Sunday, August 31, 2014

Joining the Burt’s Bees Instagram Contest

And here I am again, trying to join contests online. Haayst, I remember I joined the Samsung Giveaway last time but I will not include the link here because I look gross there. :D Of course, there's instagram problem again. I made an account already but the camera of my tablet has some problem. The answer I made is in this blog article: I Live a Natural Life Because...

After all the efforts, this entry will not be submitted since I don't have a functioning instagram and the deadline is today.

The mechanics is to take a picture of the sample you have from Burt's Bees and complete the sentence of why you live a natural life and post it in instagram. (Why not facebook when there's fewer user in instagram? It makes me wonder. Don't they like a wider coverage?)

Joining the Burt’s Bees Instagram Contest

I Live a Natural Life Because...

...because it leads to a long term health and happiness. Simple way of living gives us clearer mind far from stress and chaos and connects us deeper with nature. With peace in our souls, we'll certainly see the blessings given to us and be grateful for that. Take it slow and start being natural from within and feel the difference. There will always a therapeutic and refreshing feeling as we embrace an organic lifestyle. Let's stop polluting the earth with chemical and make the earth breathe easier!

Organic products has higher quality and more delicious. When we buy foods in the market, we are not sure if the vegetables are really free from pesticides. We do not want those chemicals to cause us cancer, fertility disorder and to affect our nervous system. If we adapt a natural approach, it will not only have a big impact to our health and our love ones but also will benefit other living organisms such as animals. Eating clone foods or GMOs has undiagnosed consequences.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Glamglow Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mud Mask Review

Glamglow Tinglexfoliate Treatment Mud Mask Review

The Glamglow Tinglexfoliate Treatment mask is said to be a staple of Holywood celebrities for a camera ready soft glowing skin. Among all of its ingredient, 3 are given the most of the spotlight:

1. Green Tea Leaf

2. Volcanic Pumice Rock

This rock has the ability to float in water and was formed by volcano activity. It is used in production of light concrete even before the ancient times. It has other industrial uses and beauty purposes such as for removal of hair and foot scrub.

3. French Sea Clay

This unscented clay is also known as Green Clay/Illite Clay. It contains different minerals and considered effective and high quality. It is believed to have healing properties and capable of absorbing odor and poisons. Clay should be used with glass or wooden materials and shouldn't be used with metal. (I wonder if they didn't use trucks made of metal in gathering and during processing).

Price: P 3,750 for 50 grams

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tracking your Parcel in the Post Office

A package from a foreign country is expected to arrive in our doorsteps. 27 days has passed but there is still no updates. There is no tracking number to make the situation harder. You can either wait and leave it that way or somehow make a move.

One of the common destination of packages is in the Post Office. Hearsay it is one of the not so secure way of sending your package abroad due to the high possibility of long delays and lost of items. It is the shipping method used for those who prefer cheap shipping fee or free shipment in online clothing and accessories businesses outside the country. Expect it to arrive longer than the alternatives. Waiting time is 15-30 days or more.

Inside the Post Office

There is no lunch break policy so you can still be entertained at lunch time. Bring a lot of patience, understanding and smile for you would be meeting old public servants who can be snobbish and tactless at no time.

I Didn't Realize that in Facebook

My new activity gives me shorter time in blogging.

I love it when i'm able to think of possibilities. I also should apply this in real life. "Idea is life changing" said Jim Rohn. This self brainstorm however is so time consuming.

I'm happy to find solutions even if I am taking it in a turtle pace. At least somehow it's original and my personal approach in problem solving. My brain works!


Blue Border in Facebook comments

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Disadvantage of Big Eyelashes: Eye aches...

Eyelashes Strands

Just when there's a high demand of being in front of the monitor, my left eye turned red. It feels like the tiny blood veins bursts. Do I have a frail eye now? Am I showing the signs of early aging or I went beyond the maximum capacity of what eyes can tolerate?

