Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Friend who SHOCKs you by dropping by…

When a Friend SHOCKED you by Dropping By…
How do you define the word "best friend"? Is it the person who usually ambushes you in your most unprepared time? The one who sometimes just go in your house without your consent and even goes inside your messy room? Those who eat like it’s their last time on earth and that place on earth is exactly in your house.

Our best friends have this privilege in our lives. They do unusual things yet we find ourselves incapable of being annoyed. Even so, they give time and sometimes even break their hectic schedules for us. Because they are our dearest friends.

Isn’t it touching that the person wants to see us before he/she'll be gone far away. Not that I mind, but I would not refuse to indulge in those few moments to be with them.

At least, there's something quite memorable that happened this vacation even though I’m terribly sick. 

You're Lucky When You Have a Best Friend

Do you have a best friend? I do have and I’m lucky for it. Having a best friend is one of the worth it human experience. It's just says that you are capable of giving an unconditional love.

Most of young generation makes a lot of best friend or uses such endearments. But being best friends requires time to have a solid foundation. It has the closeness of the bond of true sisters.

I believe that if a person has a best friend, a best friend that until now is standing amidst painful realities, that person can handle a relationship well.

Throughout my existence, I get acquainted with people who never experienced to have one. Worst is they seemed proud of saying they never did. Some do say that they're just not lucky. But if you'll look closer, they almost got one but never appreciated it or they let it go. Choosy, eh?

Some of our best friends are those who are at our back waiting to be recognized. We try to build such relationship to someone we like. Hoping that ideal one would turn out well. Hey, you only have to look around and appreciate what is there and make the most of it.

Let’s not get too hard in this world because even though pain and hatred are part of this world, we can still hold on to the other softer side of this life.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Gift through LBC: The Most Special Gift I Received

LBC Christmas Package Transpack Small

Finally, I received my gift. It was actually Dec 23 when he went to LBC to send it but it came 5 days late. He was keeping everything confidential, so I was clueless of what really has happened. I'm not sure if he was able to come before the cutoff of around 3:25pm.

So far, what I knew is that he felt his privacy invaded by the time the crew opened his gift to me. Not yet experience it here. The crew there said it would arrive in time but the experience was like sending trough snail mail.

Dec. 25
I found the LBC closed.

Dec. 27
I was wondering why the package is not yet delivered. I went to check the website and entered the bar code as the tracking number. No result found though. A not so effective tracking system.

I tried tracking through SMS. I received a reply “RECEIVED AT --- DELIVERY HUB” from 2910. Yet, the package still wasn't delivered this day.

Dec. 28
The day I received the package. Finally for I'm too busy to go to the LBC this day to ask. It’s around 10.20am when I got it. This is the first time I personally experience receiving a package. I signed the receipt and the other paper bearing the list of receivers. I said, "Why just now?” He said that it was only delivered around 6. I wonder if he meant 6 in the morning.

Lesson learned?
-Ask crew whether they’ll have vacation in certain days
-Better send Christmas gift on 22 than 23

Subway Surfer Android Game

A look of Subway Surfer

Of all the application that I installed, this has the longest installing time. It also takes long to open

I might not think of playing something like this if it wasn't endorsed to me. I manage to quench the addiction to software games back when I was a child because parents were killjoy.

This game has a big resolution. You need 3rd party software if you want to play it to another android cellphone or tablet.

It’s like temple run yet you cannot move the character by tilting your tablet. I find myself playing this game absent mindedly, I’m not really serious about playing this. I cannot move forward to another challenge because I’m stuck into the part that I have to beat a friend, maybe in facebook. I'm not really going online through my tab.

I was wondering what the multiplier is all about. Then after playing it many times, I realize that it was the score. Back then, I was thinking that it’s kinda useless. Go for multiplier if you want to top the score. But for me, I just hopefully wanted to finish the race, and I wonder if it’s ever possible.

Hearsay, there's a cheat to unlock all the characters though I would want a cheat for unlimited coins. I find it hard to earn coins, and impossible to experience double coins for I think it was something to be bought.

Something that annoys me:
1. Super sneakers
I mostly lost the game when I use it.

2. Play button
I realize that when I click the play button instantly, the coins you got from the last game will not be counted. Imagine your effort being wasted.

Play Button in Subway Surfer

Dead End in Beating Up Friend in Subway Surfer

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Smartbro Extends Surf Time

Extended Surfing Time Smartbro Broadband Kit

I am puzzled with my broadband kit. Lately, I only load around P20 instead of availing unlimited promos so I wouldn't be tempted to surf unimportant things and end up with my entire 24 hours wasted in virtual world.

