Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Vampire Diaries – Book 1

Just my “First” impression.

I bought a second hand book of vampire diaries because it’s available and cheap. I’m also curious about this one since it’s a bit familiar and I’m trying to make myself acquainted to it. I have this questions in mind like, “what’s with this?” Yeah, I’m kinda late updating myself and I believe that I already heard this Damon and Stefan way back high school.

During my college days, I was able to borrow all the books of Twilight Saga. I admit I was caught with the book, thanks to the movie first. Without the movie, I wonder if I would be interested to read such books because back then I am not yet a very eager reader especially if it’s not available just within reach.

Reading the first chapters, I am a pretty bored. It’s not reaching my expectations but I have to remind myself that it’s too early to make judgements. The flow of the story has slight similarities with the book twilight but twilight was more exciting to read. I like the way that Bella is just an ordinary girl, not like Elena who’s famous and a beauty figure. Not everyone is born like a celebrity right? And in Bella’s case it’s much nicer to think that from just being simple, there is a potential for adventure. Maybe this will appeal to person’s average like us.

It’s childish to cry from guy’s rejection. It just shows a very big desire for attention. Maybe writing is really an art to play with words and make it attract sympathy from the audience.  Sometimes, if the writer is good, he/she will be able to inflict emotions to readers. That’s what Twilight did to me.

It’s corny with its high school kind of love affair where everyone dreams of getting attention. Ang landi kasi. For the meantime, I’ll just give in with the idea that that’s really a typical thing “to them”.  So far, she’s a villain, conceited main character for me.

Maybe I have to reread the first chapters of the book to get a new perspective. Anyway, I’m still halfway in finishing the first book. Para siyang paligoy-ligoy and wala naman talagang gaanong nangyari sa book, pinahaba lang. Well, let’s see if this impression will change after I’m done with the first book.

Damon and Edward is both mysterious
Avoiding Elena and Bella but in the end was not able to restrain themselves.
I’m still wondering if they both can read minds.

Quotes from Vampire Diaries
“An aristocrat should dress as befits his position. If he does not, he is showing contempt for others.”
“Healthy body goes with a healthy mind”
“Evil will never find peace. It may triumph, but it will never find peace”

Watched the first episodes of Season 3 Vampire Diaries
The movie is more interesting, and the book acts only as a complement to the movie. I’m starting to get hooked up with the movie but then it’s unfortunate that I have to start with Season 3. I don’t have copies of Season 1 and Season 2. I find Elena beautiful and I like her young face. I didn’t expect to like her appearance until I saw the movie because she does not stand out in the book cover.

A vampire can dream.
Manipulation of people.
Game of popularity to maintain social position.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halalan 2013

For another time, probinisiyana exercised her right of suffrage.

I was having an internal struggle if whether I would vote or not. Nakakatamad kasi. And there would be a lot of people for sure. After lunch, I was lying and still contemplating until my conscience hit me. Isa akong mabuting mamamayan then laughed. I actually already dressed before that, so all I really have to do is get up and change my short into jeans.

So, I was wearing my loyal faded purple t-shirt and my white shoes, my college getup. I brought with me a:
50 pesos only :D
I.D. (just in case)
Cream powder and lipstick lol.

All of it was squeezed on my pocket. And so I set off.  It was tolerably hot past two of afternoon. I still can’t decide whether not bringing umbrella is something I should regret. Though my face didn’t deny the irritation it did to me. Then I came to my old school where I graduated college. I know where to go for I have my mother to inform me. She went first, early in the morning. But I realized when I went to that particular floor that I don’t exactly know what room I should be. Silly. So I went looking at each posted paper and luckily I remembered my Mom saying that maybe I’m number 15. And she’s right.

I can’t remember finding any information on how to vote this time. No flier, no flow chart, no advertisement and so on. Or maybe I’m just so isolated and I missed it. I’m hesitant to enter because you know; there are people who are sort of territorial and have this attitude of humiliating other who didn’t follow instruction. I tried to ask a young lady wearing a “watcher” tag but she ignored me. So I just went inside where first I look for helping eyes but still failed. I went straight to the facilitator in front.

“No no”. Yes, I was still a bit ignorant I was about to prepare myself for thumb marking but I was instructed I have to vote first. So a number and my name were written on a coupon band. I was given a thick paper where I would write my candidates. I sat in a chair where a long folder and a coupon band bearing the names of candidates. Sad to say, I discovered after I went home that it was actually 2 coupon bands because I was searching for my 2nd candidate but failed to find her. Mom said her name was written on the second coupon band. That may cause a loss to that candidate.

