Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ugly Flower From Philippines

Ugly Flower

Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius
These flowers are found in our own backyard. I thought this is just some specie or family of Rafflesia. Searching around Google, this might be what they call “Corpse Flower”. However, if you will use this term in Google Images, what you’ll find mostly is pictures of Rafflesia and Titan Arum.

I’ve seen real Rafflesia in our own backyard before; say I’m just a young teenage high school back then. I remember it smells bad if you are foolish enough to go near and sniff/smell it. We tend to put garbage for burning and bury some of our dead dogs in the place where our Rafflesia once bloomed.

I have seen different weird plants around our backyard even before and we had some humongous ube buried somewhere. But they seldom make halayang ube :( I even tasted some yellowish root crop that was cleaned thoroughly to be edible. I remember feeling dizzy tasting just a teaspoon of it.

This one is huge that I thought it could be one of the biggest flower too, or maybe the ugliest. It is called Elephant Yam and is a food crop in some countries. Through browsing different site, I found out that this is the same plant I have seen ages ago. Only it was not the flower I saw but the stem of it that looks so bizarre. I was even scared of it, it looks primitive and out of place. Bf said that they have this kind of flower in their place too. Experts went searching in their mountains expecting that it was a Rafflesia only to conclude after that it was some kind of gabi.

The stem can be eaten if properly cooked (it can cause itchiness) and was said could be a last resort for food.

Ugliest Flower
Biggest Flower
Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius
Ugly Flowers with my Nokia Cellphone

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