Friday, August 23, 2013

Fusion Bolt: Installing Temple Run Oz

This is my first time to install a game in my fusion bolt

I found the link in the files of FB group of fusion bolt. Here’s the link if you want to join.

The links address was but I was redirected into this site The file size is 27.5mb. The first site was quite confusing, it took me minutes before I recognize where the download link. You should click the skip ad to be redirected.

How to Install?
The file extension is APK and I am new in this. So my next problem is how to deal with this. My old games were running in a symbian operating system so I’m quite na├»ve. Anyway, APK means application package file.

I’m quite confused, before all I need to do is to put the file in the memory of my cp, now I came across into a site where it says that I needed Apps Installer.

That’s the problem in searching answer over the net, you are bound to find answers that confuses you more where in fact you should not be bothered.

Installing Temple Run Oz
1. Copy the file into your external SD card or internal SD card.
2. Click the ADK file. A pop up window will show. Click Install.


Akala ko kasi i need a special software to install the APK file, maybe a third party. Siguro nga, if you will be using a different hardware. The "ES File Explorer" is enough to initiate the installation. So far, i know nothing about Android. Exe in PC is being related with APK. Malabo sa part ko kung bakit needed ang third party software sa android para mag install. Meron akong nabasa na  you have to open this folder bla bla, paste the file here etc. Anong meron sa mga smart phone's noon?

Siguro kasalanan to ng pag aask ko kay Mr. Google 

Made me wondering.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cheap Charger, Fake?

So I bought a cheap charger for my cellphone which costs around P150.00. I got no idea how much an original charger costs. In other stalls, they charged it around P350.00, expensive for same poor quality charger. I wonder why they’re over pricing it, especially those sellers who doesn’t give receipts.

While purchasing
I don’t know the name of the stall; I haven’t paid attention to that. However, it was referred to me by my Uncle. It was indeed a ridiculous story. Staffs were not wearing uniform but the place was a bit decent compared to others. The salesman was saying it was original, ho ho. How come a P150 became original? Worst was during the time I was assisted by the saleslady who seemed irritated that they got a buyer. She doesn’t even smile. Wait! The charger was instantly given to me without letting me try it. But I insisted, and it’s not working. Uh-oh. So it was replaced in that very moment.

The charger
It’s not a fast charger. Haven’t caused fire yet. Soon.
INPUT: 100-200V~I
OUTPUT: 5.7V_800mA

Last time.
It’s not actually working properly. Whenever I try to move the charger, it will stop charging, so I have to make sure it is still whenever I’m charging. Since I got no receipts, I can no longer recall how old it is now. Maybe it’s around two months if I would make a wild guess? As far as I can remember, I tried my very best to take care of this charger, but it really proved itself as substandard. Among the entire cheap charger I bought, this one was the worst of them all.

It’s dead. :(

Am I a fan of cheap products? Lol.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kapuso mo Jessica Soho: Moving on…

Having been there… wait… whew… I’m partly speechless… I can’t find words to describe the emotion I was feeling that time, so I just laughed. Laughed because it happened to me.  Because I’m one of those victim of love. La la la..

Sometimes, we wished that we are invulnerable of such thing, but avoiding may give regrets too. Try reading the “Hairy Heart” of the book of Tale of Beetle Bard by J.K. Rowling. It’s a tragic story where a wizard removed his heart to become invulnerable of falling in love.

He doesn’t want to be like his comrades who were succumbed into that madness. But hey, that’s human nature to avoid of. (Ayaw makiuso kasi…) So then, like any other story, there came a girl into his life. However, the girl felt something is missing behind those beautiful words and cold affection. Then came the point where the guy revealed his secret and the girl, stricken by sadness after seeing the heart where hair had finally grown, demanded the heart to be returned in its righteous place. Then she died.

LOL. I’m not a good story teller eh? That is the part I got partly teary eyed. I’ve been warned but still I got a bit shocked on how the story went. There is it. A potential love. A perfect one, the right girl. The heart recognized the feeling. The budding love came to an end before it even materializes. And worst? He killed the girl as his own heart turned into a beast. He wanted his partner’s heart to replace the heart he kept chained and secluded in the dark cell. He wanted a heart. :(

Comment from the episode:
I didn’t like what the ex-girlfriend did. Did she just went on-screen solely for exposure? I was not even convinced the way she responded and defended herself. There’s no hint of seriousness.  What’s worst was that when he was asked by his ex boyfriend if she will accept his invitation to meet up for a proper closure. She showed herself, but he brought his present bf. Urgh… this made me tilt my head and murmur to my self “No wonder...”.

