Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bench Magic Brown Powder Review (in Natural)

Directions and Ingredients

Loose powder is a quick remedy for oiliness. It's not very awkward to use in a typical environment unlike pressed powder that can get uncomfortable to use  every hour when you know you are surrounded with people who doesn't bother to pamper their face. There's no enough break to retouch in work and we cannot avoid what other people thinks when we openly use make up (especially with guys). They will think it's too trying hard and very unnatural.

Controlling oiliness is more effective if given an internal approach. I have tried taking some tablets that regulated the oiliness in my face. When it comes to cosmetics, I gave up. They're mostly false claims though I am curious with high end products which I can't afford.

Bench Swatched

Bench magic powder is very affordable but don't expect too much.

The texture is just the same with other baby powders. It didn't give my face a glow. It's darker than my skin tone. But it's better in getting rid of powdery and ghostly look. If the face is already fair due to whitening products, imagine how unsightly it is to put another white powder.

There are times it's not enough though. Sometimes a separate moisturizer is needed to bind the powder in the skin and make it look more natural on dry skin days. It can't cover big pores and wrinkles and it makes the dry patches in the skin more visible. But this doesn't cake.

Expiration Date

In retouching, you can put a loose powder in the face first before applying a pressed powder/foundation for hygienic purposes (just in case you didn't bring your blotting sheet).

I tried powder in my lips before to make the lipstick last longer but it didn't become a habit. Do you think baby powders are edible or non toxic?

I used this during the healing days of my breakouts. Since it gets rid of oiliness, it gets rid of the breeding place of bacteria too. I get more pimples with foundations than loose powder so I carry loose powder most of the time but I usually buy both. I experienced breakouts with Johnson's powders but not with Fissan prickly heat powder. It happens during afternoon nap. I won't risk myself to test it with Bench though.

Directions and Ingredients

  • Best for oily skin
  • Better to look powdery in brown than white
  • Remove excess oil
  • Better in not clogging pores
  • Brown is an escape for unnecessary attention

  • Most of the time, the face is not glowing
  • Not really fresh looking unlike white powders
  • Can't hide all imperfections

When using a loose powder, it is closer to being natural since it is plainer. You are not hiding too much face imperfection esp. if you have a naturally healthy skin underneath. While when you use too much pressed powder, you are hiding your real skin and you'll look sick when your face is bare. Strive in making your face glow in a sure, gradual and permanent way than just covering it every time and every day.

If you want, then go.

Depends upon my mood. Maybe.



  1. Great Review. Would love to try it as I have combination skin.
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC/Bloglovin/G+?

  2. Tried this and ugh it leaves uneven brown cast on my face, great review anyway! 😀


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