Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How I Chose my Tab?

I am noob in gadgets especially when it comes to the rule of the thumb of experts. My reason is much more of an opinion of dummy end user.

To begin with, I’m not a techy person. I don't even have the means to buy latest technologies especially the expensive one but I do have some devices with me such as laptop, camera, desktop, camcorder, printer and the likes.

Here are some things I considered:

Who wouldn’t want to buy a product that offers nice specs? With nice battery and nice processor.

I was looking for a tab that will offer a longer time of usage. I'm in the middle of expensive and cheap choices. I'm not afraid of spending a lot but if something cheaper is promising a not that bad performance, who am I to argue?
I’ve been roaming around but only Fushion Bolt gives nice battery spec.

This will suit me considering my light purpose of just reading eBook, typing and watching short video clips. I'm not a gamer.

Support Filipino
I’m not a cherry mobile fan, but maybe once in a while I’ll try to support the venture of our kababayan.

Keeping updated
Cheap way in keeping updated with the latest trend. Hindi pahuhuli.

So far hindi naman ako nagsisisi sa tab na to :-)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt: a personal impression

Hindi ko sigurado kung yung kamay ko me problema o ganun talaga tong cherry mobile, medyo kelangan kong punasan yung daliri ko or itap ko ng ilang beses yung key. As of now, hindi ko na siya gaanong napapansin.

On Screen Keyboard
Nagdoudouble tap. Ganun na siguro ako kabagal pumindot para maging long press . I just restart the app when it annoys me. I use baby powder for my finger.

May nabasa akong koment na para daw siyang lalagyan ng chocolate. Ang una ko agad na naisip is ferero rocher XD. Though hindi ko alam if pano ko dedescribe nung nakita ko na. For me, it was like a jewelry box. But since madaling masira ang Fubo, i always bring the box. Alanganin ng bumili ng cover case since my nasisirang fubo kahit na me case.

Ports, slot, jack
Kulay yellow siya. Parang bronze, ewan ko. Basta ang cheap tingnan ng pagkakayellow niya.

wala siyang pre-installed games. (Sabi ni Esp siyempre bago). Pero yung iba naman na tab meron free games na pre-installed.

No stylus included. Bat ko nga ba naisip na meron? Akala ko lang naman. Baka kako masmadaling gumamit nun minsan or ako lang nag iisip nun. Baka hindi uso.

Wrong spelling
Nakakabahala na may wrong spelling dun sa documentation. Actually hindi naman siya wrong spelling talaga kundi maling spacing lang

Font used in the last part of documentation
Wala lang, i just find it informal kapag hindi gumagamit ng formal na font, parang hindi seryoso, parang hindi committed.

Hindi siya sleek tingnan. Hindi siya yung nakasanayan kong look. Hindi siya elegant and classy. Ang fake tingnan.

Mainit yung charger at mainit yung battery kapag chinacharge. Pag nasira yung battery?

Masyado malaki yung container. I thought it was the stylus, only to find out na usb connector pla siya. It was a very long rectangular box kasi.

Oo tama pangit yung camera. It reminds me of mp4 na binebenta noon. Parang ganun din lang. Though di naman ganun kahalaga sakin yun. It also reminded me of my nokia cp way back 1st year college. Ganun na ganun pa rin kuha ng camera, as if technology is too slow when it comes to camera. Pasang-awa hehe. masmaganda pa kuha ng mp4 ko. It's not about megapixel, kundi yung pagkakaengineer daw sa loob and yung ability daw na makakuha ng liwanag. Unfortunately, pangit talaga.

Tama, wala. Easiest way pa naman for transferring file. I'm thinking of ease of blogging pa sana. i tot meron.

Back side of tablet
The material used allows fast cooling.

Hindi naman siya pasang awa na tab. Mapagtyatyagaan and good for its price range.

