from Sample Room so it just stayed in my pending wishlist. I don’t regret picking this travel size since it served as a trial version for me. More sulit than buying the full size and not knowing what to expect.

Even though it’s not the specific cleanser I want, it has the alcohol free toner I’m really curious of due to its witch hazel extract (saw raves from forums). Being able to try another product, their moisturizer, is a bonus too.

Celeteque has a simple, fresh, and clean packaging. The right color combination emits a gentle aura. It’s like it promises a solution to your skin problem without fuss.

  • I prefer a sleeker design for the tubes (facial cleanser and moisturizer).
  • The flip of the tube is hard to open, but it could also mean a spill-proof container.
  • Ingredients are not included in the box nor was it written at the back of the products. (Perhaps only the full size has the written list of ingredients.

  • True to its hydrating effect.

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Travel Kit

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Belo Intesive Whitening Body Cream Review | (Kojic and Tranexamic)

Belo Whitening Body Cream

A product I'm not really giddy to use but still I took it to maximize the shipping fee. It’s obviously not a love at first sight but more of getting to know the product and realizing it’s not that bad after all. How can you know if you won’t try, right?

My initial impression was it’s an intensive whitening product that will be too strong for my needs. The plain orange and white design has a medicinal look that utters straightforward whitening approach.

The scent is slightly strong but mild when applied in the skin and faint at the end of the day. It smells like Ilang Ilang/Sampaguita flower and a little of usual sunscreen scent.

Price list of Belo Whitening Products

The flip and the cream

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Feeling of Losing a Phone

I always lose my phone. Not all of the time, sometimes it's just damaged. I am clumsy that way. This time though, it's a different story. It was stolen. The person who stole it was even sitting beside me hours ago. I could have caught him if I realized that it is lost right away. It didn't struck me. And I am not naturally a suspicious person. But now? I might and I need to.

I Lost it in the Bus

I'm a sleepy person, it has been my problem ever since. So I nap in the bus until it already passed our house. First time it happened and the first thing I did? I searched my phone. I do that every minute to communicate with my bf. I cannot find my phone in my bag. The pocket of my laptop bag that was in my lap was strangely open. But I need to get up already and leave the bus. Down the road, I searched for my phone. It's not there. I want to pour all my things out from my bag but where can I do that in an unfamiliar place? I am already panicking but I'm trying to be optimistic. The phone might be in my bag. I decided to just go home and have a better search inside my bags.

I heard conversations at my back... I feel suspicious at person sitting at my right side. There was a moment I felt him move side-wards and I am not comfortable at him.

“Please.. it has to be there” that was my silent prayer when I was walking on the way home. When I came, I immediately scattered my things and yes... I'm really unfortunate, it's gone. How I wish I have a car and that I could chase the bus. I really wanted to try but the vehicles here are few.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

White Rain with Coconut Extracts Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Close shot of White Rain Shampoo and Conditioner

There are times that we buy products from someone we know (friends, family, acquaintance etc.) not because we like it but for us to show our support in their effort to find an extra source of living. It can be a waste of money in our behalf if it simply doesn’t suit our needs and personality or the product works unsatisfactorily. Nevertheless, I will still try to be sensible and live in the middle of “a friend who can be counted” and “a person who is practical”.

So this product is an example of the above case. Maybe it doesn’t hurt to buy a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner since we use these kinds of products daily. I love Coconut and these products have the real sweet scent of Coconut.

It’s cheaper if you’ll buy this in the store though. I am expecting a lot from this since it came from another country but I realized that the cheap price makes sense in regards to its quality. Its unfailing presence in market makes me wonder what good does other consumers find in this product.

The coconut made me assume that both will be nourishing to the hair and scalp, but it’s not. Despite its huge bottle, these products don’t last long. The formula will make you use an amount that is 2 to 3 times bigger than the regular amount with your ordinary hair care product.

Shampoo and Conditioner swatch

Eyebrow Dilemma: Thin Trim

Thin eyebrow with my whole face
When an eyebrow emphasizes bigger eyes. Perhaps the thinnest eyebrow I every had.

Never let a guy or a gay trim your eyebrow if you don’t want it to look very thin. I’ve just gotten tired of my eyebrow. I wish someone could maintain it for me. Kaya ko naman eh, nakakatamad lang! It requires a lot of patience. One wrong move and you have to wait until the hair grows back again.

Do you trim your own eyebrow? If yes, you must be good or a beauty junkie. I mostly just rely on salon. If I will trim it myself, I have to read a lot of articles first and watch youtube to remember the proper way of doing it. I don’t find most of youtube videos helpful. They’re mostly redundant and they use a liner or fill it afterwards. Less is better and I want a natural looking eyebrow that doesn't need filling.

I want a shape that compliments my face. It’s easier to maintain it if it is trimmed according to the natural eyebrow shape. Yung iba kasi, once they don’t use an eyebrow product, they look less pretty or almost hairless. That’s why cosmetics becomes necessity.

Strands of newly trimmed eyebrow
Few days later, the uneven trim becomes more apparent.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Pond's Dewy Rose Gel Review

Pond's Dewy Rose Gel

When I first heard about this Dewy Rose Gel, I am not really interested. It's just another gel version created to catch the attention of consumers so there's something we can call "new" from them. There's already overwhelming number of beauty products created and I can't imagine what the other newly released product can still offer.

Nonetheless, it’s so nice to have an opportunity to try different products. Just like this, it surprisingly goes well with my face. I would still be ignoring this if I haven't tried a sample of this gel and will never know how good this product is. Lesson learned? Don’t underestimate some product but it's still "to try is to believe".

Whitening Soft Gel in Flawless White
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