Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just a LBC away...

A friend from a distant place,

Lots of Brown Out

This picture was taken before Election Day when suddenly Luzon experienced an expansive brown out. Seeing that brown out, I just resort into a tight slumber taking my self away and into oblivion of any indication of our present technology.

People even came into the idea that there is a “hidden agenda to compromise election”. Something like hacking and finding ways to cheat in election’s result. People got trapped in paranoia with the media news of Election’s software undergoing careful study and analysis .

In my view, revealing the reason behind that vast power failure was a prolonged one.

And and…

This reminds me that from now on, brown out will be a common thing especially this rainy season. So if you are a computer dependent like me, better make sure of saving your files every time. Be wary of digital karma and digital bad luck.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


This is the book I recently bought for my little sister. It costs around 10php now.

I cannot recall when and how exactly I discovered this book. Before, I have this fancy of stationeries. I saw some of my mother’s hidden stationeries and later started collecting. I even skip meryendas during those days just to have the means to buy it. Then there was this store we happen to drop by. I can’t recall if that was way back elementary or already high school. I came to discover this book since both the stationeries were situated in one place. Or it might be my friend who first discovered it.

Eventually, we started collecting this book too. It costs around 15php and that’s very cheap for a good book like this. Soon, my brother was buying the same stuff too. Later, I came to discover another book called “Mathmania” but I am forever loyal and addicted to this Puzzlemania. I like the picture better and I am not fascinated with numbers that time to choose Mathmania. The choice of color is more subtle and child-friendly, it’s like a magnet that charmingly attracted the younger me then…

Unfortunately, I cannot find another way to collect all. I mean by going to the main distributor and buy a bundle and not by wating when the owner of the store decided to finally buy. Reunited with this book after a long period of time, I wonder if I can collect it again. I have little doubt now but this will not stop me of being hopeful. I have seen its website in the internet but I prefer the old editions. This time, I want it for my little sister. A tool I will use to sharpen her logic and brainpower.

I found in there website that it cost around $4 and shipping fee of $2. That would have a rough estimate of 164php with the total of 246php. Can you imagine that? From 15php to 264php?

Sample pages of the book.

 Very Yes :]

Eyebrow Grooming

Price: P20.00

This is my new shaped eyebrow. It was last Friday when I went to a not so elegant parlor to trim my eyebrow. I believe I have to, to have a more professional look. Sad to say, I cannot trim my own eyebrow and that something I will not just risk. I believe that the eyebrow somehow plays a big role in our facial appearance.

Before, I even have this habit of using a scissor to cut excess hair which looks so unsightly until I stopped doing so when the lady who trimmed my eyebrow told me.

Past trimming.
I’d tried in different places. I even went to one of expensive spa. It cost around 150php that time. I availed “threading”. Since I was lying and closed eyes, I can’t see what she’s doing to me. But of course, that is something about using a thread to pull the unwanted hair. Boy it hurts yet my eyebrow after threading is still thick. If my memory will not fail me, it somehow looked straight. Maybe it’s difficult to curve the eyelashes.

 I also went to another less expensive salon long long time ago and he used a blade, ‘he’ since he’s a gay, but I end us disappointed since I got cuts and I didn’t like the outcome, thin for my age and gave me a “mataray” look. No wonder since he did that in rush manner. I am cautious too, that I might appear like a whore if I will have too thin eyebrow, that’s what I don’t like.

Choosing who will trim my eyebrow.
So I made a promise to myself not to risk my eyebrow for someone from opposite sex. Most of all, females tend to have more control in their hands. Not that I am discriminating; there are some who find themselves successful in their careers and indeed exceptional. But there’s also a sorting made upon people, “average”, “above average”, “excellent” and “genius”. The latter is what I categorize as “above average” and the most common group of people is “average”. It’s up to us to choose who’s who and what’s best for your body.

Did you experience being treated roughy like in hair cut?
Parang kulang na lang sabunutan ako. >_<

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Taste of Life

This a total opposite of the life I am expecting. To be ignorant is a pity. You have to expect the worst and the unforeseen.

I am still na├»ve and lots of questions keeps on flooding my mind. I sometimes find myself asking this “Ganito ba talaga?” Bullying and being mean in unimaginable way. After-college-life is a battlefield. It is the survival of the fittest. The winner is always those who can keep up and who’s in. The word “dignity” is no longer rendered most of the time.