Taming the rotate screen - i turned it off but it didn't follow me. It took me many attempts. Not funny. (only to find o.ut na me mga program talaga na hindi sumusunod) noob lang haha

Can be used while charging - it was indicated in the documentation. I wonder if it will give stress when it comes to battery life span. Though most will recommend not to use gadgets while charging.

Plastic protector - it has a plastic protector with it. Hindi ko siya inalis pero puro gasgas na siya ngayon.

-komentong probinsiyana

I didnt go over the specification or an indept and professional review of fusion tablet but just a personal and initial impresion.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Usher Notes

These are notes I took down during the preparation and orientation of usher and usherettes and some ideas came after my personal experience.

Places you should know:
- Smoking area (first, make sure if smoking is allowed in the event)
- Rest room for male and female
- Food and Tissue. Some might ask coffee or bottled water.

During the event
- Be observant enough. Ask the visitor if he/she has companions.
- Ask for their tickets

Avoid picture taking during delivery of speech.

- Sitting arrangement of the audiences.
- Picture arrangement.
- Copy of pictures of persons assigned to you. Familiarize yourself with the people you are assigned to. Before the event, it’s much better if you kept in your mind an imaginary picture of those persons.

For you.
- Eat before the event.
- Don’t bring lot of stuffs.
- Bring some energy bar just in case you become hungry.

Picture taking:
1. Oath Taking solo
2. Oath Taking with family
3. Official signing with Family
4. Official signing solo

“Birukan mi kayu”
There are some VIPs that suddenly have no place to sit, saying positive words like you will find a sit for them is a safe approach.

If you have a related and helpful blog article, feel free to post your link in the comment section for me and for readers to visit. 
 - Probinsiyana

Search for Foundation

Still searching…. Foundation is something a should-invest-thing for a woman but I usually find those kikay kits tiresome. Once, I was so uninterested but it came to me as a necessity in the later part of my life. Part of proper hygiene is what I call it.

Since I am not really that exposed with no one nearby to influence me, I am still on my own venture into looking for the one that suits my needs. Technology got into the bloom but beauty products haven’t changed so much in where I lived. A lot of cheap products but seemingly useless still manage its way in the market. Business.

Too much factors to be consider too that I still have to uncover on my own.

With the absence of decent mall, I don’t even know where to find stuff aside from searching online. I know no one who I can seek for professional help, or just some generous tips and tricks from a friend. Still, somewhere in the road, I stumble into someone who got an admirably cool make up.

Yet I see a lot of people who doesn’t look good in their make up. Some wore a very white make up that it looks so unnatural; the color of their face and neck doesn’t even match. I myself is very conscious of the thing I use, I’m partly afraid it will just make me look worse. But being inexperienced, I am not even a good critic of myself.

Going back to foundation, so much skin service is offered that I don’t know what to choose. Should I add facial wash in my routine? Or I’ll just try over-the-counter products? If only I can just get rid of it. I’m getting fed up into retouching 3 times a day and feeling like cakey. I am thinking of a powder free life with a radiant look skin but I wonder if that would cost an arm and leg or if there’s already a product that promises same thing with a reasonable price.

Experience will teach me…

It’s good to be reunited with my blog again. I felt incapacitated during the long waits of the return of internet connection. Expect tons of blog I’ll be posting these following days. Anyway, the dates of my post in July are set into the date I created it. Due to failure in internet connection in the past, I was not able to post it right away.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Investing for my skin

I tend to have a very dry skin. It was something I don’t really mind before, but it feels like a responsibility now. Good for those who inherited a radiant looking skin from their parents. Lucky genes.

Honestly, it was a lackadaisical thing for me, but I’d better do something now before regret from aged skin will overwhelm me. I’m not used into investing something for the future. But to be wise? I have to. After all, everyone will come to that phase.

