Saturday, January 25, 2014

My previous weekdays...

It was a quick one. Barely noticeable. Not even memorable. The pressure only left a burnt charcoal, either it dies away or burst into new flames. I don’t wish for the latter.

The highlight of this week is programming. My online course resumed. However, I haven’t started coding because I’m still crawling towards the tons of information I need to feed my brain. Main reason is I failed to download the IDE I would be using. Not twice and not only thrice I tried to download it. It was a waste of money.

Of course, there's sleepiness. Maybe I’m just uninspired.

The Search for Gift is Exhausting

Yeah, I was so tired this day. I pushed myself into a last minute shopping because it’s kinda a must. I'm choosy and I cannot help it. It’s rude not to give gift but actually, when it comes to my gift giving history, seldom did I receive gifts.

I brought nothing. After all the dramas, yes, I didn't find any. I went into different stores and gave up eventually. I cannot bear the guilt of giving someone something I don’t even like to have or something that won’t even tickle a tiny memory.

I'm so exhausted. I wish I didn’t have to carry my laptop or I wish I own a backpack laptop bag...

So instead of gift, there’s cash gift…

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Review: Till my Heart Ache Ends

This is a story about love. Something that typically happens, something that might already happened to you. The journey of love. It's a typical story of two partners who are just starting their relationship. A two person who has a lot to learn.

What are you doing here? If only this movie is a person, I would ask it. I don't have preferences with Tagalog movies. Still, I watched it. First, just to test how long I would take watching it. There was a long introduction of why things did happen and that's the 2nd reason, I got curious. There's a tragic feeling in the end, but I’m not saying it’s not worth watching. I just don't like it and find it not helpful. There's no sense na ipamukha ang mga bagay na yun sa akin. I wonder what did those broken-hearted person feel when they watched this kind of movie. Did they feel better?

Wew, siguro drama to. Ewan ko kung matratrauma ako manood ng tagalog movie. Saan ang effort sa graphics at animation? Kahit man lang sana sa title or credits.

Word Tags:

Life lesson:
Don't comfort a girl. You might end up seeing each other on your bed the first thing in the morning.
Guys love is conditional.

Ahhh... For those who believe in destiny. There is "destined to fail” too. A change of world and lifestyle is a test. A wrong approach in situation can severe a misunderstanding. Both need each other to learn, so for the next time they will have the wisdom to bring a new relationship into a better one.

Paolo was lucky to have a friend who understands and share explanations even though they had an affair. Too bad a guy cannot understand. Too bad a girl can be that needy. There's a collection of mistakes an immature person would undergo. Most of the time, girl's instinct is right, it’s just that they choose not to listen. Until the time comes that they learn to listen to their instincts. A relationship started by two immature people rarely survives.

I understand why Agnes was worst. Not only for it being her first relationship but also the lack of attention from her parents, no wonder will she turn like that. The tendency of clinging emotionally. It makes me wonder, is that the best way for her to learn? Learn the hard way? What if he met another guy? Would the outcome be better?

Yes. That's true. Guys are insensitive. It's their upbringing. It is how the society shaped them. But that's selfish right? They're still human. Capable of emotions. He did try. He's still insensitive. The movie gave a lot of excuses for a guy to behave like that. While when Agnes has a point of acting such things, the story suddenly adds reasons to put the blame on her. All is fair in war.

Guys should understand. Guys should be sensible. Girls shouldn’t be stupid. Girls should open their minds. Learn to give up a losing battle.

Pathetic. He was welcomed, prioritized and even given time at most hectic days but those gestures in not requited. He made his way into the girl's world and retreated...

Anyway, I found obvious imperfection in the cut scenes of the movie.

“Alam mo ang mga lalake, pag nagsimulang tratuhin ka ng hindi maganda. Sunud sunod na yan”
“Nakakapagod ng makipagplastikan sa kanila”
“Agnes, masama ba sa tao ang madaming pangarap sa buhay?”