So I passed my paper. The facilitator still knew my name. She was my instructor back in high school. I feel honored whenever a teacher of mine from the past still remembers me. Imagine how many students a teacher handles. Then I left my thumb mark in the Voter’s paper and to another sheet of paper which contains the voter’s information. The latter I left my thumb mark and signature. Soon I saw my paper being deposited in that ballot. My fingernail was stained afterwards.

Those I vote were actually strangers to me. I just asked Mom who they want me to vote.

And so the journey of the suffrage gave me a bit of head ache, a decrease of 16php and lastly a bit of sun burned skin.

I have same blog about election early this year. You can check it here.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Restless nanaman ako. Feeling unproductive and bored sa paulit ulit na ginagawa. I learned something. Kahit na pala pangit or mahirap ginagawa mu basta happy ka, priceless yung feeling. Pero kung madami ka ngang pera pero hindi ka masaya, what’s the point? Yun yung dahilan kung bakit may volunteers na masaya dahil gusto nila yung ginagawa nila.

I realized na sa routine tasks, ang tanging makakapagsaya na lang sayo is yung acceptance ng tao sa paligid mo. So kung hindi ka masaya at hindi mo kasundo ang mga tao sa paligid mo, napakamalas mo naman. No man is an island. At mahirap maghanap ng taong may substance.

Pero narealized ko din na may napapala sa pagtitiis.Na kung anung sitwasyon mo ngayon eh maghintay ka lang dahil hindi yan panghabang buhay.

Saka malas mo kung hindi ka na nga masaya, wala ka pang pera. Dahil nabibili ang respeto, panandaliang respeto. Iba pa rin ang may pera dahil totoo, kadalasan “ang buhay ng tao ay umiikot sa pera”. Pinaiikot ng pera.

Napagtanto ko din sa sarili ko na piliin ko kung saan ako masaya kasi hindi kaya ng konsensya ko.

Magpakasaya ka lang. Tumawa at ngumiti. Gumawa ng kalokohan. Pero huwag sobra dahil may bukas pa.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Review

I need to rewrite again since my draft got corrupted in my tablet after saving it on the external micro SD card. So to be safe, I’ll no longer save unless it's internal.

This is my first review on lotions, and my first purchase of Vaseline in a bottle. Last time I bought one was way back high school and a sachet variant. I didn’t like the smell back then; it reminds me of medicines as well as plastic.

What I have here is Vaseline Aloe fresh, total moisture. A 24 hour nourishing lotion for fresh and light feeling skin. I just saw this one from a blogger and said to myself that it will not hurt to try. Besides, I’m getting bored using the same Silka lotion while wondering if that's really makes me fairer.

Aloe Vera
Our grandma has stories about herbs and plants, and this is just one of the unforgettable. Maybe I had tried putting it on my face for reasons I can’t remember (courisity maybe). However, if there's something aloe vera is famous of, it is its ability to thicken hair. Something helpful for hairloss sufferers, but that's only a story from lola.

Imagine putting the lotion on your legs and arms... and your hair will grow longer,... and for those who shave their legs, imagine the effect it would bring.

Vaseline Lotion claims that it's:
-absorbs quickly
-glowing skin
-24 hr nourishing
-light feeling skin


The Cap
If you're bag tends to be messy, it 'might' open accidentally and lotions will be all over your things. I'm partly having a hard time taking the lotion out.

Best before 30 months from manufacturing date. Unfortunately, I cannot find the manufacturing date except the 7 digit code at the bottom of the bottle. 1303132. But I can't figure out how to read that code so maybe I’d just guess. March 13, 2013 and 2 years.

Deep down layers of skin*... and there’s an asterisk below which is "Stratum corneum." Wikipedia says that: The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis, consisting of dead cells (corneocytes) that lack nuclei and organelles.

There is Methylparaben and Propylparaben included in the ingredients. I’m not a chemist but I wish to be informed about parabens. Parabens are said to have been found in the breast of cancer patients. I also purchased a Myra E lotion and it’s fascinating to know that it doesn’t have a paraben on it, but I don’t like that lotion. I encourage you to read articles in Wikipedia and other sites about Methylparaben and Propylparaben and become a conscious and responsible buyer.

-I like the smell
-I like the color of the bottle. It attracts me.

-I am in an air-conditioned room during work days and I usually feel my skin dry.
-It has no spf (but I’m pondering these days if I really need one)
-Costs more than the Silka Lotion
-A bottle doesn’t last long because I use it frequently

4.5 / 5.0
-because Silka is cheaper

I thought of “No” last time but I found myself buying my next bottle. I like how it feels so light on my skin even I reapply it many times.

I wish to find another alternative lotion that is light in the skin. Cold and hydrating.

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