Sunday, November 29, 2015

Palmolive Naturals | Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner Review

palmolive anti-hairfall

I've also experience a large amount of daily hair fall before but I wasn't able to figure out the real cause of it. It could be the shampoo, the stress, or a side effect of medication. This yellow Palmolive is meant for those who have hair loss problems. My mom was the first to hoard the shampoo when she saw it in the commercial.

Palmolive Naturals Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo's specialized formula with Ginseng and Keratin extracts, nourishes hair from the roots to help prevent hair fall due to breakage. So hair is stronger and more beautiful. With a sensational and long-lasting fragrance experience. ~product description in the bottle

Palmolive Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

Price: 96.50 php
Their shampoo is actually a shampoo + conditioner in one but they also have a separate conditioner. Since it’s both a shampoo + conditioner, expect that the formula is different than a regular shampoo.

This variant of Palmolive lathers well but not excessively and not the squeaky clean type. While it lathers, the texture is already silky at the same time. It’s hard to determine whether the shampoo is already rinsed well because of that silky stuff. It’s great for the mane but it makes my scalp dry and unable to breathe.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

A Fall in the Creek

It’s my dream to have a beach house or a house suited at the top of a mountain. My bf and I share that dream. Maybe that was what the owner had in mind prior to the construction of the private house that we had previously gone to. It was located in our province and not really far from the city but still it felt like I was transported in a different place. The landscape, the fruit farm, the coolness of the air, the remoteness of the area, they all contribute to the relaxation of mind. A good place to break free from the confinement of the busy metro life.

I didn’t take a picture of the house though. It’s still just a typical modern house, nothing really grand apart from it’s being on top of the mountain. I didn’t find a very irresistible angle that could overcome the awkwardness of taking a picture when no one else does. I’m a shy photographer except when I’m in the company of my selfie junkie friends/kins. And for me to enjoy travelling in different places, a souvenir photo is a must! That’s one of the few things I’m really after. So whenever I go out, I always silently pray That I'll be with a person with an outgoing personality and a sensibility to include me in the big picture.

But even in the most exquisite place, loneliness can still slyly creep in and steal the moment of reverie. Nothing can beat the melody of laughter of those important people in our lives. Maybe it’s just a point of view of an introvert person? Because I mostly find other people who loves getting around while ignoring other people who wants to be with them. I’m speaking of “a not that mutual feeling/attention” here. Imagine a grandmother patiently and silently waiting for her daughter or her favourite granddaughter to visit her or an old best friend missing her friend who prefers to spend time with her new friends and the likes.

And these, my friends, are my pictures of that day...

a walk in the morning

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Recent Products and Hello!

Hello guys! Sorry for the MIA. Let's say, it's the effect of the aftermath of my long absence. Most of the drafts I’ve created remained unpublished. I want to blog but the environment I stays in doesn’t motivate me. I wish to live in a place that exudes positive energy and euphoria. Yung feeling na you don’t have the freedom to change something because you don’t own the place or the elders are against it. And since you can’t do/achieve that change, the “restless feeling” is always there. That kind of place doesn’t encourage growth.

It was the main culprit apart from my cravings of adventure. I want to make my weekends something I could really look forward. I want to enjoy life. Unfortunately, I find no enjoyment on both weekdays and weekends. Here goes the quote “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

But even though I’m gone, I continuously received different products from brands and my subscriptions.

acnecare products

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Everyday I Love You 2015 (Movie Review)

I've asked my cousin yesterday to accompany me in the movie theater as usual. We were stuck between “Flotsam”, “Spectre” and this another tagalog romantic movie. Deciding between the first two movie was a real challenge. Yeah, I've crossed out the last one without even looking at the poster until my couz read the title of this tagalog love story. “Everyday I love you” he said. That was the only the time that I've noticed it was Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, the Lizquen love team from Forevermore. Despite of not liking the sight of Gerald Anderson there, Liza Soberano was enough to convince me of buying a ticket for two. Thanks juices that my guy cousin, who is currently in love and was possibly influenced by that, agreed of watching a tagalog film.

Now Showing Poster

Should I declare myself as a Lizquen fan? I love the Forevermore teleserye despite not being able to watch it religiously during its airing days. I've mistaken “Everday I Love You” to their first movie which is “Just The Way You Are”. Unfortunately, it was not available in our province. But EILY didn't fail to make me so super kilig including our companions inside the cinema.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Behind the Joys of Blog Hopping

When I’m not writing articles, I blog hop. I go to different blogs and leave a comment on interesting posts. Sometimes it’s a way of initiating relationship between bloggers that can be very beneficial especially when they’ll become a follower of each other’s weblog. Blog hopping also enables me to understand the industry better. It exposes me to more ideas and helps me realize the path I’m pursuing. Back reading their posts even makes me more conscious of how korni my other posts can be.

Blog hop or blog hopping works by visiting a blog that has the same niche with yours. If your blog is about fashion or beauty, you search for similar sites and leave a relevant comment together with your own link.

I’ve done this in my early blogging days to discover and follow inspirational or entertaining blogs and to also introduce my blog to my fellow Filipino bloggers. I’m happy to say that some of them have followed me back. However, I’ve stopped leaving my link because it might get spammy and it can hurt the overall health of my blog instead of benefiting from it. I believe that there’s an unspoken rule regarding the proper way of leaving comments in other websites. I honestly don’t know the exact rule, only a wild guess that it is not advisable to just leave your plain URL or URL hyperlink below the comment. It’s very tempting but who knows if it could backfire someday. There is a right and obvious place for our links and there's even a dedicated textbox for that.

Disadvantage of Blog Hopping

  1. There’s no real interaction. Some just leave comments deprived of real value. If you are a blogger, you’ll learn to discern which comment is genuine, rushed or fake. For the love I have in my e-journal, I'd rather choose to stop exchanging comment or reduce the frequency of my comments to other blogs than to receive a message from them that feels like a spam.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Asking Dumb Questions

I admit I'm not a patient teacher to noobs. It's not easy to explain everything to a person who has a zero knowledge about the field he is asking. Worst is, he doesn't know what to really ask. I don't like spoon feeding if there was no effort in their part to find the answer on their own. The most annoying part is when someone keeps on asking the same question without bothering to remember or jot down the information that was freely given to them.

"Would you give a person a fish or teach them how to fish?"

It's not like I'm always grumpy. Sometimes the way the person approaches and his/her intention matters. The way the question is constructed will determine if it's encouraging enough to be answered.

The Reason in Asking

There are some people who wants to ask my opinion only to find out in the end that they really have an answer to their question. It feels insulting to express my side while they argue whenever my view differs from them. I think I need to start composing a brush off excuse if they will try to engage me in another future conversation. I felt used. I also realized that they don't really want or need my opinion. What they want is to have someone to listen to their antics or have an audience that agrees in their stories. I don't sugarcoat.

This is true between clients and professionals. For a client, the opinion of their friend weighs more  than the advice of professional. So why bother going to a professional if you will not believe them? Spare them the insult.
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