“Para anu ba namang magtext ka, gusto ko lang naman malaman na ok ka”
“Hindi naman pwede na every 30 mins mag text ako”
“Ni isang text hindi man lang niya magawa”

“Hindi, okay lang”

“Dadalhin mo ako sa party pero hindi mo ako kakausapin”
“Agnes, hindi lang tayong dalawa ang tao sa mundo”
“Hindi naman pwedeng tayong dalawa na lang ang magkasama”

“Hindi ko kasi alam ang gagawin ko eh. Ikaw ang una kaya hindi ko alam ang gagawin pag may boyfriend. Pasensiya ka na”

“Paolo, set your priorities”

Mabait siya at simple. Pero parang wala akong ginagawang tama sa kanya. Lage na lang pinapaguilty niya ko”

“Masakit yung alam mong gumagawa ng plano ng mahal mo. But ur not included on them

“I miss him... I don't know if I still love him”

“Hindi lahat ng kailangan mo mahal mo at lalong hindi lahat ng mahal mo kailangan mo”

“Hindi ko lang kasi talaga alam kung anong gagawin ko kapag nawala siya sa buhay ko”

“You have to decide to what point kayo magkakasakitan”

“Masaya ka pa ba?”
“If I leave her papanu nasiya? Alangan naman siya sa konxenxa kung anu mangyari sa kanya”
“Paolo magpakalalake ka. You have to make a choice”

“Siguro nga kasalanan ko bakit naghanap ka ng ibang babae”

“Agnes, hindi ko kaya eh. Na aq lang ang mundo mo”
“Agnes, ganito ako”

“Nakapasa ako ng board... Destiny”

“To make her feel good or make your self less guilty?”

Sabi ni probinsiyana: “Nasa sayo naman yun eh, kung matatanggap mong hindi ka na ganun kahalaga sa kanya. Kung maghihintay ka ng pagbabago, sana alam mo hanggang kailan maghihintay.”

Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Review: Princess Protection Program

Wala lang. I don't know what triggered me to watch a movie. I wish to finish all of this though I wonder how to do it considering the limited time I have. I still can't decide where to give my full attention. Is it books first or movies? But I find myself doing none.

My initial impression is, it has some similarities with Princess Diaries. But honestly, I can't remember the whole thing about the latter. So, I cannot really say my initial impression lasts.

This is a child friendly movie, mostly like a teenager movie. Simple but didn’t made me really bored. I like the two main character specially Rosie with her vibrant smile. The moral of the story aligns with friendship and slightly like sister relationship.

There was no thrilling plot for I knew and got it right that everything will gonna be okay. I am not sure with kids point of view though. My emotion was stirred in the part where Rosy regale her story and said that she wonders why she was being disliked by Carter. I almost agree how their first relationship was portrayed because it's typical, like the part of being mean.

Word Tags
-student life (might be elementary)
-quest to blend
-typical friendship
-may mapanood lang

- “Being a princess is what you have to offer to the world and who you are inside.”
- “Friendship, Loyalty and Trust. Those are things that are not just given, those are the things we must earn.”
- “You cannot have all I have.”

Last Week In-Hiatus

Sorry for being in hiatus last week. We even had brown-out yesterday. Saturday and brown-out? It’s like having just a one day weekend. Life only starts with electricity on.

So far, it’s mostly work that made me this busy. It is peak season and I even have an unfinished task to do, a slight negotiation and I’m afraid. Why do I have to do such thing when it’s out of my scope? There’s also a shift of function, something that demands a greater attention and worst is preciseness. That is what you call, work under pressure or revenge. lol.

Then, I’m sleepyhead as usual. I even regret sleeping early and leaving my work undone. I hate this times. Part of my brain is convincing me to buy a bell alarm clock, but half of it says it’s just a waste of money and I won't be utilizing it again to its fullest. It's like I’m scared I may lost the desire of using it once more and end up having a bad investment. But really, I want to have a separate alarm clock coz I don’t trust my cellphone. Nevertheless, I want to be optimistic that this sleepiness won’t last

Other Stories
I gave up from using my watch in the meantime. And, I’m trying a time management trick of tracking activities every 10 minutes but I’m not sure if it’s working. At least I become wary of my activities and I realize but can’t accept that I really can't tire myself for the whole day. I dream of sleeping for 3 hours only.