Back stabbing and especially crab mentality is widespread. This world, if you’re weak, will overwhelm you. They will crush you as long as they can. Opportunity is hard to seek, only the taste of the competition. But hey, I you survived, you are a shining white gold unless you drowned yourself and allow them to transform you into someone like them.

As much as I wanted  to despise the world I am in now, I can’t, I need to survive. Right here.

Remember, even if you will find your way to other places your chance of meeting same kind of people is the same. Just hold on to professionalism.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Starting to Paint

Price: P50.00

Bought it in Novo.

(This is something I will not let her play on her own unless i'm very sure it's NONTOXIC.)

            So I started to introduce painting to my little sister. I am not an artist to clarify. I am just trying to acquaint her and to guide and help her to experience many things until she can find what she wanted in life.

            Other reason why I bought? The bonding is given. I wanted something to distract her and to have a control over her; I mean a way of practicing my authority and control too.

As we already aware of how children behave, we need some precautions to avoid or lessen possible harm. As a responsible guardian, we need to read all of the instruction well.

This comes with different designs and also a stand to support if we want it like a standing frame. We can also hang it.

I let her mix the paint, but I’m not even sure if it’s needed at all. But children needs consistent instruction and hopefully in the future she will not forget that there are protocols and rituals in making projects. As early as possible, teach them ways and strategies (but I'm not telling her stuff like “strategies” at her age she will not understand) I'm just reminding her as if it’s really part of the making.

She starts to paint. I’m careful not to annoy her that much. I’m telling her to make things perfect. I keep on reminding her not to miss the edges and to make the paint balance.

The only evidence I was here. That’s my hand…

I admit I'm kinda disappointed knowing the paint is not that pigmented but what to expect with cheap products? On the other hand, this is a good starting point for my little sister. And when the time she’s worthy of handling expensive material, then that’s also the time to move to another level.

So I tied her hair. I should have in the first place; it was messing in her painting.

Final product but still wet.

Other materials:

Scissor – for cutting the paint’s container
Tissue – to wipe the brush and the paint that get trough the other paint
Cup with water – for cleaning the brush

Next time. Something that I forgot. I should have let her clean the mess after. But there are articles that says just let children be children. It’s up to you if you wanted them to become future obsessive compulsive and get that disorder.

Tadah… The next day. Nothing striking change happened. It just dried up.

No. I will try other stuff. Besides I find it unworthy of its price. If I got insane and accidentally became rich I might try the other design as she was so fascinated of it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Facial Wash at Reveal's Spa

A blog for flaws. It was a fairy tale's happy never after story of mine to end like this. It was 18th of April when I availed a facial wash at Reveal's Spa because I wanna get rid of something.

I'm feeling somehow distressed since until now, my shoulder and most especially the back of my neck is STILL aching. First week, I told myself it might be the pillow. Second week, it’s still aching so I didn’t use my pillow anymore. 3rd week, its getting better but I cannot move my head from left to right with ease. And now? I got dark circles because of disturbed sleep I encountered a while ago. Painful.

Culprit? I am thinking it was the massage. I wish they didn’t do it. It felt like there something twisted in my neck, in tagalong “naipit”. Pardon for I cannot describe it well in english and cannot find the right term.

Who’s to blame?

Anyway, here is the post I made of what I’ve gone trough.

My back is aching. I don’t even know what to do. Mother is discouraging me to resort in “hilot” mag pahilot. She insists I drink a pain reliever; will it solve my problem in a long term?

My recent picture as of may 15, you will still see the darkspot in my nose despite that it's blury

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Time to Vote?

Voter's Nail
May 13, 2013. Monday. Age of 20. Something that makes this a bit special is I had had experience my right of suffrage. I am not yet employed when I processed my papers and it took me ages of going back and forth in filing which I find partly infuriating.

No voter’s ID yet. Hearsay I’ll have it after 3 years, but haven’t visited there after that day I registered. 3 years for the making of that plastic or laminated paper for identification. I wish someone would give me a rational reason for that. Sometimes it’s a wearisome thing to ask government staff especially when they cannot answer simple queries like this.

Splatter of rains with typical hotness of summer welcomed the morning of my upcoming endeavor. I woke up early but made a last minute search of who’s to vote. In short, I am UNDECIDED and UNPREPARED. It made my suppose journey of 7:00am into 10:00am.