I’m careful of my health and very particular of how I spend my money. For people like me where money is something very hard to earn, wasting it to different health plans, life plans and so on is a just so serious affair. New kind and brands of supplements are being manufactured in a wink of an eye that it made me wonder of its reliability along with their manufacturer. It’s very trendy that it disturbs me when vitamins are being recycled or imitated for the expense of those disgusting businesses. I can still forgive fake gadgets, but when it comes to health? Faked medicines? It’s just so much.

I was pondering about things such as:
- Trusted brand vs. price
- Time of taking the vitamin
- Ingredients of such vitamins
- mg needed by my body

I was a fool to think of products intended outside the skin alone, for I realized, even it was partly late, that care should also come from within. No matter how much you indulge into beauty products, when you are ugly inside it doesn’t make sense at all. Nonetheless, what’s good about skin is you can affect in inside and out.

Beauty matters because beauty is our responsibility.

Most of information I found in the internet are food suggestions and claims of different vitamin products. Rarely do I find, or not at all, about how that vitamin does technically helps us. I’ve been curious a bit of how those stuff works. It would be something educational if they’ll enlighten us. Become a more conscious and wiser consumer!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thesis thing…

Are you an Information Technology student who’ll soon have their thesis-making?

Something college students should be prepared of. This is also a very head aching phase of college life that even until now, remembering the word makes me anxious. A nightmare.

This is a vital part of your thesis life, and somehow should be dealt in best possible seriousness. Before determining your group mates, you should first ponder about what grades you really like to have. You should also be something that has a market value before being egotistical in picking your partners in this very critical venture.

You may want to have someone who is communication wise. Who is witty enough to answer when the jury starts to throw open ended questions.

It doesn’t really have to be so flashy. Simplicity still applies but you have to take account the environment and the users you are engaging with. It might come into a formal look yet easy to be understood. Take risk but not too much.

Source Researcher
No man is an island. You will need the help of other people. You need a member who is “madiskarte” when it comes to finding the right people that can also contribute to your team i.e. older schoolmates who can give advices. The researcher might also be in the form of a brilliant researcher in subjects related to the project.

A member who is going all the cody stuff is needed. Having many programmer will be a less of advantage when not behaving in a team way. This is a very hard and time consuming work.

Choosing a member who will just pay instead of contributing scholarly will just divide the team. Worst is having a member who got OCD problems where contributing money is painstaking and little biased-like event makes them nagging a lot. Be wise. Choose someone who’s not in only for the profit but into the experience and work.

Not so much but you cannot just run away from the documentation of the system. One writer is enough, usually from female line.

You need a leader who will LEAD.

Don’t go for a member who you can’t trust and vulnerable of getting jealous from achievement of other member.

However, this is just an ideal kind of group. Rarely will you find a perfect team.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

MS Excel Line Chart: Curving the Line Chart

Figuring out how to handle simple problems when it comes to very complex software is like answering a puzzle. It gives head ache but the joy it would bring is indeed priceless when you hit the bull eye. However, the opposite is depressing especially if answer doesn’t exist or impossible. Still, you can have a short break and try stuff for a while and continue experimenting after.

Microsoft Office is a very known software but the depth of it was barely realized by many, only those who’s curious enough wanders the extremity of it. Even now, I’m still surprised to discover stuffs comprising it and finally realizing the full potential of it.

It’s not just a simple typing software, but a developer tool. It was something I realized late in my course. It is a programmer’s environment that I was taking for granted for I thought of Java, Turbo C and VB.Net stuff only. So much place to wander.

Anyway, the topic is not really of what Microsoft Office offers but this head aching simple task I was asked to make. Excites me. I miss programming.

The Line Chart shows a word legend.

Shown in the chart is the legend (x-axis) represented by number. The main problem.

Shown above is the desired result of curved line chart with word as a legend.

A curve line chart
She wanted me to let the legend show below the Scatter Chart. In Line Chart, it is an easy task as it will automatically place the legend below. But it was something very hard when modifying Scatter chart.

Configuring through Select Data Source window will not solve the problem. I presumed the Scatter Chart is only intended through number versus number axis. I almost gave up when suddenly I happened to convert the Scatter Chart into Line Chart.

