Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fetching Water from a Well

My recent stay to my Aunt's house was turned into fetching some water in a well from a nearby farm. Fresh from bed, I was summoned early to avoid the burst of the morning sunlight.  It's probably a decade ago when I last fetch water the old hard way. My arms felt awkward after, not sure if whether I'm tired or not used to it. I made 6-7 times of back and forth perhaps.

This is the so called effect of El Nino. The rain has been scarce. Most of wells are dry and the demand of water delivery reaches its summit. Water will arrive 3-4 days upon order.

Friday, May 30, 2014

My First Sample Room Experience

My First Sample Room Experience

I’ve just got my free samples from Sample Room. Yes they’re free. You only have to pay the current shipping fee and you’re ready to go. Since I am just a beginner, I only have 100 points to consume. Its 2-3 products per transaction and mine were 2 sample products namely Belo AcnePro Pimple Gel and Venus & Mars Naturals Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil for a total of 100 points. You have to make a review after you received the product to gain the 100 points back or you can buy 1000 points for 699php.

Packaging 4/5
Paper bag is environmental friendly. The paper is thick enough. I only don’t like the part where the box of Belo Acne gel were a bit deformed, as if it was crushed by something heavy on top. For first time online shopper, it would be a heartbreaking thing to see your parcel in that state. That’s from courier’s part though.

Xend Courier
Xend is the courier used to send my parcel. It is expected to arrive in 3-5 business days. The third party courier is ABest express, probably their provincial partner. Maybe that would explain the oddness of my shipment history/details in there online tracking page.

My First Sample Room Experience

In the 5th day, I might have received my parcel if only I was able to answer the phone calls. I am not in our house during weekdays.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Black Beauty Hot Oil Review

Black Beauty Hot Oil Review

hot oil instruction

Where to Buy: Mercury Drugstore
Price: 15php

I was surprised too see the content of this hot oil since I was expecting translucent oil. It turned out that it’s like a light white cream.

There’s nothing bad in the smell, but after I put it on my hair it reminds me a hint of Mayonnaise scent. (I put one back in the old days and mayonnaise is very heavy for the hair). This could be the smell of shea butter, watcha think? The fragrance differs from sachet to application.

Hot oil content

Vitamin E
-It is powerful antioxidant that protects and repair skin. It nourishes the scalp and prevents hair loss. It helps increase oxygen circulation in our body. Other functions include enzymatic activities, gene expression, and neurological function(s). The most important function of vitamin E has been suggested to be in cell signaling (and it may not have a significant role in antioxidant metabolism) We can get Vitamin E from supplements or eating Vitamin E rich foods such as avocado, nuts, olive oil and peanut. Overdosing can increase the risk of bleeding problems.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Everything You Do

A song that will make your heart cry. Para kang hinaharana ni Christian Bautista. It’s my lullaby before I go to sleep or something I repeatedly play to soothe me from a midnight nightmare. A dream song from a dream guy that might never come.

Para kang bumabalik sa pagkabata and just experiencing real love for the first time. It’s like your ideal man is just somewhere in the globe, singing this song for you. Nakakainlove na boses at kanta, sana para sa akin na lang yung kanta -_-

Just Got a Hair Cut

To lighten our mood, we can do something new and different. We have to continuously change ourselves, for the better. It’s like adjusting and leaving an old self, and just being what is needed. I had my hair cut just this weekend. It was a horrible idea before especially that the straightness of your hair is at stake. I just feel so dull with my last hair style.

My hair is now fly away. It’s a layered cut and with bangs. The last time I had a bangs was when I was a kid. I know I’ll get my hair rebonded next but this kind of weather gives me hesitation. It’s too hot recently.

So far, I received positive feedbacks. Somehow this cut eased my self irritation; the length of my hair has that effect on me.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Recycling Old Jeans

Recycling Old Jeans

I run out of shorts so I decided to just cut my old jeans. They're looser and faded now and I’m not sure if I'd gonna still use it. Thanks to skinny jeans, they're still the standard until now. :( Even so, I buy the straight cut one instead of skinny. They're hard to find and needs high maintenance, and they worn out easily so I have to buy a couple of times. It’s so expensive especially that I mostly find mine in branded stores.

Materials I used:
-fabric scissors
-tape measure
-soft pencil
-old jeans

How to cut jeans

I mark 17.5 inches and cut it. I was originally planning to make a small short but cut it longer just to be sure first. Then I got lazy and just fold it. You can sew it later. I originally got my inspiration from some vlogs in youtube. Recycle and resourcefulness...