Finding solution

Good thing I was able to inspect my eyes closely. It started while taking a snapshot of my reddish left eye for documentation/remembrance purposes. I took a mirror (used with camera) to aid in creating the right angle. That perhaps the time I noticed there's an eyelash inside my eyes. Then I remember that there was indeed an eyelash earlier, I left it that way believing that ignoring it will repair itself. This is where being too confident and the lack of panic doesn't work. (That could work with puwing).

Monday, August 25, 2014

Make your YouTube Browsing Experience Easy

I've been pushing myself to watch YouTube video tutorials while I'm having a hard time motivating myself to do this. (It's hard or it's just uninspiring to do the basics all alone). I should be excited with this because this is what I want and God gave me the opportunity already. There's a lot of distractions aside from being guilty of wasting a lot of electricity. I wonder how much will our electric bill be at the end of the month.


I don't know if you already know this guys. It's just nice to lighten the burden and know that there's a subtitle in YouTube. :D. Well that's it! That would keep me focus even with the presence of numerous flaws in the written words. At least for sure you'll have a better grasp of the tutorial you've watched. Videos may be the best medium for instilling information in our minds, but there are some that requires tons of patience. Make it sulit!

Reaching 20,000 views and a Blog Reflection

Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana
My Original Banner

Last year, my blog is only a personal hub and an outlet. I still don't know about the nitty gritty of the blogging world. I read but I don't pay attention and I don't mind. I didn't realize then that there are treasures you can uncover and words which forms as clues that requires skill to be able to read the meaning between the lines. There are exclusive information that will slowly reveal as you finish a certain level.

You would find a different culture and an existing community if you're really willing to seek. This is a beautiful game that can give you profit depending on the level you want to reach. There is also etiquette, a need of discipline and long patience to learn what lies behind. There are rejections too but that's a lesson and a way to shape you up.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dresses from Little Mistress: My Picks

"You cannot wear black, you'll look thinner." "Don't use vertical stripes, you're already tall." I don't know much about fashion yet I believe you can wear black and stripes if you really want. Like the way of norms, rules are passed to us when it's actually outdated and not really tested.

Lipsticks looks different from close to a distant view. Put a blush, color your eyebrow, contour your face, change your hair color and it looks different once more. I can wear black and I can wear stripes as long as I use another clothing for distraction. Use a different cut, pair it with different color and harmonize everything. Express yourself, experiment and be versatile!

White Label Nude and Black Lace Frill Detail Shift Dress

This pink is my top choice since it looks comfortable and very easy to carry around. This will help hide the curve-less figure of slim persons like me.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nivea In-Shower Whitening Body Lotion Review

Nivea In-Shower Whitening Skin Conditioner Body Lotion

For Dull Skin
Radiant, soft skin feeling
50x Vitamin C

Using lotion while in the shower is now possible through this new Nivea Body Lotion. Wouldn't that be great to put a lotion right after you have taken your bath?

This is still a lotion and doesn't replace your regular shower gel when it comes to cleansing, what makes it different to your old lotions is that you have to rinse it off, allowing the right amount of lotion to be left on your skin.


The smell reminds me of strong baby powder and the facial moisturizer of Myra E. The scent stays until the end of the day. The shine of the lotion looks a bit blurry while the oiliness becomes apparent once you rub it. It doesn't set well so you really have to rinse it with water to unleash the oily-like conditioner. It is a slippery as the usual shower gel but once it dries it leaves the skin a light and well moisturized state. It feels like you have just put a body oil on your skin that isn't heavy but long lasting and very effective. You will feel well hydrated while your skin takes a break by making your skin breathe for the first time.

Nivea In-Shower Whitening Body Lotion Review

Friday, August 22, 2014

First VIP Experience in Sample Room (Part 6)

This is the same day where my morning was greeted with sad news from a disapproved review. Then I realized I used the wrong choice of word such as “scared”. I even rushed to try the sample to give a first hand and honest review. That product was even 250 points. Whew...

Then my Colour Collection crema shade broke just this day. I didn't know what happened, the stick just flew away and worst detaching itself from the container. I even love that shade. Did I forgot to twist the lipstick and then just close it with the cap?