1. In the chart, right click the Horizontal (Category) Axis and click the Change Chart Type
2. Click the Line in the Sidebar and click the first Line in the choices and click Ok

Raw data that will be used in chart

Before the instruction above to be done, proper selection and configuration of data that will be used for the chart is still needed such as proper highlighting of cells and selection of data for x and y axis.

There is always a solution; it may come in the form of right way, short way or long way.
It’s always possible.
There is a help section but most of the time, it doesn't help.
It doesn’t make sense. It actually has sense.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What’s Up…

Much more focused in my health, especially skin lol. Things like I’m getting paranoid for the future that I might get some diseases, for you might agree with me that this present environment is not as safe as before, with exposure of chemical and radiations everywhere brought by invented products and gadgets. Stroke and cancer are some of the common illnesses that caught my attention. Though sometimes it feels like there’s no reason for rising every morning, still I wanted to have a healthy lifestyle. Yeah I don’t wanna age early, I have this fear that getting old will not synch with my present age.

Stress. This is something that made me contemplate these past days. I recently realize stress is no joke. Stress will make us sick. So you have a very high paying job, but your health is at stake. It’s like you are earning for future hospitalization. Blood diseases, cancer and the likes are sometimes due to stress, which sometimes came from work. Just in case, I wanna have a long life, a healthy long life. (I don’t dream of a wealthy life amidst a battle of health problems.)

Bangag. Lucid dreams seems enjoying its stay on my slumber for the past few days. If only its not nightmare.  I’ve been waking up at 12 or at 2 am. So I feel like beaten up. It gives me head ache. Sleeping well is a very hard task when you feel that your room is soo hunted, but in the morning it felt like just normal. I sometimes wanted to put lots of bible with me in my bedside, bear with me. This wayward thinking made me laugh, soo ridiculous. (especially when I am away in my haunted sanctuary).

Work. I’ve being bored in my business. So far, I look for things to divert the feeling.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kwentong Trabaho atbp.

Ang stress, parang hindi naman sa work nanggagaling kundi sa mga katrabaho mo na nagpapasakit ng ulo. Stress, minsan galing sa boss, o kaya sa bullyng workmate. Mahina kung wala kapit, o mahina ka kung nagbabait baitan. Mahina kung di kasundo workmates, mahina kung hindi in. Mahina kung nagkataon na seloso/selosa mga workmates.

Ahh.. part of working life, something that is “Inevitable”. Simple na ginagawang komplikado. Working Life.

May mga taong mahirap pakisamahan. My mga matataas na tao na nagpapasakit din ng ulo. Kasi meron naman “professionalism” na pwedeng ipampalusot. Rarely do I find collegues with leadership quality, and if i find one, i cant help but to adore them. Sa ganung simpleng paraan, hindi pang aabuso sa kapangyarihang kasalukuyang tinatamasa, magiging isang huwarang modelo sa mga mata ng mga susunod na henerasyon. Pero hindi eh, maraming matitigas ang ulo, mapaboss man o mababang empleyado. Pag minsang nawala ang istriktong kaugalian, maglilipana ang mga abusado sa kapangyarihan. Filipino needs to humble themselves.

Speaking of susunod na henerasyon, sa paraalan pa lang naipapakita na ang korupsyon at maling pamamahala. Andiyan din yung hindi magandang samahan ng mga guro sa isa’t isa. Pati sakanila may inggitan, at ang masaklap, mismong guro pa ang nangunguna sa korupsyon. Sa paaralan mismo, hindi nagkakaroon ng team building. Eh baket nga ba? Eh mismong mga guro hindi magkakasundo. Nariyan yang mga bully na hindi man lang maasikaso. Madaming kailangang baguhin. Idagdag mo pang pinahaba ang stay ng mga estudyante sa paaralan, K12. Ang ratio ng guro sa estudyante? Wala pa rin. Paano matututukan ng mabuti ng guro ang estudyante kung napakadaming mga bata sa isang silid aralan? Mga subjects na walang kwenta.