I didn’t bother myself to join the ruckus in the information area (which I guess). In the first place, my mother gave me my precinct number as she was done voting. All of us in our family were all to be found in one precinct.

All my life I was thinking precinct as prison jail, so silly. But I am also thinking then that its too crowded and hot place for a crowd to gather.

I brought my ID with me but it ended up unused. They didn't even stare at me; only precinct number and rank in the paper posted outside were asked. Having found the room, I join the queue. To my dismay, I waited long minutes in my line as PCOS was out of order that time.

The facilitator, a teacher from high school I known only in the face, asked of my precinct number and I answered 86. But I was barked back with a reply, “Walang ganyan precinct”. That's a bunch of grouchiness. My apology for it was my first time.

Finally she found my number and I wrote my signature beside my picture with prewritten signature of mine.

The other facilitator, if I am not mistaken of their identity, were just sitting at the back of the room, relaxing, instead of accommodating new comers. Consumed by perplexity, unassisted, some of my time was wasted of thinking were to sit and where to get the folder.

Afterward, I’m back to another queue for the processing of my accomplished ballot but after few minutes of waiting in line, the PCOS went out of order again. I didn’t even have the opportunity to get a closer look and taste of that machine. :D

A very unfulfilling experience.

What happened to the ballot? They put it in a long brown envelope. Then it was followed by staining our hands with indelible ink.  That’s it. Rough estimate of 10:20-11.30. More than an hour just for the practice of suffrage. Then I went home.

Have researched ahead of time but then I also believe I might still end up undecided. It’s no joke to be like me, meticulous and sometimes tend to be perfectionist.

I engaged my self in political issues and conversations before.

Typing Skills for my Sister

I’m making my sister proficient in typing by letting her use a software. My sister is only 7 years old and soon to be a grade 2 student. She’s just starting to type. Her average is still around 8wpm whereas my gross speed goes around 57-60wpm.

That’s the role big sister, me, is playing. I'm hoping that this will help her in the future

I'm using TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor but I'm having this thought that the other software is better to use in terms of encouraging her because of its colourful interface and lively games.

This one I'm using is the one I preferred using for myself. Better concentrate in the aim of honing typing skills. Though it may seem pretty boring, I regard this one as straightforward. I make her watch drawing video as a reward of accomplishing two parts of one lesson. .

Her progress:
                We are still in the home row. I cover the hands (half covered the monitor with a book) as I notice she’s being dishonest. I even cover the keyboard with double sided tape to make her focus. She’s been complaining peevishly but I know in due course of time she’ll get used to it. I’m cruel right. But when I get sluggish, I just let her type without coverings.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

From the Last to being Strangers

I found the recommendation from one of my favourite blogger. It took me days before I decided to finally watch it. When I saw the credits, it gave me this thought “No doubt if it’s from Wongfu”.

But for me, the “Strangers” is still the best short movie they made. On the other hand, appreciating a movie is something that depends on the kind of experiences and emotions you have. Like I’ve been watching a love story that will make me cry a bucket while one my friends can’t relate at all. That friend of mine never experience falling in love.

Life is adventure and lots of exciting and extraordinary events exists awaiting for initiative of someone who cares enough. We can live creatively than just lying in the bed waiting time to pass. We can and should humble ourselves and empathize to the other side of human lives.

Here is the movie followed by my favourite short movie of them:

  Anyway, you better try watching the other movie they made. Almost half of their movies are laughter provoking.

Before reading my verdict that follows

I like the part when he said that first love is a sign of innocence, discovery, and adventure; preserved in time that neither of us can touch. I like this subjectively.

A considerable number of people will definitely grasp and empathize the feeling. And just like the infatuation that no longer exist, once in our life we became confused and bewildered too that we abandon that feeling.

“Maybe it’s my desire to be on my own or prove something to everyone back home.” Finding love in a complicated and inexplicable manner, we turn into the trail of giving up someone special in exchange of personal space to find our way back to self respect and worth.

“You are none of them because you are all of them”. This is a nice phrase; however, this one being said for me is likely unreal or mostly imaginary and dreamlike. Bitter?. Yes, its sweet but ang korni. It’s like it’s overdone that the genuineness is lost. But maybe younger people will love this except me. I want something new, creative, and unique with mind-blowing twist.