I usually just wanted to surf for 30 minutes. So that would mean it’s just P10. Yet the first 20 minutes is annoying. I notice that there is some unknown downloading in those minutes. Maybe we can just assume it’s the antivirus working in the background. With those minutes, I was just staring in the monitor saying "oh com'on". Then I would have around 5-10 minutes remaining time for my internet to-do-list.

So I ended up consuming another 30 minutes to finish stuffs. That would be a total of P20. The weirdest thing is that I still can use the internet after the supposedly 1 hour allotment. However, I don’t bother myself from testing how long it would last because I hate temptations when things are planned.

These are blessing in system's loophole yet in typical days it’s unfair and a waste of money due to disappointing performance/service. Usually, 30 minutes is a disappointment.

Is this Smart’s way of saying Merry Christmas?

Short Trip at Baguio to Search for a Christmas Gift

Short Trip at Baguio to Search or a Christmas Gift

That's why I don't usually give gifts to a lot of people at the same time. Even in this kind of situation, I tend to be perfectionist. I tend to have a sharp eye for details too. Freak, eh?

Before this, I went to CSI Mall first. I went inside those stores that can possibly have a gift that this person I pick would like. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any.

So I decided to go to Baguio...

I'm sick but I have to go before I'll gonna make lots of stupid excuses again. Uh-oh, after arriving around lunch time I realized I should have brought a jacket. It's cold. :( I heard in the radio station that it’s around 10 degrees there where it was not really like that just few days ago

And I suck with planning, I realized. I cannot really combine being thrifty and being time conscious at the same time. I should have eaten lunch before going to Baguio. Maybe it’s not that bad at all since I’m not sure what will happen to me too when I travel with a stomach that is full.

I’m considering three possibilities
-gadget accessories
-something extraordinary

I can't afford branded bags. I knew nothing about plants and it's really hard to find amazing gadget accessories. I even wanted to buy myself a minion t-shirt but its costs around P350, something like unworthy of its price. Shoes costs around P2000 above whew.

I did the same thing in SM. I visit almost all the stores. Then I only got one itinerary left, I said to myself that if I haven't found something I’ll just buy the dog pillow or a gadget bag.

Then at last, in this very last place I found a fan. I know this person is using fan too. It looks nice and elegant yet expensive. That place was full of Filipino products, from food to accessories, clothes and displays. It was really nice that the place seems promoting Philippines...

Kultura, Philippine product
Philippine Fan
Philippine Fan Gift Container

it's more fun in the Philippines

Sick at Christmas Celebration

What choice do I have? Or what should I have done? I'm sick and I’m sick of it. The relationship is turning into negative and and I’m already a source of annoyance. I will be punished soon.

Yeah, I’m scared...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

What is compensate?

While I was doing another blog, I came across into this meaning of compensate in Microsoft Encarta Dictionary. That is why I like this dictionary, it shares beautiful description and really gives meaning into this words.
Compensate in Microsoft Encarta Dictionary

What a coincidence in days like this when I guiltily slept without notice...

Bawal Magkasakit

Just some ironies in life. The moment time becomes precious and activities are overloaded, I’ll get sick. I may be determined to do things, heaven or hell's decision perhaps wanted me to get extra pressured. Everything is going out well and even itineraries were somehow planned but this body is a total killjoy.

I wish it’s just that easy to recognize what's wrong and then it would be easier to compensate. Then I’ll know exactly what my body needs to avoid and how to warm it up and pamper.

I got an itchy throat. And even if the coldest of the morning has started yesterday, my body temperature seems trapped and can't escape well. I always wanted to know the reason behind problems. Not to know is annoying. Is this because I don't exercise? Or because of not taking my vitamins regularly making me unstable in some way? Or maybe because I ate a spoiled ice cream yesterday?

I don’t want to get sick nor want to spend money.

Bawal Magkasakit
strepsils orange
Candy orange strepsils

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I refused to drink

Not that I haven't really tasted some before. I really don't drink because I’m not used to. I didn’t realize that it doesn't really matter now. I was an obedient kid, right?

Though in our dwelling I used to try a little bit of beer, a little bit of wine and a little bit of whatsoever.  I never had been totally drunk or gotten extremely drunk outside.

But now, I don't know if I will continue the past habit or become a much more different me. Sometimes, I’m just wary that I might get into a lot of temptations that I cannot stop myself from turning into a worst me.