Kahit man lang sana ang nagawa nang pagpasok ko  ng mahabang panahon sa paaralan ay yung pagkabuhay ng interes sa pag aaral. Na masarap pa lang  matuto. Sa kasamaang palad, hindi ko natutunan yun sa paaralan, bagkus kusa kong narealize sa sarili ko mula sa mataimtim na pagmumuni muni na hindi ako dapat umasa sa bulok na sistema na kinabibilangan ko ngayon, na wala akong maaasahan sa kanila dahil sarili ko lang ang maaasahan ko.

Bago magkaroon ng pamilya, nararapat lamang na handa sila sa responsibilidad na hatid nito. Eh sa ngaun? Nagsisipag anakan na lang atbp. Inuuna ang init ng katawan. Instinct ng hayop, pero tao tayo at may UTAK. Sabi ni Jim Rohn, ang mga magulang natin ay may natatanging kakayahan na magbigay impluwensiya. Isang lugar kung saan madaling pagsimulan ng pagbabago. But parents can damage their children  too.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lazada Experience

Share your Lazada experience too... Did you have a smooth transaction or a very different kind of story worth sharing? You may link your blog/site related to my blog post with your comment below.

This is a detailed experience of a journey of a gadget purchased online until its arrival into the hands of its owner.

The idea of portability with blogging and reading ebook, and the pleasure and ease of watching videos made me want to have my own tablet too. Also, the experience of trying a local online buying gives the thrill some passionate I.T. would recognize.

Bear with probinsiyana.

Friday afternoon when finally I purchased a tab in their online website. Monday I was hoping it will be delivered. Checking in their website, it was already in transit on weekend. Learning that some got there package early, it made me hope I might get it early too, besides manila is just 8 hours away and LBC delivers my packages early. But this time, it’s not LBC for it was 2GO.

Assuming it will arrive on that day, I hurriedly went home from middle of my work just to leave my authorization letter, payment and an I.D. at home that turned out as a disappointment since it didn't arrive at all.

To make me more pathetic, I waited the whole week but nothing came until the next Saturday went by. It finally arrived around past lunch.

Two guys gave me the package. Unsure if they were in uniform that time. I receive a text message from an unregistered smart number confirming their arrival in front of our house. It was around 9am when they called from my phone, asking about nearby landmarks and that kept me waiting in vain. It was just when I decided I’d better take a nap when they texted "dito na me" x(. I have my first hold of my tablet around 1:50pm.

I asked whether I still needed to present an ID, he said 'kahit hindi na'. I asked why the package is partly opened. He said the letter was inside which was the receiving letter. It makes sense since the pack has cellophane above it for that purpose maybe.

So I signed two papers I didn’t even read sigh. I can think organizely for it was so sudden and I was currently doing some cooking that time.

He offered me to check whether the package is complete which I refuse for we are in the road. He also said that I can return it to him, or maybe he's referring to the courier, if it happen that there is some defect present in the gadget.

No. of days before I receive the item: 8 days

The processing of the product from Lazada going to the courier is fast however the delivery from the courier to the buyer is slow. I wish I know the reason behind. We can assume that they wait for other loads so the shipping will be cost saving in their part.

Updates of tracking using the website is slow. It will take 24 hours but then it was clearly stated from the site.

The packaging
The purchased item was covered with a bubble wrap and finally of the cellophane packing from the courier. The only indication of Lazada's presence was the tape used and the sticker. The whole package was covered with plastic wrap, the same one used in wrapping foods.

The purchased item after delivery
We will never be sure of how was it taken cared during the shipping unless we will be oriented. What if it was compressed badly? Can we really know if the gadget was dropped in the process? Take the risk.

So far, the gadget's fine. Something I noticed was that of the charger's box where it seemed like it was pressed by something heavy above it. But the box of the tablet, which is separate from the charger's, is I believe sturdy enough.

