Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ponds Cold Cream Deep Cleanser Review

Ponds perfect care cold cream

A curiosity formed when my classmate in high school told me she was using this instead of the regular variants of Ponds. I’ve tried searching it but failed and never saw it. Maybe it was phased out but I actually just didn’t know it was in a jar. Years passed, it’s still the talk and recommendation over beauty forums. Good thing there’s product reviews available over the net.

Deep Cleanser
Removes stubborn dirt and make up

Tita recognized this when she saw the jar. She said it’s a product that is used even before but she personally didn’t join the wagon. She seems interested but not really into these kinds of things. She doesn’t wash her face but uses a lone toner instead. 

Do You Want to Know Your Future?

I don't know what the Bible say about fortune telling. I don't know when it becomes a sin. There are those that are gifted and there are prophecies told before. So what's the difference? There are some fortune tellers that undergone traumatic or tragic experiences before the power to read minds or see the future becomes apparent. Why did they have to go through that hardship and suddenly transform? Isn't that scary? Who gave them the power?

Just few days ago, I let my Aunt read me. I was just joking and I didn't actually know that she does that kind of things and to what extent her ability is. Since she was a relative, it didn't occur to me to think twice. Then it's too late to back out as it turned out it's serious. I wasn't even comfortable as we have other family member listening. I was just laughing at first when she guessed everything right about my partner's personality. However, she guessed 1 wrong description or perhaps she just picked the wrong term that time. The thing is, I felt deeply sad when she said there's another guy coming.

I know what I want even when I was still young. I want 1 boyfriend to be my partner husband and partner for the rest of my life. I waited long enough and had a boyfriend. It was a huge heartbreak and recovering was not easy. It was like I could never love that way again. Even after being careful and reserved, life threw another relationship that just ended and nothing to be proud of.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Surviving from Negativity

Minding other people can be wearing. There's too much wrong practices and bad intentions everywhere that drains the energy of those in the good side. To get involve causes stress and stress is something not to be underestimated us it can give us unimaginable diseases.

It's hard to just smile and pretend. Have you ever felt drained with the people around you? If only people will learn to respect and care, life will not be selfishness and survival of the fittest. The most contagious disease is not found in the hospital but in our corrupt character. A cruelty received can change a person’s goodness to another cruelty.

At some point in our life, there's the realization that we need to be a good artist and perform a good show. Turning blind eyes will always be the easiest reaction. But it can be tiring and degrading. Some will say to just accept it and live our life. However, ignoring this will only give more room to the greed of others. It will get worse unless actions are made.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Olay Coconut Body Wash Review

with coconut milk

Body washes are so nice to use at it is pampering. In general, they’re a luxury and just a treat for our body. Bar soaps found in the market are mostly whitening and to find a moisturizing soap, you might want to consider liquid soap. Skincare companies here in our country are already creating their own version of body wash. In weather we have here, let’s see if a body wash have a say or if it can eventually capture the heart of the majority.

Why buy body wash instead?
  • Because it’s easier to use.
  • It doesn’t totally strip the natural oil of the skin.
  • Cleans and moisturize at the same time.
  • Some ingredients can only be added in a liquid form.
  • Some say it’s hygienic. (The sponge is not hygienic if used by everyone though. It spoils and needed to be hanged and dried properly).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stand by Me (Doreamon Movie) Review

Nobita hugs Doreamon

It’s one of the few cartoons that we are allowed to watch back in our childhood days. I love Doreamon but not to the point that I want a stuff toy or any collectibles that has Doreamon in it. However, I want to collect different DVD movies or maybe the manga of it. I remember liking Doreamon than Mojako because he has pocket with cool and really useful stuffs. There’s also something in its signature song that so pleasing when played.

I picked this movie out of mild curiosity. I initially didn’t like the graphics as it made Nobita look quite different.

This is the movie for those who don’t know much about Nobita and Doreamon. It’s the beginning story as it tells about how Doreamon came in Nobita’s life. (I didn’t know that before with just watching in TV). It made me believe this is the whole story but it’s actually just the beginning of the long journey of their friendship.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans | My Way

My sister was the first to introduce me what a good jeans should look like. Not long after, my brother said “Who’s gonna look at your butt?” (something like who cares?), during the time he saw me staring at the back of my jeans in the big mirror. I didn’t really give it much attention after that. The only thing I knew is that it’s too hard to find a pair of jeans because it’s always skinny jeans out there.