First VIP Experience in Sample Room

Bad Investment

It was Burt's Bees 30th birthday so there was 6 new stocks released. I knew there's something big coming considering the long silence in SR and still I was not prepared. I don't have enough points so I was consumed with panic. It's Burt's Bees and that brand shouldn't be missed. It was hard to choose especially that I still have lots of products I hoarded a long time ago and need to be disposed first. Should I choose the plain lip balm? Do I need that? Is it okay if the product is only a sample size and pay a shipping fee for a small tube? What will I do with the remaining lip products I have? Would I go for a plain balm to put before sleep as hearsay the tinted one will make the lips dark when left unwashed?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lady Like Fashion Clothes from Quiz Clothing Online Shop (Wishlist)

These are my best finds from the online shop of Quiz Clothing. I have this habit of looking around on online for clothes I really wanted to have, a virtual version of window shopping. Besides, it provides you a wider range of choices and less hassle.

When it comes to buying clothes, I really roam on every stalls, cheap or branded, and look for what my heart really desires. Usually I end up bringing nothing even after the patient scrutiny and long and tiring search. Worst, (a common experience) I realized I bought something that really doesn't fit me well and a design I wouldn't like to wear everyday. What a waste of time and money! The best clothes are already taken by the previous buyers and all that is left  are the old stocks that no one seems to pick.

Quiz Clothing Clothes

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

H2O Cleansing Water Sample Review

Oil-free marine hydration
Cleansing water

Effectively dissolves surface impurities

Though it was only a sample, I am okay with the size. Perhaps it would only last for 2 weeks because of the consistency. The packaging is decent plus it has a control mechanism. The color could really remind someone of marine. The list of ingredients is not included. (I wish they did!) It will definitely give an idea if you have an allergy in the ingredients prior the usage.

Expiration Date:   not included

Price:   P 1,260 in 200ml

H2O Cleansing Water Sample Review


The smell reminds me of Lactacyd with a hint of citrus while the consistency makes me think of dishwashing liquid sachet mixed in 1 litre of water. It is not in a gel form either. It's to watery for that. It lathers quite a bit yet enough to clean and soften the face. At first I doubt it could remove the day's dirt but still it did. It's a gentle cleanser.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Facebook Throwback: Remember those days

Different kind of trends came to light with our subscription in Facebook such as the flourish of games (farmville etc.), asking gifts that is still part of those games, posting old baby pictures, sharing of inspirational quotes, horoscopes, selfies, account deactivation and many more. They're too many that it would be hard to remember everything unless we go back to the old posts in our walls. Now, after the long in hiatus it felt like I graduated from those silly activities and my days are done.

I'll tell you who you are! Apps

I used to play different applications that tells someone's personality. Some seems based from real personality tests and some are like horoscopes that tell general results while the rest are just for fun. Usually 90% of the results are true though there are times that it does feel like we're only kidding ourselves. There are kind of questionnaires that you are actually giving the answers already, the result are just reworded.

What your birthday tells you

Monday, August 18, 2014

Cetaphil Cleanser for All Skin Types Review

Gentle skin cleanser for all skin types
Mild, non-irritating formula
Softens as it cleans

And here I am, jumping into the bandwagon as always. There's a lot of good reviews about Cetaphil for being a mild cleanser. Even my best friend is curious of the product. So I bought this a month or months ago.

Cetaphil is not only for the face but all the skin throughout the body. It can be used even without the presence of water and claims fine for babies to use. It also has a variant for oily type of the skin.

Water, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, stearyl alcohol, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben.

  • Soothing, non-irritating cleanser ideal for face, hands and body
  • Helps skin retain needed moisture
  • Rinses easily and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy
  • Mild enough to cleanse a baby's delicate skin

Fragrance free
pH Balanced
Dermatologist Recommended

Review of Cetaphil Cleanser for All Skin Types

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb Review (My Lip Balm)

Burt's Bees Lip balm

100% natural

I've said back in my old posts about my longing for lip balm. I've been suffering from daily chapped lips even with enough consumption of water. During the days that I am too busy and unintentionaly missed the minimum required for hydration, the crack lips show instantly that sometimes followed by uncomfortable bleeding. With dead skin cells on lips, it will not provide a good canvas for lipstick application.

