Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nivea Extra White Repair Pore Minimiser Foam Whitening Review

Nivea Pore Minimiser Foam

I have seen this already in skincare sections of different stores. I just didn't put so much attention due to its label “10x whitening” even if the pore minimizer thingy is attractive. It's only due to my close friend who said it was doing well on her that made me grab it. The curiosity intensified when she said she received a lot of compliments like they're asking her what she did in her face and the likes.

I struggle with big pores. I just woke up one day realizing I have a lot of tiny little holes in the face. I was wondering if it's due to pimples that has been pricked. (But I don't really prick pimples). Perhaps it can also be due to sleeping without removing even minimal powder or foundation.

Removes Make up Claim

I am not using heavy make up so I'm not really sure of its ability to remove make up. I am not convinced it will totally remove though. There are still times that I feel the need to wash the face 3 times. Ah well you can blame me, I only use a tiny amount of this product as it lathers well.

Block & White Ultima Whitening Soap with Glutathione Review

Block & White Ultima Whitening Soap

I'm not really into whitening products but you will find me still trying some. I can't help it for skincare shelves of stores are most likely limited to whitening and exfoliating products. Finding something mild seems an alien preference nowadays.

I'm fine with the skin color I have now. Not really too fair but above average. The only problematic body part is my arms as it is usually exposed to sunlight.

I didn't see a dramatic change in my skin color with this soap. Perhaps it's because I'm already fair and gotten fairer from the past soaps and lotions I've used. It feels like I've mostly gotten used of different ways each ingredients whitens the skin. During the time I've used this soap though, it seems people saw me getting fair for the first time. To hear someone says “You're fair” even if you are in the first place doesn't sound a compliment sometimes. It feels weird and abnormal.

I still switch to a milder soap. Alternate use of whitening products or using it only when needed seems a less guilt-causing regimen.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion (Review)

Even if trying different beauty products seems fun, there are times that appreciation of simplicity and mildness sinks in. Being natural is a very nice campaign. That is why organic things are given a mass spotlight. However, simple is being natural in some sense right? So it's only appropriate to try a simple approach first. Ironically, embracing organic doesn't look simple at all.

Back to Burt's Bees, this is the first commercial organic hand and body lotion I have tried despite its sample size. When it comes to lotion, I want to feel like I splashed myself with water and for that to stay without the feeling of warmness and heaviness.

Smell | Texture

I understand why other doesn't like the smell. It's far from those common drugstore lotions; it doesn't smell like a perfume nor floral. I was even surprise when I first got the chance to smell it. It's not yummy like what I am expecting it will be. It's somehow familiar though. I just can't figure out where I encountered the scent in the past.

Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion Bottle (Review)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Encountering the Reality of Friendship

1. A Need to Maintain an Approachable Aura

Smile and initiate a conversation. If people feel you're easy to approach, the more they'll get comfortable. Loving yourself first is true. If you have insecurities or you're always irritated, they will ignore you or worst, avoid you. Dress yourself, pamper it, and find ways to lessen the insecurities. Strive to become fully confident.

2. It Requires Skill

A good pair of experienced eyes can see those friends who'll stay through thick and thin. Real friends are mostly not those too bright and flashy. Sometimes they're the simplest and most ignored people in our lives. Don't chase those who loves fame too much, as most of them leaves you when your usefulness has ended.

3. The Way They Handle Things Suggest the Expectations You Can Have

No one is perfect. A person can have a lot of friends yet incapable of keeping a stable relationship. Their decision can represent the kind of personality they have. You should know how to distinguish a good from bad intentions of their actions. Know the level of their commitment about friendship and their different priorities in life. There are instances that a friend is very vulnerable of doing embarrassing and stupid things yet they're the one who sticks in the darkest days.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sample Room Products Received #10

The exposure to different products will make you realize that there's a lot of options you have. You'll learn which one works well in certain situation as well as their strengths and weaknesses. You'll gain experience and you'll be wiser. Soon you'll be able to see through a product exaggerated advertisements.

The downside with this is being side tracked and blinded. Putting yourself into too much extras than what you can handle and needed.

More Surprises in Sample Room

Because of the approaching Christmas season, there's a possibility of more surprises too. Different brands might have thought of sponsoring and releasing new products.

If I have a rich supply of money, I'll go for it. It's like spending P1000 per month of subscription. You can already get your basic toiletries from them, only it's different from the brand you're used to. I want to try the new VIP of Sample Room but the additional expenses needs a lot of consideration. Besides, money is hard earned.