Buying jeans is like trying 10 jeans every time to find the right one, discovering that the good stuff are already taken or there’s no sizes left. That's just how it is for other people.

Just few days ago, a guy friend told me “I saw your female friend, she has a flat butt”. That was tactless and careless thing to say. I'm in a mild shock and was distracted. I didn't know how to react since I never expected my guy friend capable of saying such thing. It's awkward but quite funny as it made me realize it's somehow true. That was really a crazy conversation and to over analyze it just hurts my head. The best thing to do if you care enough is to say it to your girl friend so she would be aware too. That's if you're really is a friend.

Pair of Jeans

The point here is, some people observes too much...

My Brand of Jeans

I really don’t go for signature brands for my things. It’s just not practical and I’m not even rich (unless it’s an asset and will not turn a liability). I stay in the middle. Good quality, pleasing appearance & reasonable price are my personal standards when buying. It’s like doing a treasure hunt and the gold is found through good deals. If only this it is not time consuming.

The coming of skinny jeans brought difficulties in finding affordable or cheap local jeans. Most of the jeans that are available cater the size of the average consumers. But how about those who have strange sizes? For instance, I am unfortunately bow legged. Leggings and skinny that hugs every inch of the skin is a big no-no. I’m thin and tall with small waist, small hips and good butts. Thanks to Jag. This is where I buy most of the jeans that perfectly fits me.

Why is that it's a Lee paper bag instead of Jag?

Still, it would be nicer to find some right jeans that costs around P300 above. I want to save the expensive jeans to special or pampered occasions and use the cheap ones in a short stroll somewhere or in doing some dirty works.

Friday, March 13, 2015

To all the Boys I've Loved Before (Book Review)

This is where it all started. It’s the first book of Jenny Han that I’ve read and the best so far. The feeling of wanting more made me want to read her other books. The final part of the book was “Whaat? That’s all?” That will make most of the reader feel hanging. I’m relieved it’s a duology, meaning there’s a sequel that will soon be released this year. This includes to the few books I would like to have a real physical copy. It’s the book 2 I’m looking forward to buy. Hopefully, Jenny Han would create an equally charming and adorable sequel.

Book Cover

What’s in the story?

The cuteness of the story will bring smile to readers. (kilig moments). It’s almost like a romantic comedy but a mixture of different issues and realities in life that is idealistic at the same time. To have an old crush in your sister’s boyfriend is very awkward, let alone the guy discovers it and chases after you. This will never happen if only the old letters Lara Jean made for herself was not sent to each of the boys that she secretly loved before. But how about the other guys who received the letters? Who sent it anyway? Sure it’s a dilemma but Lara Jean will find a way out.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shug by Jenny Han | Book Review

My last 2 weeks was like: overtime in work + getting sick from stress + blue days. The only leisure time was when I was in a different world through reading books. I have read most of Jenny Han’s books. They’re like a time machine that brings back childhood memories. Besides from being light and easy to read, the book has a nice aura. Reading this is like being in that time of the day where you relax under a shade of tree while the wind blows and the leaves sways.

The title “Shug” doesn’t initially appeal to me. And also, learning that it was a story of a young girl, she’s too young for a real relationship. So how will this create excitement? Hmm.

But then, this book made me cry (for just a few tears). If you were a sentimental kid that likes stationeries etc. and that friendship meant a lot to you then, you will understand this. The concept is quite similar to “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” but this is way milder and girly.

It’s not a typical story that has a matching solution in the end. It’s not drama either. It’s just a glimpse of the protagonist’s normal daily life while she went to a transition phase. It doesn’t have a lasting impact to me yet it’s good to know that there is this kind of books I can recommend to my little sister or future kids when it’s time for them to grow too. I wish I was able to read this during my early teenage years.

“A twelve-year-old girl learns about friendship, first loves and self-worth in a small town in the South.”

Shug book cover

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