Why waste this life without loving?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I am a Lotto Winner

Yeah it sucks…

In my lucid dreams, I regard snakes as a sign of possible money grant. My mother said that when your hands get itchy or seeing a snake in a dream is a sign of money. But in the past days, those signs were taken for granted since I’ve lost twice a long time ago. Yesterday, I got a good dream that attributed also in my waking up heavily exhausted. My dream is about coins. I was in the playing station of a mall when I discovered the technique to make lots of coins in one of the machine. I was as overjoyed as luck seemed so generous to me. I tried other machine and I almost discover the technique too but my waking up interrupted me.

This is my 3rd time to bet in lottery. I forgot the initial reason that pushed me to try back then. That coin dream yesterday morning triggered me to try my luck.

And I won the so called baliktaya. Earlier I thought I won the amount of P100 pesos. I don’t know if I won baliktaya before since I tore all of my lotto ticket after.

Consolation Prize for 6/42:
P20,000 for 5
P500 for 4
P20 for 3

First time: The new thing here is I used a random number. Next time I might try using some strategy. Every bet will have a first time story…

I found some interesting trick in probability gambling here. (What a word.)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Glimpse of Me

I am a quiet person, as how my parents raised me, and I can’t find anything wrong with it. It is not my lone fault after all. Getting intrigued, that is where rumor is brought into being into a  fast spreading like that of a light speed. This is something not to feel heavy of, as person whose I’m close with are usually not making an issue about this, however, people who happened to be a lot of curious about me do otherwise, making me feel like I came from far away planet and worse, discriminating me.

Lack of experience  made me the opposite of a witty person, maybe an idiot of some sort. I almost panic when being asked. Nonetheless, I am not numb. Things cannot be easily forgotten. Sincerity is easily distinguished from mockery. Just how bad the world is especially the people who make it an unwanted place.


My favourite forum site

symbianize picture

I got myself inspired to talk about one of my favourite site. The symbianize.

What I like about this site is it’s a Filipino Community who gathered around to learn and share their interests. It is a homey place in the fast changing virtual information world. It’s really great to find a friendly place with your kapwa kababayan speaking the same dialect. Meeting different kind of person is probably going to happen once you become involve and that will add up in the kick and buzz of joining. (Am I in the advertising yet?)

Hanging around there emanates warmth and security in a form of sanctuary. It’s a great place too for general awareness of information and ideas, to be updated of the latest trend and to view what and how general public think about something.

So what made me write this article? It has been two weeks now that Symbianize became inaccessible. Yeah I’m getting a little bit sentimental. I admit that lately Symbianize is getting lifeless for me, something like this; not intensely felt. Since free internet gone, around March last year, fewer familiar faces drop by until they’re almost gone too.

I am wondering too what happened for such a long period of absence of the site. Rumour tells that the owner of the site sold it for 10 million. I find it unrealistic though. 10 million is such a small price. It’s somehow distressing as I realize how its absence gave an impact on me.

I hope the rumour is not true. Nonetheless, it is expected that Symbianize will be back this week and I'm counting on it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am not Simple


I need some enlightening.

As far as I want to consider myself as simple, I need to re-evaluate myself and to accept whatever deemed obvious. I don’t want to make my blog the way the old blog was made. Self searching…

I don’t wanna be accused of being a hypocrite who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs or feelings but behaves otherwise. I too, have a physical and internal flaws.

We are not the ideal representation of anything because we are unique and special. We are different from others in a way that make us special and worthy. Ideal only exist is the imagination.

I have my own mind but I am also a prisoner of the dictates of my particular gene. Listen to my soul and see the hidden mysteries of my manifestation. Dig inside if you have the valor to face the uncertainty that awaits you.

Sending Card through LBC

I forgot about the letter thing so I went back home to pick up the letter. I went straight to the LBC branch after that. The interior was giving me the impression of gloominess with the packages piled up in an unorganized way. I bump into them in a chatter of Ilocano dialect; they are conversing about some things that I didn’t paid attention at all. Impression? Not formal, not yet there. I am going to use the word welcomed or entertained but I suddenly felt it’s not the fit word, so here it is. I am assisted by the front desk guy.

He started with the introductory question of “what kind of card is that?” I was wondering that time what to say. Should I say “Oh, this is a graduation card”, which is I found too personal to tell. You know genuineness or sincerity is easily sensed. It turned out that he’s asking whether the card is a plain card or whether it used a lot of designs. Fooling customers will only drive them away. Cards, they are sometimes plain or stuffed with lots of bits and pieces and some of them make sounds, “happy birthday happy birthday” anyway, that is tune.. But then cards are cards. But then again, business is business. Plain or stuffed? Too bad for the latter who’ll say “yes” because saying yes is the difference between a 95php and 155php. I know I know it hurts. (For someone like me who finds every cents meaningful).

