Saturday, January 30, 2016

Daily Morning Routine with my Puppy

I told my sister to have a new dog because his dog died recently. She said that she doesn’t like a dog since it’s a high maintenance pet. She prefers a cat instead. That is so true! A dog on its young age is partly dependent on its owner unless it stays with its mother dog. It’s almost like taking care a child. But of course, raising a child is harder. I’m trying to be optimist that he’ll eventually behave later. They’re hyper because they’re still young. If you don’t like the behaviour of puppies, you can adopt a puppy adult dog or an old dog. There are dogs in the dog pounds who would appreciate a new home too.

I told my bf that I hope Pepper will turn an adult now. He said that I should enjoy his age for now because a dog will become less active and stubborn later. Imagine adolescent dogs rolling their eyes. This definitely requires a leadership skill!

It is really a high maintenance thing to clean, give him a bath, and prepare his food every day and even on occasional nights. Sometimes I don’t have time and energy anymore to play with him after. Then you have to buy a lot of things for a dog and deworm him, give him different vaccines from common dog diseases and an anti-rabies shot. It demands time!
My half labrador half japanese spitz puppy

This is my morning routine with my puppy and usually what causes my late arrival in work:

1. Measure the dog food into 30-35 grams per meal which is almost half of a measuring cup (breakfast, lunch and for dinner). Crush them one by one using a clean stone.
I don’t like a mortar and pestle since it’s very heavy to carry and clean.
2. Soak them in 2 tablespoon of water to soften the dog food.
This is to avoid Pepper from separating and eating only the meat mixed in his dog food. The soft dog food will also encourage him to eat all his meal. Dry doesn’t appeal to him that much.
3. Stir 1 tablespoon of powdered milk and 2/3 cup of water. Prepare milk for lunch too.
The milk is to keep him hydrated while he’s still young. He doesn’t drink plain water that much.
4. Wash all the plates from previous night.

5. Shred meat to mix with his dog food.

This will add a unique taste on his boring food.
6. Wash all the plates and spoon that I’ve used in preparing his food.

7. Give him a .25 ml of tiki tiki for baby.

8. Give him his breakfast and his milk.

9. Let him out for playtime. Keep an eye on him since he wanders around and eats everything. He even eats goat’s and chicken’s poop. Tiny sharp bones scattered around might get stuck on his throat and damage his intestines when eaten.

a. While he’s distracted, sweep the floor to remove the dry leaves from the nearby tree.
b. Wipe all his urines.
c. Remove all his poops and drop it far away.
d. Get some sand and cover the poops to avoid attracting flies.
e. Pump and fetch water. Carry it and refill the water for mopping purposes.
f. Mop the floor.
g. Give him a bath (every other day for now). This takes a lot of time too.
10. Times up! Put him back in the terrace.

And then there are still plenty of things I have to prepare for myself.

Time consuming isn’t it?

I still go home at lunch to observe this little naughty pup and feed him. He currently finds his way out from the covered terrace. We’re still clueless in how he was able to do that. Next time, I’ll just let Mom do the feeding but the preparation of his food will still be my task.

Then at night, I’m too lazy to do other things. I feed him and stay with him for few minutes.

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