Why really I refused to drink? It has something to do with my conscience when I forbid someone not to drink. It was a painful whole year when the consequence took place. Both of us suffered. Through refusing, I acknowledge the hardship and efforts done for this entire year plus the lately Christmas effort of this person from not drinking.

Sobrang KJ (killjoy)
This is the part I am scared of. I now understand the environment I am in. There's more to come soon. I am afraid of the humiliation and revenge that follows. People really can get that mean.

The quote "the person has to shape up or..." still lingers in my mind.

Monday, December 23, 2013

When My Christmas Gift turns into Epic

Okay I lost. I've been messing with time. Not really on procrastination alone, I just can’t do things when I’m not inspired. However, I’m not so sulky when I came back. I just made a helpless sigh followed with a feeble laugh.

I'm not yet done with my present. And I’m not yet to reveal all the details. I just like to talk recently. For I believe I will be doing this kind of habit frequently soon.

I have a two set of gifts that I would be sending supposedly today. When I realized I will not finish this big project, I tried to rush the simplest one where I thought would be seamless.

-time management
-unprepared materials glue and envelope
-no printer
-uncollected pictures

Unexpected things:
-wrong route of jeepney
-ugly printed pictures

I was in a jolly mood but I can't deny I was yeah... exhausted.

Printing my selfie
I'm really very disappointed in the pictures printed in Colorado. The crew didn't even adjust the pictures for it to look well after print. It's as if I have no options. I should have been reminded. This made it clear why when I first went there, the other guy was like saying there's something wrong with my picture file. I know it came from my tablet, that's why. Poor graphics, poor resolution. Even though I became annoyed a bit, somehow he managed to use his techy resourcefulness and print my picture in a way a normal customer would be satisfied. But this time, I met the wrong crew. Such a bad luck for me this day.

Anyway, the price of one 3R picture is P4.95.

What I have said here is merely my experience/opinion. I have nothing against the company or whatsoever.

I don't know. Maybe I’ll look for other.

Picture in Colorado
This is the outcome. I dont have a scanner,
I just used my old camera to capture this.
As you can see, the brightness of my cheeks doesnt
really complement with the other colors.

The original picture. Probinsiyana
The original picture. Probinsiyana

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Praying happiness for him

“Happiness is like a candle in the darkness.” Something I heard this during the mass

It was becoming a less inspiring weekends. I’m having a tough time too. It’s like I wanted to quit but luckily there are times that I can manage to divert myself. I'm afraid I’ll forget my sanity, wallow into darkness and make selfish decisions that are both destructive.

Sometimes I can't understand. It’s just that I wanted to know and to choose the alternative is corruptive. However I learned that I did lack there in some ways. I wasn’t able to provide this imperturbable understanding the time I started to feel the drifting apart of our two collided worlds. But hey, I didn't miss it. I sensed it yet was unable to figure. That bothered me. All I knew is that something has changed.

I just don’t want to get too tired and helpless...

Anyway, I’m going off topic.

I went to church to pray for this person. This is the first time I did it. Maybe my last mass before this was the unsuccessful mass together. Though uninvited, I still went alone. I prayed for his soul to be happy especially these distressing days.

I felt an undeniably fulfilling feeling of tenderness after.

Adoration Chapel Mama Mary
When I went to adoration chapel for the hope of finding the ambiance my soul wanted to feel…

Tara Magbasa ng Dyaryo

Tara Magbasa ng Dyaryo

Napagod naman daw ako magbasa ng dyaryo at sumakit pa nga ata ang ulo ko. Nagkataong nakita ko yung newspaper sa paghahanap ko ng mapagbabalingan. Kahit luma na, ewan ko ba kung bakit nanghihinayang akong itapon kaagad. Siguro likas sa pagkatao ko ang pahalagahan ang mga sulating kung anu ano.

Kaya nga hindi gaano nagkakainteres sa pagbabasa ng dyaryo simula ng bata aq. Kita mo dami highlights. Sakit sa ulo, sumuko muna ako at humiga na lang.  Gumamit na din ako ng dictionay that time. Para kasing napapaisip na ako kung sang lupalop kaya kinuha ni writer itong mga words niya.

Minsan wala din akong naiintindihan. Parang bitin yung nababasa ko. Parang kailangan ko pang yata ng training o mag aral ng politics101 o journalism.