Sending Short Text Messages

Even in the presence of netiquette, there are still a lot of people who sends unwanted messages. It makes our inbox full of GMs that doesn't mentions our name or even greetings that were not sure if it’s meant for us. I remember receiving a text message during the holiday, "Merry Christmas" it says. If it’s for me, it should have been "Merry Christmas My Name". In the end I didn’t care to reply. The ease of social network doesn't excuse us; it's the effort that counts.

Does it takes a lot of effort or it’s too much a bother to mention us, to send a personal message instead of group messages?

I have the same issue with a friend of mine. I've been saying this thing many times that there haven’t been changes. I felt like someone just doesn't care to listen nor just takes it for granted. Just a piece of consideration and seriousness and all might have ended better.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Ideal Leader

Marunong magpahalaga. That’s the leader I admire. The one who gets angry when you've done a real misconduct, not the one who gets mad out of vague reasons. I admire the leader who can see through a man's worth and taps his hidden potentials. A leader who can reach out and can get the best out of his team. I want a leader who is just and who listens. I don't mind consequences; I might get even proud if it was given by a fair individual. I appreciate leaders who can recognize and praises when needed. I don't like a leader who can easily get swayed, a leader who doesn't know how to defend his subordinates.

Talk ‘n Text (TNT) Champion Sim

Talk ‘n Text (TNT) Champion Sim

Thanks to my friend Kevintot. I got my new TNT sim and I’ve been using this for a month guesstimate. Again? I have tons of sim cards even if I only have a lone cellphone. This is the best sim for me so far since TNT is much more flexible compared to other sim cards.  Some may offer the cheapest text or call rate but TNT has the cheapest all network coverage and you’d probably have greater contacts here.

I don’t know where this one is originally marketed. All I knew is that there’s a booth that sells sim cards in some schools once a year. Even then, I failed to buy. Stocks depleted fast and I can’t seem to catch them.

Tipis Sulit Sim Seal

Activate it first!
To enroll in the 30 text 30 day freebie promo, you have to load first and check your balance. This would activate your sim and proves it exists. You will find the instruction in the leaflet.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Movie Review)


-Korean Film
-Drama Comedy
-Child Friendly

I should be glad that we had watch this movie together, but there are instances that words reach me like this might never happen again in the future. That part spoils. Null and void.

This is an intense movie. I initially thought this is pure comedy. I felt the drama even in the first few minutes. The impact is even greater if I don’t have prior knowledge about what the movie is, like what happened when I watched the movie Sky of Love. I rarely watch trailers too. I just watched this one as requested and recommended. I never know the folly.

I like the mixture of comedy and love story when it comes to movies. There are other horror movies combined with comedy that we are familiar too. But this one? This is drama and comedy, with tiny flecks of suspense. This is the first great drama comedy I've ever seen and is very well made. I can’t remember watching other movies with this kind of genre. The main actor and the child actress are very effective. Bigay todo yung child actress. The way the child act is beyond convincing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ugly Flower From Philippines

Ugly Flower

Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius
These flowers are found in our own backyard. I thought this is just some specie or family of Rafflesia. Searching around Google, this might be what they call “Corpse Flower”. However, if you will use this term in Google Images, what you’ll find mostly is pictures of Rafflesia and Titan Arum.

I’ve seen real Rafflesia in our own backyard before; say I’m just a young teenage high school back then. I remember it smells bad if you are foolish enough to go near and sniff/smell it. We tend to put garbage for burning and bury some of our dead dogs in the place where our Rafflesia once bloomed.

I have seen different weird plants around our backyard even before and we had some humongous ube buried somewhere. But they seldom make halayang ube :( I even tasted some yellowish root crop that was cleaned thoroughly to be edible. I remember feeling dizzy tasting just a teaspoon of it.

This one is huge that I thought it could be one of the biggest flower too, or maybe the ugliest. It is called Elephant Yam and is a food crop in some countries. Through browsing different site, I found out that this is the same plant I have seen ages ago. Only it was not the flower I saw but the stem of it that looks so bizarre. I was even scared of it, it looks primitive and out of place. Bf said that they have this kind of flower in their place too. Experts went searching in their mountains expecting that it was a Rafflesia only to conclude after that it was some kind of gabi.

The stem can be eaten if properly cooked (it can cause itchiness) and was said could be a last resort for food.