Weather is very cooold in morning, even at night. How much more in Baguio. My pechay vegetable greets me in the morning. I'm back in lousy planting. However, that's not my priority now.

Anyway, I have some old drafts so I would perhaps post backward depending on my mood.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Test of Perseverance

I'm actually getting better, but few more jokes might give me a heart arrest. It’s hard to hold into empty words and hazy promises. Words by words wear me until all my hopes are gone depleted. Bad news shouldn't be heard again. Failures shouldn't be something to be proud of, because it reflects your disposition. To build trust came from being a man of our words. Trust is dignity.

Never fail your boss. Never fail your dream. Never fail your priority. State it. With time constraint, we only choose what remains to us until the end of our existence.

There is another way of killing someone... not only physically...

I'm going there... into the place of peaceful solitude, a comfort given by the soul I daily see in front of mirror. I yearn to finally reach it without inconsistencies...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dreading the end of Weekend

I'm much better now because I want to fight. Ups and down are normal. I just need to find the best way to deal with it. This is a prerequisite, I want to believe. Someday I will know the reason. It's just hard to accept that in this battle, some of us are alone.

I need a mask of a poker player for I am such a loser in hiding what I feel. My face is a mirror of my feelings. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just a mannerism, just a very bad mannerism.

I just miss the old days. It really sucks to be in between the positive and negative hug. To give and stop receiving. To take and can't take anymore. To start and still feel the end. Then pretend its okay when deep inside it’s not. Worst, it’s a must, it is required.

A real friend can see behind the layers of masks and cares.

So, I went window shopping…

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Wala lang. I am not really used in hearing someone saying offensive words, worst to say that directly. Twice a very very old woman said such thing to me. I wanted to say "bawiin mo yun" but syempre better wag patulan ang mga ganung insidente. It hurts my knowledge when someone says I’m stupid. Excuse me. Parang nakakawala ng respeto sa tao.

It actually happened yesterday and I find myself, like this morning, can't get over with it.

I wanted to say more but then I’d better stop here. Pagpapasenxahan ko na lang muna... besides nakagawian ata talaga nila yun, sa panahon nila.. sigh.

Ikaw nagmumura ka ba? Ok lang sau kapag nakakarinig ka ng ganun?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cute Little Spray Bottle

I really wanted to have one so I won’t be carrying a very large spray bottle for my alcohol. Good thing I found one in SM department store. Even though it was a bit expensive compared to the one I found and can’t find any longer in NOVO, somehow it felt just worth the price.

The bottle is glossy and the spray works fine. It has the feel of "quality and precise". Sprays well and will not let you down :D. You might also use the same thing for ironing clothes but I didn’t mind buying another one. That's out of my buy list anymore.

I just wish it won’t get lots of scratches because I really like the glossiness of the bottle. It looks elegant that way

Price: P29.75

Rate: 3.5/5
-minus points for being a bit pricey


Cheapest Glue

Hong Yuen Super Glue
Hong Yuen Super Glue back cover

Hong Yuen Super Glue

Annoyed of always buying mighty bonds? I am.

I used it for my shoes before its gets too late and the only choice left is to replace it. Mighty bond? Too small and expensive and later will evaporate. I shifted in crown band that costs P15. Then I remember I heard a cheaper one. So this is it. The cheapest glue for P5.00

However, if there is only a rugby that is colorless I will opt for that. Even if it doesn’t dry quickly. I can also tolerate the normal rugby if it has a container like the one with mighty bond, but I wish for a narrow opening so the glue won’t get messy. And also, I believe that rugby is way more environmental friendly.

Where to buy? NOVO.

-Its cheap and more practical

-Looks poisonous
-Least effective if compared with mighty bond and crown band
-Evaporate as usual

Rate: 2.5/5

-Yes if you are not in so much hurry and you want cheap glue. But if you want something effective for 10 minutes and desperate, buy mighty bond.

Hong Yuen Super Glue
Hong Yuen Super Glue back side
Hong Yuen Super Glue front view

Hmm how about using a syringe...
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