Bigla ako napaisip. Naipaaabot pa kaya nila ng mabuti ang mensaheng gusto nilang iparating? Lalo na sa mga pangkaraniwang tao? Nakakapanghikayat pa nga kaya sila ng mambabasa?

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter is coming...

These are the toughest time when it’s hard to think and decide. The peak has gone and the confidence is lost. I wonder if it’s really possible to have a second climax. I wanted to let it burst but somehow prefer not to let it explode. I don't like the stain. I don't like someone would see. Because it’s true, I’m just weak.

I'm afraid to lose again. Or maybe it’s really a losing battle and I’m just afraid to accept the truth. If there would be a living hell in this world, it would be the love that withers with time. It’s when the person doesn’t love you anymore. It’s when slowly he/she pushes you away.

Love each other or perish...

I will share an excerpt from the book “Tuesdays with Morrie”, something that has caught my attention.

There are few rules I know to be true about love and marriage:
If you don’t respect the other person, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble.
If you don’t know how to compromise, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble.
If you can’t talk openly about what goes on between you, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble.
And if you don’t have a common set of values in life, you’re gonna have a lot of trouble.
Your values must be alike.

“And the biggest one of those values, Mitch?”
“Your belief in the importance of your marriage.”

Friday, December 20, 2013


I don't even know how to start this. But somehow, I have to. I just want to sense my freedom. Everything that's happening, I’m still clueless. It's like I’m not really doing anything morally wrong yet as if I gone into an unpardonable punishment that agonizes me everyday. They're treating you like a shit. And they're really doing their best to put that shit on your face, sometimes waiting for the shittiest chance. Worst, I believe this unit should behave the opposite. It should have the humanitarian spirit that has been pledged in the first place.

Proper behavior confuses me. And surely this part of ignorance, they will assault. What kind of satisfaction does one get from finding a rival? Time will come that those mockeries will return to them in a worst way someone would not imagine.

I can't even understand why a not so patient person would concern himself from visiting my blog. Why not detach yourself from every memory of me forever?

These are just life challenges that I have to conquer. Like a puzzle I need to figure out.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Breakup exists in any relationship

I ended up a very close relationship. I changed the status into just a typical civilized friendship. I know it was a rush decision, but I somehow felt some burden was freed. I was holding into memories that will never rekindle. And I need to admit that and give up any hope. As the other person took another path without looking back, I'd better not wait in the fork road. This person has long accepted that I will not have a part of her future. I was ahead of her, and I’ve patiently waited. I walk while she runs, and now she was so ahead that I can't reach her any longer. I will now face a different path and leave some things. With a lighter pack, it promises a longer journey.

I may be the one who made the lead, but in my heart this will be the second time that you had left me. Like leaving me in a cliff .Taken me for granted even after loving you dearly.

No, I was not that busy with my career as I have told earlier that I was initially ahead. I was just in the backstage waited to be called. It never happened. Never even got a chance for recognition. All I knew is that slowly and painfully, you let go of my hand that has been holding you.

Any relationship can end into a break up. Every relationship needs nourishing. Both need to work on it.

I just thought we had a very extraordinary friendship then. I know I shouldn’t, but it was you who really made me believe.

Thus, the old broom being much better than new one isn’t really true. Especially when the broom is not sensible and went into a deep amnesia.

USB Connector for Fusion Bolt: OTG Cable

USB Connector for Fusion Bolt: OTG Cable 

This is the OTG Cable I bought from cd-r king which costs around P30.00. I will use this to connect USB keyboard and flash drive. However, one thing I noticed is that when I leave the OTG cable plugged in, it still consumed lots of battery while making the back of the tablet slightly warm. This is something very frustrating especially when you fully charged your table and discover the battery level the other day to be 18% only.

I’m planning to buy a micro SD that time but all of their stocks were just 4GB, 8GB, 32GB and with classes around 4 only. What I wanted is 16GB in class 10. She said stocks will be delivered next week, hopefully. Saleslady also recognizes the OTG cable as “yung connector for tablet”.

Another thing, using external keyboard consume lots of battery. Much to my frustration. I wonder if it depends upon the keyboard. What I had used was the CDr King keyboard I purchased years ago, a desktop computer keyboard. Other tablets were sold together with its mini keyboard.

Files can’t be open or file is missing.
Unplugging the external keyboard made my word file gone even the fact that I saved it before closing the Kingsoft Office. However, if you made lots of word file, only the last file will get lost or damage.

USB Connector for Fusion Bolt: OTG Cable

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