Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I am not Simple


I need some enlightening.

As far as I want to consider myself as simple, I need to re-evaluate myself and to accept whatever deemed obvious. I don’t want to make my blog the way the old blog was made. Self searching…

I don’t wanna be accused of being a hypocrite who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs or feelings but behaves otherwise. I too, have a physical and internal flaws.

We are not the ideal representation of anything because we are unique and special. We are different from others in a way that make us special and worthy. Ideal only exist is the imagination.

I have my own mind but I am also a prisoner of the dictates of my particular gene. Listen to my soul and see the hidden mysteries of my manifestation. Dig inside if you have the valor to face the uncertainty that awaits you.

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