Instead of buying a lip balm in the nearest store, I kept myself from spending too much of “wants”. Besides the Sample Room is enough as a treat for myself. I just hope that the right product will get in stock soon. I remember I've read somewhere about being a public servant “Live with your means!” Not sure if that's mandatory but it sucks right? :D I'm not even buying dresses for half a year or more than that. Kuripot lang. When will I get rich ba? I've been thinking of many way even made initial steps yet getting into that stable financial status is really hard. Age expires soon while dreams waits to be fulfilled. How fulfilling could it be to make our family happy, pamper them with the things money can buy and have them tour in best places in our country or around the world while they still have the energy?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

She's Dating a Gangster Book Review

Book Cover

I doubt that this will make me cry. I'm always this skeptical when something gains popularity. There are times kasi that the talk is not so true and only makes trend because of the mystery and curiosity of the mass. Who want to be hoaxed anyway? If time permits, I challenge truthfulness and form my firsthand opinion and judgment.

Main Book Observations:

1. Quite a bad example for youth. We should understand that it's only a fiction and just adapting the ways of modern teenagers. Readers would get an idea that it's just okay to excessively trash talk and die. Smoking and drinking is just normal in the book and the conservative ways of Filipino are just taken for granted. This is the most alarming indirect part of the story.

2. White Lies. This can also be connected on my first observation. There is an excessive white lies that might influence my belief of “being open in a relationship is a must and lying is one of the most forbidden acts”. Does white lies acceptable? I wonder what Papa Jack would say.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bodycology Hand and Body Lotion Review

Bodycology Hand and Body Lotion Review

In brown sugar vanilla
Imported by Wal-mart Canada

This finished product is not tested on animals

I still have BAIES SUCREES Hand Cream left and yet I found this Bodycology hand lotion on my Mom’s stash. I asked Mom if I could have this and she agreed like I didn’t give her other options. So she was looking like this     ( - _ - ) .

Smell. Expect the smell of vanilla and yes… even sugar. Sugar is commonly used to exfoliate the face and the lips. You won’t find the usual sugar particles in this lotion but you’ll definitely smell and remember it because of the brownish color. The fact that it has a sugar dumbfounded me for a moment, this is the only lotion I knew that has a sugar and come to think of it, what’s so special with sugar?

Still the smell. To remember another scent similar to this is very hard. Describing it almost took me forever. There is a distinct smell that gives me headache. Initially, I thought it was just because I opened it for the first time but it still lingers until now. I think of boiled herbs but that could be a worst association. It also becomes more noticeable during application.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dove Intense Repair Conditioner Review

dove damage therapy conditioner review

Haloo. Another conditioner again? Uhmm yes. I chose a big bottle for my scalp and hair to adjust before it gets empty. In what I’ve said last time of being afraid of trying different stuff, my feelings haven’t change. I’m still wary and in the quest of finding the perfect conditioner and shampoo for my hair, or better say alternatives.

Intense Repair? My hair needs no repairing since it’s as virgin as it can be. Hair straightening is the only sure way of taming and fighting frizzy fly away ends, other products only gives me doubt with their claims and effectiveness. Unfortunately hair rebond is expensive. My best pick is still Creamsilk for ordinary hair and Tresemme or Loreal Hair Mask for chemically treated hair.

First VIP Experience in Sample Room (Part 4 and 5)

Too fast for another haul? That's how quickly I received this parcel from LBC too. This and the previous haul from Sample Room was the worst delivery I have received. The logo seal of SR was broken and all the boxes are squeezed when its only 8 hours away. This is how bad the shipping condition of the courier in our country. At least the glass of the eye serum was not broken

This is still the most exciting batch in spite of all. It was Nivea In-shower Body Lotion that charmed me, after opening the paper bag though it was H20 face wash and the eye serum that gave my heart a leap. They're big enough to be glad about.

