Saturday, May 30, 2015

First time in Everyday Me | Free Sample

Free Downy Sample Sachets

Pantene 3 Minutes Miracle led me in this website. It all started just because Sample Room, after waiting for more than 5 days for the package to arrive, missed to deliver my order so I have to wait a maximum of 5 days for it to delivered again and wait another 5 days before I could review the product and another 3 days or more before they will approve my review. After that, Pantene sample (with free shipping fee) is disappointingly no longer available. Through reading the review of other bloggers, I have found out the Everyday Me Philippines is giving free samples of Pantene too.

I registered in Everyday Me website and availed the Pantene conditioner. It didn't arrive even when I have tried to follow up in the post office. How would I know if they even sent it, if the Kartero just didn't saw someone in the house to leave the package, or if it got lost? There's no tracking number, the sample history is not so traceable in their website and they didn't send an email pertaining to the samples you availed or those they have sent.

Watsons Strecth Mark Minimizer Review

Watsons Strecth Mark Minimizer Review

It’s not a heavy moisturizer and it’s not oily or too thin for a cream. It’s more of a lotion to me; a good lotion. It feels gentle and safer to use. Because it’s not as thick/hard like the other stretch mark cream, I believe it should be applied twice a day to make it really effective.

The nice scent reminds me of a hair treatment from salon.

I only put a sufficient amount since it's pretty useless to use more. It will only be absorbed by the fabric I’m wearing. With different factors like sweat and fabric, reapplication is needed to keep the skin moisturized. Prior the use, I have a dry flaking skin in my bikini line. This body butter keeps it moisturized. It somehow mildly lightened the area. However, there’s a continuous friction there that darkens the skin so a different and a stronger whitening product is needed to completely whiten the dark areas.

This product is easy to blend and is absorbed well by the skin. There is just this tiny starchy part that needs massaging before it will settle in the skin.

Watsons Body Butter: A look inside

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beginning and Refusal to Networking

It doesn’t feel right when huge money is involved. Letting go is not easy, especially if it’s hard earned. If I was born rich or if money comes easily my perspective might be different from now. I am not a huge risk taker. I need to consider my current status and I will not invest into something I am not familiar or deeply knowledgeable.

Trust and transparency of the company is important to me. However, there are times that the pressure of peers becomes a problem more than the reputation of the company. I don’t know why other people are lured at the thought of investing because of the promise of big and instant money that in reality takes really an effort (or resorting to some deception) to have it back. This just shows our laziness, greed and ignorance.

Remember that money is the root of all evil.

Why I was Gone...

It started because of migraine. I thought it was just a simple head ache. Too bad I am very stubborn when it comes to taking medicines especially when I can tolerate the pain. Days passed and I still have it. Sleeping early made me believe that all will be well for the next day. The pain still persisted. I even tried taking a short nap at work but it didn't work so I decided to take a paracetamol. When it didn't ease the pain, I realized that what I have is migraine. That's the only time where I felt the pulsing pain too. I didn't took Ponstan (the only medicine that works with my migraine) and just sleep early again. The next morning, I still have a mild head ache but it subsided before lunch came. This took 4-5 days.

Then dsymenorrhea followed. I though I won't have it because I'm taking tea and was exercising the weeks before the migraine occurred. All of this made me irritated and freaky. I'm not sure if it's all about hormones or there are other things that might happening inside of me. I was unstable, tired and helpless. I have a short temper too. Then I regret the hurt I caused to those people who became the outlet of this ill feeling. I became sad and uninspired but I'm okay now except that I'm having a hard time staying late (still struggling to have a free time for blogging).

I hate transacting with cunning private companies... that made me more stressed during those weeks.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Watch The Last Part of Forevermore

Poster of Forevermore
Photo from iwanTv

Kahit siguro wala akong lovelife... okay na sa akin yung manood na lang ng love story... Because even if there's a lot of test and trials, I am sure that they will somehow give it a happy ending. Eh sa real life we doesn't really know.

I'm initially not attracted to Agnes because she's new (i'm not yet attached before), she has a very unique face and I like Kate more (when she has a short hair). It was bf who appreciated her beauty first. But as the teleserye goes on, I finally saw how beautiful she is and it's kind of exotic and refreshing.

I don't watch TV anymore because the commercials makes it more of a waste of time. When it comes to Forevermore, I watch it only when I feel like doing so and when the promotions they're advertising is catching. I only stopped watching it since there are scenes that are unnecessary and makes the phasing slow. It just make the story long that I want to fast forward it but can't.

They have a good combination of casts in Lapresa (excluding the mom of Agnes who seems can't act well with emotion yet). Their roles push the love story in success. I find myself laughing at their jokes and charmed by their family bonding.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Travel Kit Review

I wanted to try Celeteque before but I always end up having a variety of facial products from Sample Room so it just stayed in my pending wishlist. I don’t regret picking this travel size since it served as a trial version for me. More sulit than buying the full size and not knowing what to expect.

