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Pond's Complete Solution Acne Clear Review

Pond's Complete Solution Acne Clear Review

I just finished washing my face with this when my sister said to me, “What happened to your face?” I thought my face is reddish but instead it was ghostly white. I wonder why every time I use Ponds, even their other variants, it felt like my face is super white. As if I was soaked in vinegar. How lovely it is to have a radiant and youthful face instead of just bright.

Fights 10 Oil & Acne Problems”
Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub
Oil-absorbing Herbal Clay
Acne-fighting Salicylic Acid
Brightening Essence

Pond's Complete Solution Acne Clear Ingredients and instruction

-Myristic Acid
-Saliciylic Acid
-Basil Flower/Leaf Extract
-Azadirachta Indica Leaf Extract
-Lauric Acid

Expiration Day is embossed in the right side of the sachet. If you read carefully, you will find the format of the date somewhere near the bottom. (DD/MM/YY) It is best before 3 years from the manufacturing date.

Pond's Complete Solution Acne Clear beads scrub

Compared to the green variant, Ponds Acne Control has larger amount of tiny beads. It can be uncomfortable to use and annoying during the first few days of usage of the scrub. I've gotten used to it eventually. I just tried my best to be gentle.

Pond's Complete Solution Acne Clear beads scrub 2

This facial foam + scrub exfoliates dead skin cell. It is recommended in morning and evening but I only use it at night. Other than that, there's no further instruction. Should I leave it that way or its okay to use a moisturizer or a toner?

It really brightened my face and I look pale after wash but I still like it. It has a very nice and truly instant effect with whiteheads but the blackheads were as stubborn as it was before. Maybe the real remedy for my blackheads is visiting a spa since it’s below the skin surface. The wash don't make me feel oil free, instead I feel dry with the prolong use.

I used it straight for 1 week and only stopped when I suddenly have breakouts. I switched to the black ponds (with activated carbon) but I still use it for exfoliation every after 2 days. I was still satisfied during the first 3 days. Then I start taking into consideration that everyday exfoliation is not good.

The breakouts really disappoint me and frighten me at the same time. There is a myth of transition phase with some products. You have to see the worse before experiencing the best result. But I stop using it.

For me, it has an instant effect but not for prolong use.

-The beads get quite annoying to use in the face
-Insufficient instruction
-The expiration date is hard to read.



Maybe. Take the risk.


  1. Hi Teri! I love Ponds since High School, but I should give precaution to this product.

    -Riza (

    1. Different ponds products cater to different skin needs. I tried using ponds way back high school, pero hindi ako nagtagal, however i'm currently using the black ponds

  2. wow i like the brightening effects pa naman sana, the break outs nga lang. Thanks for the review btw!

    1. Okay lang naman yung brightening, gustong gusto ko nga siya nung una kong gamit. The break outs can be my skin's fault lang talaga siguro.

  3. Nice review! I use Pond's day cream at kung gamitin mo sya continuously okay naman ang result. Yun nga lang masyadong ninipis yung skin mo kaya nagiging pinkish ka. Not recommended for oily skin kasi super nakakapagpaoily sya kahit non-oily na yung ginagamit ko.

    1. Thanks. I'm curious of that too, though I am a bit paranoid with the kind of ingredients they use. That's how it works pala, I thought the cream is just pink hahaha... Anyways, I have just added you in the blogs I follow in blogger. Uh-oh i have an oily face...

  4. I am using this now, pa 3rd day ko. Napansin ko din na nakakaputi kala ko ako lang nakapansin 😁 napansin ko din nalubog ung pimple ko parang mas natatakot ako kasi baka mamaya mag break out din bigla :(

    1. It's nice noh? The effect is fast. I want to try this again to see the long term effect. I was kinda naive and nervous back when I first tried this. If breakouts appear, it might just be the face adjusting. But if week passed and no more improvement occured, maybe it's not just compatible with our skin. Though I still thinking of giving this a second chance.