Glamglow Mud Treatment and Celeteque Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum
Part 4: (L-R) Glamglow Mud Treatment and Celeteque Ultra-Lifting Concentrated Serum

Monday, August 11, 2014

Past Week and Why it's Crazy

It was a very demanding and time consuming week. Everything is rushed if not delayed. It's as if I was a ball bouncing everywhere, thrown and unable to stop. It's too tiring (Is it? I think I mostly sleep over the idea). I'm glad it's all over now.

Rain = No Laundry

It's been raining every afternoon. Even the days are sunless with random light rains. The struggling part is washing the clothes without a spinner. It's very discouraging especially that I was sick. How I love to have a washing machine that makes the clothes ready to use after, or I hope someone could invent something (such as a room with well ventilation design) that makes the clothes dry faster.

Unintentional Sleep

Should I blame the Solmux syrup? Or it's just my body that cannot hold the stress of everything? Such a very lame excuse! I don't believe such a medicine can make someone sleep since it never happened before. However I found myself with droopy eyes while merely sitting on a chair. I guess I could have sleep stiffly there (but before that happens I jump myself into my bed! Oh no not again) I messed my week with this.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

50 Shades of Grey: Why Quit?

Review of Fifty Shades of Grey

A year ago, it was the talk in our cubicles during coffee breaks. Intrigued, I got myself a copy of the trilogy. I have finished half of the first book and quit. You'll understand why the elders don't like their kids reading pocketbooks.

This is so far the only book with adult content that I didn't finish. Because I find it too much! The rated PG activities were too long that I start to ask myself if where would the story go and lead us. I want a story that could stand alone and where bodily desires is only a side dish, not the main and boring plot.

My Reason of Quitting

1. Too much fantasy. Do you believe such a guy exist? Or it's a guy that only belongs to some fantasy world? Guys in the books are usually different from what guys we have in real life. Game of Thrones is better, harsh but at least it feels lively and real.
2. Impatience. Denying and prolonging the suspense and mysteries would enough reason to get impatient. Should I continue? Will it be worth it? Will it give me the peak of amazement from an unexpected twist and part revealed? But when?
3. Lesson Learned. Do you somehow learned some valuable lesson from the book? Or it only served as a food for your lust?
4. Lost of attachment. Not only the book is poorly written but you'll also lose the attachment. The literary art is taken for granted and its like a porn in a written form. There's a inadequacy of focus for the other part of the story
5. Expect skipping some pages.

First VIP Experience in Sample Room (Part 3)

First VIP Experience in Sample Room (Part 3)

The start of hoarding.

Being a VIP member, I just can't stop and miss the good stuff of this temporary privilege, you have to get the best of it even within its being impractical at some point. What's the use of paying for VIP when I'd only stare in the background? Looking on the positive side, gaining knowledge and experience especially in the process of making reviews is my solace.

I made this purchase for Mom for her to have a spare lipstick. Hah! I knew she would complain against the consistency, thickness or I don’t know what the right term for that. The stick is soft, but she keeps it. (I'm starting to dislike soft kinds of lipstick too). The habit of complimenting negatively confuses me, should I consider it a positive or negative feedback? Soft lipstick tends to have a short lasting power of 2-3 hours and breaks easily. Still there's a lot of them everywhere.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nyogi Pure Coconut Water Review

I was surprised when I found this product gone suddenly for I am a fan of coconut water ever since. Wish was granted when finally Sample Room decided to restock this drink.

During short visits in the market, I sometimes check the sellers of real coconut. The fresh fruit costs P25.00 together with the meat inside. You can ask the vendor to separate the contents into different cellophane. The only downside in this is the tiring long walk and the sanitation of the stall. The place sometimes seems dirty as well as the staffs' nail and the itak used.

One serving of Nyogi has 50 calories. Learning the calories you need to take daily will help you track whether you'll get thinner or fatter later. Coconut water is naturally isotonic and high with potassium. It has minimal sugar content and contains antioxidant.

Nyogi Pure Coconut Water Review

Nyogi claims to have: No preservatives, No Gluten, No GMOS. It is pure coconut water that gives you 100% natural hydration without preservatives and sugar added.