Ugliest Flower
Biggest Flower
Amorphophallus Paeoniifolius
Ugly Flowers with my Nokia Cellphone

Monday, May 19, 2014

Superman vs. the Elite (Movie Review)

Superman vs. the Elite (Movie Review)

-Child Friendly
-With Moral Lesson

I wasn't expecting I would like this movie. I was just clicking somewhere and just trying to have a glimpse but I end up watching the whole movie. The Red Dawn and superman was just a recommendation anyway by a guy acquaintance. This is the guy’s sort of favorite movies, I know.

The best thing about this is that the language is very easy to understand even with the absence of a subtitle. Plus it has a unique moral lesson compared to some cartoons that don't even have a moral lesson in it, just pure entertainment.


My Rate:

Quotes from Superman

"I am not anyone’s judge and jury, definitely not an executioner. My power doesn’t put me above the law."

"I don't believe that the world is broken. Because when we save the world we are really talking about people. That's always been my belief that people at the core are good. The grace of mankind is everywhere you just have to open your eyes. Humanity has a limitless potential for good. My purpose is to help people reach that potential."

Red Dawn (Movie Review)

Red Dawn (Movie Review)

-Child friendly

It's a cool movie for me and I happened to like it before its unsatisfying end. I watched it with a subtitle anyway. As usual, the supporting actor died like some old action stories. I wonder if Matt suits as a replacement to his brother. He doesn’t seem a leader material and he doesn't exude a charm for me. Somehow this is too mild for a war and it's somehow unrealistic. I picture a war to be brutal especially in this millennium. Peeta, from the movie “Hunger Games”, is one of the casts here.

I just have some questions:
1. What happened to the shop owner after the incident where they save her?
2. How efficient enough for Matt to become the next trainer/leader?
3. Why didn't they just removed the tracker in the guy's body so they won't end up leaving someone behind, is that what team does? Why didn't they ask for some medical help or say like they kidnapped some doctor especially that they have killed the magistrate already?
4. How did one of those marine soldier died? I haven't seen a gun shot.

I wish that there's a cleverer and unique way of ending this story. The war isn't even over yet.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Make Your Own Customized I Love NY Tshirt Design


I like this design even though I used to ignore it. Then I realized I might as well purchase a customized t-shirt in the future bearing this cool design. Not a couple t-shirt but something meant for two cousins. Soon I noticed that there’s a lot of individual wearing this logo in a customized way.

I made the edited design and I will partly share to you how I made it.

You need:
-Adobe Photoshop
-Font used in the logo

You can download the font here

Install the font
To make the work easier, install the font in your computer. This has an extension name of TrueType Font file (TTF). Open your control panel, click the “fonts” folder and paste the downloaded file there. It will automatically install it. After that, you can already access the font in Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop with this font name “King” unless you downloaded another font.

Tips in Making a Slideshow Presentation

Here is a lesson (some from mistakes) I learned in making a slideshow presentation:

1. Consider the place/audience
The more the number of your audience, the farther the projector screen would be. It might be you are in a small conference room with the capacity of around 10 people or in a wide hall with a lot of audience. Distance is one of the aspects you need to consider when it comes to visibility. The source of light will also affect the color of your presentation. It will mostly look unattractive and boring, believe me.

2. Bigger Picture
You have to make a bigger picture unless your audience is few and nearer. Expect that it would look different even when it was initially okay in your computer screen

3.  Zoom it
The best way to emphasize the pictures is to zoom it. It will let audiences have a better look.

4. Expect the dullness of your presentation in projector screen.
Yes, it’s only a projector screen anyway. It’s not a high definition television. I had a better experience of watching in cinemas than in a projector screen, the latter is almost black and white.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kung makapagbola ka naman.

I was having a moody morning perhaps due to PMS. My body feels heavy that I can’t persuade myself to move faster and I was getting a bit of emotional too. I just can’t find comfort telling it to someone anymore. Distraction is the best diversion. Those were dreadful moments and I wish it won’t visit me often.

Not yet the right time.
I refuse to extend my help to a friend. It’s not yet a right time to talk to her. Things haven’t healed up yet. And I’m too exhausted to give a part of myself trough effort. I once you know will give everything I have to person I hold dearly, but that was before. Now I learned to just ignore. If I look back, I’m lost.

A shift of mood.
Well, I’m still an ordinary person na kapag nabola in the right time eh napapangiti. This friend of mine does look unconcerned and hard to approach by. How could someone get so kind through text but too different when it comes to personal conversation? The compliment was that I’m still looking good like I was before. That was a compliment that gets people smiling unconsciously and that gave a distraction to my unpleasant mood. Then came the realization that he might be joking since I was as plain as someone who is rushing for late hour should be. It was a distraction I need after all.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bakit ako, Minalas?