Wish there is a way to track the package through texting just in case there is no internet available. Something like a code you will send from a certain official number.

By the way, I got one missed call around Thursday morning from unregistered globe number. I was in the work that time. I changed my caller profile setting just in case that number will call again, but it didn't. I even texted "Sino po sila" but got no response. This gave me the feeling I 'might' receive the package that time but when I got home, it didn't came. Friday is the same story but I’m getting pissed off. Unfortunately there's no internet connection from the past 3 days. Kahit ako na sanang kumuha kaso hindi ko alam location ng 2GO since lumipat sila. Out of frustration, I texted the same Globe number something like "2GO ba to? I've been waiting for the package" and then I received a message "ano pong name ma'am?". So that's it. The package probably arrived Thursday like what my instinct was saying. However I asked the delivery man about the time of arrival of this package and he said it was Friday. There is confusion in this part or miscommunication.

Side story:
I was so upset the following Friday that I went to mall and played arcade. Good thing my mood became lighter, I won a stuffed toy for the first time.

For buyers like me:
-be consistent in tracking through online
-know the telephone number of the courier
-be sure to know the courier branch location in your place

Yes. Though I had a slight unpleasant experience in my first online shopping experience, I still will try to shop again. :)

“My first online shopping…”

Sweet Surrender

Love story

Nakakakilig!!!... Ang kyut ng love story ni Yeng Constantino ng biglang napatigil ako at nanood ng the buzz. Ngiti na lang ang nagawa ko. Who would not want to have a beautiful lovestory?

Recently, dumadami na ata ang may mga mala fairy tale na story sa showbiz. The wedding of Carmina Villaruel will sure be a source of envy for other Evas. Then came Maricar's story where you can feel the overflowing emotions of the bride. Love may come in different forms and intensity and each has a unique stories spiced up. They are those who are lucky to have a kind of story worth telling.

Going back to Yeng, they're both NGSB and NBSB pala. The 'sweet surrender' was something Yeng commented and that was I choose as the word for this day. Someday, if God would permit, I'd be happy to feel that sweet surrender too. Yet everyone has a different fate, and this is comparable of winning sweepstakes, you may win or its not for you.

Isn't it nice to hear the sharing of stories of two in love couples as you witness the magic of love in their happy-so-contented smiles? Those unique stories are so cute especially on how they show they really treasures and cherises those memories they had with each other. Take example the act Yeng's bf did where he cut those roses and put in a jar, something Yeng didn't know.

Yun lang by the time I'm through with this blog post, i'm back in being bitter.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Playing Minesweeper

It’s some kind of boring when there is no internet connection at work. To further the annoyance, office work is mostly repetition of simple task that even elementary grade can do. Ain’t you find taking college degree useless at this instance? To make the matter worse, I’m feeling a bit hungry that makes me more agitated. My composure is ruffled by minute to minute back outing in my cubicle’s chair. I can’t think well. I’m torn between waiting for the lunch time and spending money for a snack. Should I? Spend another hard earned peso?

So far, I indulge myself into playing minesweeper. My mind cannot clearly remember who taught me how to play this and its very logic. Maybe my sister. So far, I haven’t tried winning expert. Then tadah.. my classmates got curious too when they found out that I can play it. Eventually, they too played and I got lost when it comes to fastest finished minesweeper.

Sometimes, I’m thinking of studying some strategy to be the fastest but can’t find time. There’s always ways…

And. This made me miss programming… but I wonder why I’m not really enthusiastic when presented with puzzle games unlike answering the mystery of those languages and finding solutions to them. However, big projects give me head aches. Too much information over the internet that I can’t find the specific solution to just a tiny problem I am looking. That is what you call “frustrating”.

Preview of minesweeper awhile ago:

Shortcut for print screen for the current window alone:
Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen
(I’m so hungry…)


If only I have a photographic memory…

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