Computer Viruses for Dummies

by Peter Gregory

Copyright © 2004

Yes, this is for dummies. I’m expecting to find something exciting about viruses, pwedeng technicalities or amazing facts & trivias in simple words na still for dummies. Very basic.

This one is intended for those noob. Yung tipong pang end user lang talaga, no no for advance user, pero enough para sa average user.

Good thing about dummies book is napagtyatyagaan kong basahin from cover to cover (parang nobela lang) though I doubt if magreretain sa utak ko yung mga nababasa ko.

Naappreciate ko yung pagkakaexplain sa terms like jargons for easy comprehension of those not familiar with computer terms. Drawback, it is tiring to read for someone like me. Simpleng thought na pinapaikot ikot that I seemed lost at the end.

I'm halfway from reading this book, I'm not giving up from the thought that I might learn something new after.

Kung nagmamadali ka, this is not the book for you since it will cover certain topics in details. Partly spoon feeding  yeah.

Yes. (I believe this is suitable for high school students and those who are just starting to take InfoTech or Compsci course.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cover Case for Fusion Bolt

I’m trying to find a case cover for my fusion bolt through online, maybe something that would really fit fusion bolt, but failed. Some were over priced and doesn’t have the advantage of close examination. So I assumed I will never find one.

Then I came across some stalls, I don’t know what to call them. They were those who sell cellphone accessories and the likes. They suggested universal case cover. I’m eyeing the one with keypad/keyboard but it costs around P500. I can ‘tawad’ daw but I don’t know how and I feel awkward. My aunt said, the original price of those merchandise were ½ or 1/3 of it.

I wanted to buy the one with keyboard but it’s expensive. Real computer keyboard only costs P180 in CDr King. Besides I doubt the quality of the cover for me to invest much. But I wanted that one ;(

But since I’m being kuripot, I bought the one that costs P200, a black leather case cover that is keyboardless. Something that is enough to hold the tablet.

So now:
I will not be in a hassle of bringing the box of the tablet.
Since it can stand, I can now watch movies without getting tired of holding it.

I know nothing about technical, electrical and anything hardware. But I asked if the keyboard will drain the battery fast. They told me that it is 5volts compared to the computer keyboard with the range of 15-20volts. I wish I know about this stuffs.

Other priced it at P300 but I was able to get it at P200. They originally set the price at P250 for me but when I went to other stalls they don’t offer ‘tawad’ at all. Rule of the thumb? Canvass into places a bit concealed from the crowd.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sometimes, unconditional love can be found from someone we're not anticipating.. Sa taong hindi laging nandiyan, pero sa oras ng pangangailangan ay handang tumulong. Sa taong hindi na kailangan ang salita para maipadama satin ang pagmamahal.

May mga taong marunong magpahalaga at makaunawa sa pinagdaraanan ng iba. Lahat naman diba may kapasidad? Sa mga babae nga daw, likas. Hahayaan pa ba nating humantong sa pagsisisi bago ang pagkakataon na mismo ang magturo o magmulat satin ng mga bagay na minsan ay sa masakit pang paraan?

ang sakripisyo ng isang ina

Friday, August 2, 2013

Connecting Fusion Bolt to Computer

I became alarmed when I found in a blog, from one of those who commented, that connecting with PC is not possible or somehow defective. He further added insults in the product like it has a weak customer service. This made me worry "sayang naman". I became quite puzzled like what would be the use of the connector if it will not address that issue.

But that didn't stop me from purchasing this tablet. Really, it made me alarmed when I started plugging the USB connector. It's not connected and worst is that the device manager is not recognized. I got no internet connection in that instant to ask So I just resort into the first aid of roaming around the setting and letting my tiny brain think of possible solution in this dilemma.

I almost gave up in the setting icon when suddenly I tried tapping something in the lower right corner of my tab. Tah dah, it made me jump into the window where it asks if I’ll turn on the USB connector. That simple and ridicolously funny. Mission accomplished.

I can't blame him for this part is not well documented in its manual.

For noob and dummies, complaints like that may give hesitations of buying. It may also bring confusion to readers.

You can check my other posts about fusion bolt HERE. This includes my experiences and other related stories.
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