I just lost my first honey ever. I bought it for P160. (Better than losing my FD though) That's expensive. Kakaiyak >_< I was even saying to myself na “I will live to experience different things” then I lost it. Siguro ganun talaga, to balance life someone should be unlucky so in return it will make other lucky. This is how karma works. I was very excited pa naman, there's a lot to do with honey. You can eat it and make it a moisturizer on the face or the body. Sayang naman, I was even hesitant to hand my 500 peso bill to the seller. Sacrifice ko muna, then ta dah, I just lost in the end.

I knew it. The time I saw the seller put the bottled honey and saw that blue plastic I felt something weird, something that is wrong and out of place. Some sign. Prior to that, the guy in the cashier put my stuffs in two small plastics when it ought to be in bigger cellophane. Did I lose it in the bus or in the jeepney? I will never know the answer. If only the bus is not like a sardine can full of standing people. If only the cellophane is white. If only I wasn't in the chairs with chubby old ladies.

I was really in the bad mood that night.

Lesson Learned?
-Use a light color cellophane, ask for a bigger one and tie all those cellophanes
-I need a geo bag

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Real Life Stalker

My blog is infested with stalkers. Who else would find my blog? I want to attract right audiences, but it seems that it’s the other way around. I am considering whether to stop blogging, find another medium or to close this blog forever. Most are harmless, but there are others who‘s terribly dangerous. Nakikiusyoso. Yan ang pinoy. They don’t give peace and most of all “respect”. The greatest bane in my life.

They should be minding their own business now but they still attach themselves to other people. Sometimes I wonder whether they’re just ill or a psychopath. They can’t sense or just being stupid to sense. They do mess, mess the lives of others. For me, they’re not happy with their lives. They’re not contented so they seek attention from others. They’re maniac too. They need medical help with psychologists.

It will give me no choice but to close this blog soon.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Setting Aside.

I cannot count how many times I tried to construct this post. I made, I lost and some only lingered and vanished in my thoughts. I don’t want to admit to myself that I was hurt in some way. I am strong and I must. Those feelings have no place in my life. When it’s not important with some people, why should I too?

I want to bring the agony to an end. That thing slowly pierces me into what? Then I’ll simply just close my eyes and make a deaf ear. I feel so drained. I’m so tired. Can’t you feel it?

Before I sleep and still when I woke up, I can’t escape the mockery. Maybe I just don’t deserve things. It will never happen. The hard part is shutting up the taunts I alone can hear. A whisper in the ear of a living nightmare.

I need to unwind for a while. And I’m so numb…. yet brittle.

Monday, May 5, 2014


I wish monthsary doesn’t exist or that there are other ways of saying it instead of “happy monthsary.” The one who invented monthsary is the most selfish person in the world.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ako ay Nagbalik

"Ito yung pag ibig na hinihintay at biglang dumating. Dito mo naramdaman at natutunan kung paano magmahal. Ramdam mung tunay. Ramdam mong totoo. Hindi lang nag eexist sa imahinasyon, kundi nangyari sa totoong buhay. Ito yung pinakamasarap na feeling, ito rin yung pinakamasakit at pinakamahirap kalimutan. Nandiyan na napaluha ka. Ok lang yan, nagmahal ka naman ng tunay.

Wala na..."

These were in my thoughts when I was listening to the song earlier. There are certain songs that remind us of something, a stir in emotion. Then nagsawa din ako after…  And the remnants are gone.

Friday, May 2, 2014

...with MS Access

It sucks I know, since I lost my FD it's like I lost a bit of myself too. Anyways, I might cheat with my blog by posting backward again. So far, I’m having a head ache with access. What the heck is happening with this? It keeps on popping.

Error in Parameter

I watched it a number of times, thought of possibilities, looked at the spelling very well. Can it be that they left some instruction unsaid so not to make things easy (like some other people’s work). And then I heard it…

It was an instant hilariousness, as if I was mad and insane and I can’t get around without a laugh on myself. That’s what problem solving is…

But admit it, not being able to find answer is excruciating. It’s hard to accept whenever a why is unanswered. Maybe I’ll try to do more of simple problem solving. Not some big one, I might get very pissed off.

Anyway, this is the tutorial I was watching and my error was it didn't occur to me to type "forms" instead of "form".

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