Sample Room Products Received (Cetaphil and Himalaya)

Aveeno with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Soap Review

During the trending days of oatmeal, using soaps with real raw oats gave me doubts of its exfoliating ability. Does it finely exfoliate the skin or it only feels like scraping it unevenly? Another thing is it will only work when directly applied in the skin, just like how you use loofah and stone. Not that I am not a believer of the benefits of oatmeal. There's a lot of reason to love oatmeal especially of its internal health benefits . It's just that I prefer finely ground oatmeal for external purposes.

Cleaning Face with Oatmeal

This is a must try to satisfy a hungry curious mind and to know the cause of the oatmeal raves. Oatmeal is coarse when not soaked longer in water but is surprisingly soft when properly made. It left residues in the face so it's messy for those who have an active social life. You don't want an oatmeal when you're applying your make up right? During night time, it's hard to decide if it's okay to still use your regular moisturizer due to the same residue issues. There is no squeaky clean feeling but it does make the face feel soft. It can't remove make-up so you have to use a separate make-up remover if you really want to stick with this oatmeal routine.

Will I use this again? Not yet, it doesn't suit my current lifestyle. I have to make sure to completely remove the powder and foundation residues at the end of every day. Maybe later in life when I will mostly stay in the house.

Aveeno with Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Review

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Current Personal Skin Care Regimen That Works

Finding your HG product requires trial and test from different drugstore to high-end products. It could be an initiative, taking a risk or a recommendation from some concern family member, friend or dermatologist.

A Clean Face Every Night

During our sleep, our skin can finally breathe and rest. This is the time the pH of our skin rebalances. With proper pH, our skin can defend itself from bacteria in a natural process.

If you don’t wash your face, you’ll have:
  • Big pores
  • Break outs
  • Pigmentation
  • Wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Skin Irritation/Allergy
  • Skin Prone to Aging

Are You Washing Your Face in the Morning?

Using a milder face wash in the morning makes sense as the face is not really exposed of pollutants, make up and oil during slumber. On weekends, it’s not really a hassle to just wash the face with water alone especially if the plan is to stay at home. On weekdays though, I prefer to wash my face with the same cleanser I use every night to have a clean canvass for moisturizer and foundation. Besides it is still sweat and oil you’re not removing, it’s like taking a bath at night and not taking a bath the next day. It will only make the feeling less fresh in the middle of the day. Buying a different set of product is also just a waste of money. Unless you’re not confident of the product you’re using.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Baies Sucrees Sweet Berries Hand Cream Review

Baies Sucrees Sweet Berries Hand Cream Review

I started looking for a hand cream when I became bored of using petroleum jelly. The latter makes the hand feels warm and heavy. As my hand adjusted with using gloves during laundry, the skin started to thicken as it isn't exposed to harsh detergents anymore (No more unintended chemical exfoliation). No more scaly hand every Mondays or Tuesdays only cracked and bleeding skin especially in thumb area. It was just an adjustment stage as my hands is healthy again. It's even better looking now and I even got occasional compliments of having a beautiful hand.

Having too many hand lotions in different places doesn't work on me. Unless I have all the money in the world and would stock and use the same brand only. I have to stick to one else I'll risk myself for another skin irritation. Oh yeah I once religiously apply hand cream and confidentially wash my hands. Less is always better though.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder Review (Shine Free)

Maybelline Clear Smooth Pressed Powder Review (Shine Free)

When it comes to pressed powder, I want to invest into something worth the price. With so many choices in the market, products mostly doesn't meet expectations. Usually higher price indicates quality. It's just that you have to go find the store (which is typically far) or order from a catalog without trying it first hand. Worst scenario is to realize you've bought an expensive pressed powder that works cheaply. As much as possible I want to find a dupe or even something that ranges between cheap and expensive but still works perfectly fine.

Initial Dislike

It has a matte finish that gives me a dull face or sometimes lifeless look. It was then left unused. When my other cream powder gotten empty, the left choice is to continue using this. I always feel sorry for a wasted money anyway. I was able to finish it. Nothing too great and there's nothing too bad either. Maybe I just have too much expectation on the label “oil control” it has.

New Packaging of Maybelline Powder

Friday, October 10, 2014

Purchasing the First Shades

Wearing Shades for the first time.
I’m not actually fond of shades since I believed it will never look good on me. Relatives were generous enough to give each of us this kind of pasalubong back when we were younger. After few use, it will then be kept in the closet and left unattended for the next years.

However, it’s useful during times you need to hide the trace of heavy tears from last night or in case you are infected with sore eyes. Finding the perfect pair for is always a wise choice so you can comfortably wear and well prepared on the onset of such events.