You can lie. However I wonder if that will make any difference. I believe he’ll just insist. Innocence has no place for business world.

I’m looking over the place and busy jotting imaginative notes in my mind. I came across into the wall where instructions were posted. It says “Use uppercase in writing” too late as I'm through with my writings. A short time ago, he was saying something about 3.25. I cannot absorb what he’s saying, for the number “3.25” is strange. He keeps on saying that. I hope that from the start he already sensed the unfamiliarity because I’m still new in these things. Later, I realized he was referring about the cut off. That if I made it before 3.25pm, the card will be sent the next day. Therefore, my card will be sent on Wednesday.

Seal with a kiss? He’s saying what? I cannot understand at all. What did he mean? And what should my response be? I find it offending. Should I giggle? I became dumb that moment.

I was asked again “Idedeliver ba siya?” Huwaaat… I was confused again. I mumble, “Ano ba dapat?” (Me being too ignorant). Silly me. Yeah I know, he still didn’t grasp that I don’t know such things. Finally he said, “Idedeliver ba siya or siya na mismo yung kukuha sa branch?” Whew, that explains. Big However, he didn’t explain the difference between the two, poor customer. What if? What if there are disadvantages unknown in my part for choosing any of the options.

I felt too stupid that my searching net beforehand became useless. It’s not obvious right? Can’t blame you if you’ll agree. But then one thing I should be certain of, with lots of negative feedbacks about LBC it should have been a preparation for me to expect the worse.

Back to the plain card versus not, I said “yes”. But he wondered why there’s this pitter-patter as he shakes the card. I said “Oh it’s the keychain.” this is it, the beginning, of accepting the sad truth that I have to pay a larger sum of money. With his followed up reasons, why can’t he just say it straight “You have no choice Miss.” Why? What the use of the minimum payment of 95 if you are only allowed to send something like a 1 piece of onion paper. Are you joking me… noooo.. T_T. Without even the presence of weighing that piece of document? And he reasoned many things like, “it’s a metal, it will be detected by the scanner, and they will return it back here” and the likes. I said to myself “please show me your scanner”. How can that be possible if your cut off is 3.25pm? I wonder if there’s still time left to scan those cards if I happened to drop by around 3:00pm.

I leave the place sullen, while feeling like the all the weight of the world is in my shoulder.

My Verdict:
                The front liner staff  must learn to choose words carefully in dealing with customers since each of us has different personality and view of things. The management should train their staff well. Maybe asking if it is the first time of client for this service will not hurt that much in the part of the assisting staff. Sad to say, soon I started talking; I know I cannot get well with him for I find him contemptuous.

It was a disappointing experience.

This gave me the feeling of:
This is not trustworthy BUT I HAVE TO.


It started with a post in the FB newsfeed. I immediately search in YouTube what’s this fuss all about.

It’s like an act being played with the song.

The following day, I received a text from an old schoolmate, asking me to make a gwiyomi. I laughed. He must be kidding besides we are not even close. But after the incidence, I never expected the idea will remain in my mind.

And evil thought came upon my crazy mind.

Escape goat. Suddenly I saw my victim eating busily in the dining table.

This will be a lot cuter if she’s younger. Oh I miss the days when she’s as cute as a puffy hamster, with her chubby looks and fat cheeks.

I then memorize the steps and followed by teaching it to her. Getting a hard time teaching her was my initial thought. But she was able memorize it easily. However, she was not as fascinated as I am. So I continue my monkey business of making my own video but I found her bugging me later. She kept on popping in my back, annoying me.

So I get back on my old plan and took a video of her. At that moment that I realize where the hard part is, it's teaching her the facial reaction.

Editing the video:
I need to cut the end of the video.
Frustrations almost engulf me from the false hope of using Nero software as the edited movie turned out so awful, the resolution was very unpleasant. Sad to say, I don’t have a movie maker and I wonder why so. But I didn’t falter, I scrutinize the programs I had in my computer one by one. And viola! Iwisoft free video converter saved my life.

Unfortunately I cannot upload the videos right now so i will just put a link here.

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