  5. I use ponds since nung april 2015 hanggang ngayon. I like the brightening essence kasi nakakaputi ng face but then yung pimples sa muka ko di parin nawawala. I don't know what to do I do research on how to get rid pimples pero di lahat umeepekto eh. Sa T-zone area ko merong pimples at ang pinaka ayaw ko sa forehead at tsaka sa cheeks. Sa cheeks ko kasi may mga pimples nag le'leave kasi ng pimple marks :(( and I hate it. Sa forehead naman since g5 ako nag start na yung pimples ko pero hanggang ngayon di parin nawawala :(( Sa cheeks ko may pimple na nawawala pero based on my observation parang araw'2 tinutubuan ako ng pimple sa cheeks ko at forehead kaya naiinis ko. I use toner the Acne Expert and Acne facial wash for best results pero I don't see good result eh. Can you help me? What should I do? Do I have to change my Facial Wash? The Cetaphil facial wash do you think okay yun for my skin? And yung oily sa face ko nakakainis kasi after I use ponds mga ilang mintuo nag o'oily na yung face ko and I really hate it. Napaka oily ng face ko nahihiya nga ako. Nakaka less kasi sa Confidence kapag yung face mo madaming pimple nakakahiyang humarap sa tao. Help me pleaseee!

    1. Hello Pat! Mahilig ka ba sa oily foods? Nag mamake up ka ba? Gaano ka kadalas magpalit ng beddings mo and towel? Nagpapawis ka ba like excercise? Kumpleto ba tulog mo? Maalikabok ba sa bahay nyo or when you are commuting? Natry mo na ba magpaderma?

      Whay kind of pimples do you have? Sobrang laki, medium, or tiny na madami?

      What helped my skin kasi is kojie san and I wash my face with 'warm' water. Ponds dewy rose gel and yung partner niyang facial wash na gel helped din. Ito yung links:

      Yes you need to change until you can find the right facial wash for your face. Kasi yung minention ko sa taas may results na agad within a week. Iba iba kasi ingredients ng facial wash. Once na hindi na gumana, shift ka na sa iba. Kasi nagchachange yung skin natin at yung weather so need natin ichange din yung mga ginagamit natin. Saka try mo gumamit ng buong set. Hindi ko pa kasi natry yung cetaphil pero I heard some good reviews sa 'gel' nila for acne. So if you will buy their facial wash, you might want to buy the gel too. I like their facial wash and toner without alcohol.

      Clay mask is good for us too. And also peel off mask. Try mo to:

      Grade 5. Since the start of your period siguro yan? Simula kasi nung nagkaperiod ako, tinagyawat na ako and it doesn't help that I have an oily/sweaty face. So more than 8 years aq nagsuffer. You might also want to ask your derma if it's okay for you to take pills to reduce your acne.

    2. Same as situation super oily ng skin ko and have acne and acne scar so much irritating !
      Madami nako ginamit halos lahat na walavparin ganun padin so much suffer !

    3. Hello ian, oily din ang face ko... Napapagod na din aq minsan pero ganun talaga, oily at acne prone ako. Naka oral medication ako kaya pimple free ako now, yet pag hininto ko babalik din. Patience lng tlga... Try and try until mahanap mo what works for you.

  6. Pwede mag ask ano po ung breakouts sa face for this product

    1. Hindi ko nagets yung tanong mo Ian. Are you asking me if ano yung breakouts or if anong klaseng breakouts nangyari sa face ko nung ginamit ko to? Yung huli na lang sasagutin ko ha. Maliliit na madaming pimples. Nung una maganda siya, after ilang days nagdry yung face ko kaya nagkapimples ako ng maliliit.

  7. Alam niyo po kung bakit ka nagkabreakout sa Ponds Complete solution Acne clear? Dahil po yan sa Comedogenic ingredients katulad nang Myristic acid, Stearic acid at Glyceryl stearate. Yan po kac ang misconception ng ibang users ng acne facial wash users dahil akala ng iba na basta acne facial wash ay hindi nakakapimples. Mas maganda po na yung mga products na Non-Comedogenic lang gamitin niyo hihih♥ Paki search po about sa Comedogenic ingredients at Non-Comedogenic for complete info :) alam ko po na two years ago na itong blog post pero I hope ma pansin niyo x)


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