Ingredients: Pure coconut water
Price: P26.50

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Eskinol for Pimples Know How

How to apply Eskinol

The first beauty product that was given and introduced to me is Eskinol. That was the day when I am finally allowed to use something on my face, the rest I am not permitted to try due to my mother’s fear of anything chemical or artificial and its effect to young skin. After those 9 long years though, I still have pimples. Eskinol has been in the market for so long that my Mom and Lola were still fond of it. My Uncle and Aunt use that too. The traditional way of using it is through pouring a small amount of Eskinol on clean cotton and wiping it all over the face until it is dirt free. Use spare cotton if necessary. They don’t wash their face after or prior to that.

Early Ignorance

I have tried using Eskinol after washing the face and Eskinol alone but still my face is plagued with pimples. In my ignorance, I have tried few different bottles without taking into consideration the active ingredient each bottle has. Still none has worked. Every bottle has different formulations, meaning it addresses different skin needs. This fact didn’t exist in my mind back then as I went along with what my Mom and friends recommend. Please take note though, that different skin types exist. One product may work for some while other will not.

Understanding the Kind of Pimples you Have

There are different kinds of pimples, there are these occasional 1-3 pimples and the many tiny little bumps that don’t really look like pimple (the kind of pimple I have). The worst pimples are the biggest and numerous kind that leaves the skin a crater look. It even has a puss on it.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

H2O Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment Sample Review

Sagging eye bags and fine lines under the eye

This beauty trial and error stuff in this blog stemmed from the sagging and forming lines under my eyes and the panic accrued from it. It was horrifying to think that this might be the consequences of not taking care of myself well and disregarding skin care product. The panic were followed by tremendous reading of different articles then a heavy heart learning that the small tube of eye creams costs around P 1,500 above. There are few cheaper ones but the pricier is more promising and has better reviews. Then after a while, I realize its normal and some bloggers experiences this too. Oh well, maybe I’m just getting older, but too early…

Then I looked at Mom, I’ll most likely have no problems with crow’s feet in the future, just dark circles and sagging eye lids and eye bags. Heredity plays a big role. I’ll invest in eye creams if I get stable. (How long would it take kaya before it could really happen? - my inside thought)

The skin under our eyes is thinner while it also undergoes a lot of movement. No wonder that we’ll end up having crow’s feet or sagging eye as we age. Worst is that it doesn’t have oil glands to help lubricate the area.

Rain Rain Go Away Weekend

Different sizes of eggplants
We ended up eating our eggplant crops, fruits are generously produced this rainy season. I love the mild sweetness of prinitong talong.

Weekend has ended and I'm still longing for another rest day. I didn't even enjoy this short vacation. My body is sore all over and sure it will be another stressful week. I want to have a break and go to some far and peaceful place. I picture myself lying on a duyan with coconut trees surrounding me as I stare dreamily of the finest white sand and the captivating beach of Pagudpud.

Still sick...

Another way of spoiling weekend is missing the laundry chore due to the stubborn rain and being sick at the same time. Googling around, I learned that colds is different from flu as the latter is worse and takes longer to heal. Flu is more contagious. Oh year I did some self medication which I wouldn't advice to everyone. It would be nice to go with a concern companion, but to go alone? Nevermind. If everything gets worse I’m ok with euthanasia. Kidding!

Friday, August 1, 2014

A Thoughtful Past Days and Weeks

Random Act of Kindness

It started from an “I love you” message from a dearest friend. A random genuine recognition is what someone needs when everything seems bleak and dull. As if I am recharged and nothing has changed, and this is still the same person that I have loved from the beginning despite the long distance and busy requisite of life. I am now assured that no matter what happen, I will be always be a part of their life.

Another friend who always bullies me for being so late bloomer, conservative (so manang) and for the mere fun of just teasing me says she misses me. She keeps on bugging me before that I will not miss her, though she said a couple of times that I am a best friend. Of course I miss her but I’m not really gonna tell her liberally, for she would endlessly laugh again. >_<
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