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Bench Clearpore Acnedot Gel Patches Review

Warning: This includes a picture of pimple.

Bench Clearpore Acnedot Gel Patches Review

I saw this kind of products just few years ago in Baguio Watsons. The price of a small box which is around 200php to 300+ raised my curiosity. I was clueless how it works before and was skeptical of its effectiveness and how practical it can get. Perhaps this would works since it's expensive. The instant effect and the idea of covering the bump of the acne is very bewitching. Make up can also be applied after (Though not for Bench). This could be a wonderful part of kikay first aid kit for an approaching event and to get rid of pimples asap. (I'm actually talking about a different brand in this paragraph just let you know and to avoid confusion).

The available smaller pack made me finally buy this. I can now try it cheaply without wasting a lot of money in case of product failure and dissatisfaction.

But before the MiaCare Acne patch review, I will work with Bench Clearpore Acnedot first since it was also the first I was able to purchase.

Round Acne patches

Clearer skin is a dot away
Point-sized gel patches to cool and soothe pimples.

Smell | Packaging
It has a disgusting smell like an adhesive of some kind but does fade with long exposure to air. It contains 8 patches for the price of 22 pesos. The plastic container is very thin and the expiration date is not clearly stated. There is a embossed code that seems like a date, but it's hard to guess whether it's the manufactured date or the expiry date.

The sticky side of the patch

Personal Experience
There is a mild itchiness when using this. It stays in the skin well and it doesn't hurt to pull.

For those who prick their pimples, I've found a scary article from a newspaper about the bermuda triangle of the face. The ruptured veins from pricking pimples within that area can be an entry point for infection and puss into the brain.

Ingredients of Bench Clearpore Acnedot

How it works
It will encourage the white heads or the puss to get into the surface. In smaller pimples, the whiteheads comes together with the patch when you pull it. Larger pimples is much more stubborn yet there's still a significant change. Take the pimples in the chin as an example, expect the pimples not to linger long (like days and weeks). The head will show the next morning and the size of pimple is smaller compared the night before. Once the puss is out, the healing process starts.

It's like the concept of pricking... and also a straightforward way to handle pimple.

Pimples with puss
A pimple with puss. This is a before picture. I wasn't  able to take
 a picture of the pimple the next day. The head is removed after.

  • It isn't magically flat in one use. However, it's the quickest solution I found (Unless you would take an oral prescription).
  • There are times that it will leave a pimple mark, though you can use another spot treatment dedicated for lightening that dark spot.
  • I'm not so sure if I would love the idea of pricking.

Patches in the face

I will not recommend this for those who have pimples in every square cm in their skin. It's not convenient and it doesn't prevent pimples but serves as a treatment for existing one.

This works better than liquid spot treatment yet remember that every product has its own special way of doing their job. In the end, just settle for a product that you're comfortable with.

Patches in the face 2

Repurchase?     Maybe. I will try another similar products. Yes, only if the needs arises since this is easily available.

Recommend?     You can try this too. But don't expect miracles...


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks... It seems that I need to rephrase some sentences here. It's actually cheap. P22 per 8 patches

  2. Hi there! I would suggest you prick those pimples using a blackhead remover or comedone extractor, It works. Rather than waiting for the pus to come out. Then after pricking rub an ice on it to close the pores. Then use Facial AHA Soap para mwala ung marks or blemish. I'm currently using NuDerm Facial AHA Soap ng DermClinic 80 pesos only . The soap is big and might lasts for months.

    1. Hesitant ako when it comes to comedome extractor, pero noon I sometimes prick my pimples using a needle especially if it's huge and cystic. I boil it first. Yet may natitira pa din minsan, I'm afraid that pricking will not only leave a pimple mark but a deep scar yay.

      Bench and Miacare simplifies things :)

    2. Korek. Na curious din ako sa acne patch na yan ng Bench eh bukod sa mura nkka enganyo itry... Mas madali kasi gamitin yung comedone or blackhead remover. I bought mine 50 pesos lang sa Watsons. Nakkaadik nga gamitin eh.. Kht sa mga whiteheads I use it. Within 24 hours pag natanggal mu ung pus halos wala na yung pimple. I use QuickFX pimple eraser din pala after pricking my pimples. Effective din kasi it won't leave any scars or blemish. 49 pesos lang ung QuickFX, i dunno if you have heard or seen it.Sa Watsons lang din nabibili...

    3. Wala ako nakita sa Watsons na tools :( pati yung QuickFX... di kasi ako nagtanong that time. Umikot ikot lang. Layo pa naman ng Watsons samin 3 hours away :(. Wala na ako halos pimples I'm using pills kasi recently. Ang gusto ko itry is yung may madaming karayom para mawala big pores ko.


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