Mom always use a pair of shades. For her, it makes the eye comfortable from bright sunlight. It helps avoid head aches and nastiest migraine. It eases the mood and lessens irritation from too much brightness exposure.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gluta-C Intense Whitening Underarm & Bikini Gel Review

Gluta-C Intense Whitening Underarm & Bikini Gel Review

Don't wait until you need to wear a bikini to realize you need to lighten some areas below the waist. It's just an unsightly thing to display in a crowd. What more if you'll join a rare pageant or was invited for an event that include dipping in a swimming pool? Don’t embarrass yourself and start to even out those dark spots. If you're already using a whitening soap, why not concentrate on those areas every time you wash?

This product is in gel form and has a tolerable scent that reminds me of alcohol or antiperspirant. It’s light but there’s a need to wait for a while for the skin to absorb it. It didn’t give me skin irritation so far. Some ingredients such as talc are believed to cause ovarian cancer but Gluta-C Intense Whitening Gel claims safe to use though I wonder to what extent.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just Some Over the Counter Skin Care Products

Hmmm... It looks few. Aside from old stocks not shown here, I ordered another loot in Sample Room but not as VIP anymore. I want more (on cosmetic products though) but I only have one skin and body apart from limited time and funds.

They're mostly basic toiletries so there's no huge guilt feeling...

This is actually a large loot compared to my typical purchases. I mostly buy 1-3 products since groceries/shops are within reach. This practice is a good prevention from excessive buying of wants. But when it comes to needs such as foods and the likes, it's a different story.

Over the Counter Skin Care Products

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Vaseline, Bodycology and Alcohol Allergy (Applying Aloe Vera)

The first time I got skin irritation due to beauty products, I was using this trio. A year ago, I also discover I am allergic of shrimps. No one in the family has allergy in those foods unless if we go upper to the hierarchy; my Tita is allergic of chicken. It’s possible that I’m the lucky receiver of the recessive traits or it’s the consequence of this budding skincare fascination. (Good thing I’m not allergic of chicken!)

 First Time it Happened

A frequent use of hand sanitizer and hand cream gave red rashes on my left hand. Perhaps I’m using Vaseline during those times too. I cannot recall if it appeared instantly or the next day. I still use hand cream the next day, but I really avoided applying at the back of my hands. It took me a month of agonizing wait before the bumps dried and vanished. I put the blame more on the hand cream even if I mostly took it for granted.

During those times too, I noticed that the deodorant reacts with Vaseline lotion. The latter doesn’t spread once in contact with deodorant.

Allergy from Vaseline

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Ghost Week | Reflection

Here comes again my weekly reflection and the much awaited free day. It seems that I'm really missing the daily blog post target. The total post for the month of September is lesser than what is desired. I'm torn between catching the target frequency over creating a quality post. How I wish I can share some valuable life experiences and wisdom if only opportunities are generous. There might be few product reviews to come as I'm short of supplies now though I have some old stocks pending for review. I just haven't tried them yet.

This week came and end in a blink. Hindi pa nga ako nakakaget-over sa last week program and activities. I've done my tasks, tutok pa nga eh, and still hindi ko ramdam ang week na to. Maybe you'll really lost track of time when you focus too much at what you're doing.

One Post a Day

I can only make 1 good post within a day. Trying to make more than that might become a litter in my blog. The excess is either another low quality post or I'll get myself vulnerable of total inspiration and mood loss. Mahirap din mag-isip. Though thinking pushes us to do something worthwhile in our life na minsan para may maipost lang :D. It's like passing into a check point where you'll be asked of “What did you accomplish in life recently?”.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Absynthe Hair Shampoo Review

Absynthe Hair Premium Hair Care Nourishment Goddess Shampoo Review

Surprisingly, Absynthe Hair Shampoo is the most expensive shampoo I’ve tried. It costs around P400+. It appears that the web is plagued with good and sponsored reviews of this shampoo.

I’ve won this product from this august give-away post. Despite the unappealing container, I was looking forward for a wonderful hair pampering experience considering that it has a lot of promising ingredients that is natural and organic. Upon seeing this personally for the first time though, hesitation started to form. Should I use it or not?

Not So Typical Packaging

The whole bottle is covered with plastic so it’s just okay if it doesn’t have another seal for the cap. That additional seal only gave it a less decent look especially that it looks like it was just printed using an ordinary printer with an ordinary sticker paper too. The bottles are not the usual kind too. It reminds me of the bottle of muriatic acid. The design perhaps is unisex but due to the color it looks somehow masculine.
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