Even though it’s not the specific cleanser I want, it has the alcohol free toner I’m really curious of due to its witch hazel extract (saw raves from forums). Being able to try another product, their moisturizer, is a bonus too.

Celeteque has a simple, fresh, and clean packaging. The right color combination emits a gentle aura. It’s like it promises a solution to your skin problem without fuss.

  • I prefer a sleeker design for the tubes (facial cleanser and moisturizer).
  • The flip of the tube is hard to open, but it could also mean a spill-proof container.
  • Ingredients are not included in the box nor was it written at the back of the products. (Perhaps only the full size has the written list of ingredients.

  • True to its hydrating effect.

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration Travel Kit

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Belo Intesive Whitening Body Cream Review | (Kojic and Tranexamic)

Belo Whitening Body Cream

A product I'm not really giddy to use but still I took it to maximize the shipping fee. It’s obviously not a love at first sight but more of getting to know the product and realizing it’s not that bad after all. How can you know if you won’t try, right?

My initial impression was it’s an intensive whitening product that will be too strong for my needs. The plain orange and white design has a medicinal look that utters straightforward whitening approach.

The scent is slightly strong but mild when applied in the skin and faint at the end of the day. It smells like Ilang Ilang/Sampaguita flower and a little of usual sunscreen scent.

Price list of Belo Whitening Products

The flip and the cream

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Feeling of Losing a Phone

I always lose my phone. Not all of the time, sometimes it's just damaged. I am clumsy that way. This time though, it's a different story. It was stolen. The person who stole it was even sitting beside me hours ago. I could have caught him if I realized that it is lost right away. It didn't struck me. And I am not naturally a suspicious person. But now? I might and I need to.

I Lost it in the Bus

I'm a sleepy person, it has been my problem ever since. So I nap in the bus until it already passed our house. First time it happened and the first thing I did? I searched my phone. I do that every minute to communicate with my bf. I cannot find my phone in my bag. The pocket of my laptop bag that was in my lap was strangely open. But I need to get up already and leave the bus. Down the road, I searched for my phone. It's not there. I want to pour all my things out from my bag but where can I do that in an unfamiliar place? I am already panicking but I'm trying to be optimistic. The phone might be in my bag. I decided to just go home and have a better search inside my bags.

I heard conversations at my back... I feel suspicious at person sitting at my right side. There was a moment I felt him move side-wards and I am not comfortable at him.

“Please.. it has to be there” that was my silent prayer when I was walking on the way home. When I came, I immediately scattered my things and yes... I'm really unfortunate, it's gone. How I wish I have a car and that I could chase the bus. I really wanted to try but the vehicles here are few.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

White Rain with Coconut Extracts Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Close shot of White Rain Shampoo and Conditioner

There are times that we buy products from someone we know (friends, family, acquaintance etc.) not because we like it but for us to show our support in their effort to find an extra source of living. It can be a waste of money in our behalf if it simply doesn’t suit our needs and personality or the product works unsatisfactorily. Nevertheless, I will still try to be sensible and live in the middle of “a friend who can be counted” and “a person who is practical”.

So this product is an example of the above case. Maybe it doesn’t hurt to buy a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner since we use these kinds of products daily. I love Coconut and these products have the real sweet scent of Coconut.

It’s cheaper if you’ll buy this in the store though. I am expecting a lot from this since it came from another country but I realized that the cheap price makes sense in regards to its quality. Its unfailing presence in market makes me wonder what good does other consumers find in this product.

The coconut made me assume that both will be nourishing to the hair and scalp, but it’s not. Despite its huge bottle, these products don’t last long. The formula will make you use an amount that is 2 to 3 times bigger than the regular amount with your ordinary hair care product.

Shampoo and Conditioner swatch

Eyebrow Dilemma: Thin Trim

Thin eyebrow with my whole face
When an eyebrow emphasizes bigger eyes. Perhaps the thinnest eyebrow I every had.

Never let a guy or a gay trim your eyebrow if you don’t want it to look very thin. I’ve just gotten tired of my eyebrow. I wish someone could maintain it for me. Kaya ko naman eh, nakakatamad lang! It requires a lot of patience. One wrong move and you have to wait until the hair grows back again.

Do you trim your own eyebrow? If yes, you must be good or a beauty junkie. I mostly just rely on salon. If I will trim it myself, I have to read a lot of articles first and watch youtube to remember the proper way of doing it. I don’t find most of youtube videos helpful. They’re mostly redundant and they use a liner or fill it afterwards. Less is better and I want a natural looking eyebrow that doesn't need filling.

I want a shape that compliments my face. It’s easier to maintain it if it is trimmed according to the natural eyebrow shape. Yung iba kasi, once they don’t use an eyebrow product, they look less pretty or almost hairless. That’s why cosmetics becomes necessity.

Strands of newly trimmed eyebrow
Few days later, the uneven trim becomes more apparent.

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