Saturday, August 22, 2015

Memoirs of a Geisha | Book Review

I've watched a lot of Korean series and some of them made me associate Kisaeng as a high class prostitute. I'm not aware of their real function since most of the series are love stories. In movies, it's not explained, you just watched it and form your own conclusion (that's why sometimes I look for book counterpart to understand more). I was a fan of Hwang Jini way back high school but then her first love, Jang Geun Suk, died early for me to finish the whole series. The pretty cover of this book is hard to ignore and initially I thought it's about Kisaeng but soon I realized that Geisha is the Japanese counterpart.

This book portrays Geisha as a woman you could admire. It was quite tricky because in the end I still think of them the same way. Let's understand though that it's part of their culture and they don't have that much choice. It's actually an advantage to become one of them, at least in this book. It's either you become a slave (maid) or become a geisha. It's good to know that despite the poor upbringing, they can still have a wealthy life. It doesn't mean that it's easy because they need to master the art of entertaining, dancing, singing, etc. It means you will study all your life and endure different hardships to become one.

Memoirs of a Geisha Cover
by: Arthur Golden

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Facebook Now, Friendster Before

Facebook used to be so enjoyable when it was just “us” in the campus and the instructors. That was when we didn’t yet add a lot of people we didn’t really know or accepted the friend request of older generations, relatives and nosy neighbors. Back then, we just play Farmville and exchange gifts even with our instructors. We take pride in our achievements in different FB games. Simple joys.

I miss Friendster. I miss the part where you can see who viewed your profile. You also have to make an effort to go to other people’s page to know them more because you admire them or just curious of them. When you post, no one would know it unless they visit your page. There’s no Newsfeed where every post of yours will be seen by all of those who are in your friend list. You just browse pictures. You customize your page to express your personality.

Posting in Facebook is quite embarrassing now. It’s equivalent to showing off. It’s too public. Besides, it’s not a place like a blog to log your life. Facebook is not your diary. It’s not an Instagram for you to bombard it with pictures. It is currently a place where you can easily call the attention of people from different walks of life. Some people rant and get annoyed. You receive unsolicited information through your friend’s post even if you don’t really need or like what they’ve said.

Argan Oil Hand Cream (Naturals by Watsons) REVIEW

It’s pretty tricky to make a review of hand creams. It’s different from lotion applied in the body because you use your hands pretty often. Thus, you distinguish more of its texture and its effect. I have a sweaty palm, so when my sweat glands is inactive, my hands become superly dry. I don’t want it to look like my grandma’s hands yet, so prevention is needed.

Since my favourite brand seems phased out in Watsons already, I bought this Argan Oil Hand Cream of Naturals by Watsons. I’m about to just buy one but I’m stuck with buy 1 take 1 offer, the sales attendant insist it. Most of the time, hand creams are more expensive than the lotion counterpart. I wish I could just buy a regular lotion but can’t. Ordinary lotion is either too heavy or greasy to the hands (unlike when used in the body) or doesn’t really moisturize the hands and just accumulate on top of the skin. Besides, it’s more inspiring and easier to remember to moisturize when there's a cute tub or tube right on your own working table.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Vampire Diaries: The Fury Book Review

I've watched 1 season of Vampire Diaries and it's nice and very addicting. I assumed that the suspense part of this book will lead to the father of Klaus, the vampire who made Katherine a vampire. If you don't know Katherine, she is the original girl in the love triangle. She made Stefan and Damon a vampire. The female protagonist here is Elena though. Katherine is long dead and the two guys fell in love at Elena whose appearance resembles Katherine.

In the TV show, Katherine is alive. But in this book, her appearance is quite lame and isn't surprising. If I didn't know the video counterpart of this, maybe I can still get shocked. Her rage is not relatable, it's actually stupid. Everything is her fault. That doesn't justify her to throw fit and kill people. She's not horrifying enough to be the cause of the great dread.

The Fury Book Cover
The Fury by L.J. Smith

It's quite annoying that the suspense is presented in a dramatic way and then the threat is just empty. The only way to beat the evil power is when all of them unite and if there's a sacrifice. All of the protagonist are safe and none of their friends is dead. For me, a sacrifice is like a life taken away. The only dead character is their enemy. That doesn't count as a sacrifice. There was also a part where Bonnie mentioned that her mother uses a melted lead for predicting the future. Isn't that explosive when combined with water?

They Fight Again

I don't why they always fight when my boyfriend and I rarely fight on the first year of our relationship. The only cause of our fight during the early stage is him drinking (he's banned from doing that) but the rest works just fine between us.

Within that first 3 months of relationship, this guy I am close with always cry. Sometimes even in front of me. The relationship either makes him so high or extremely down. She's not his first or second girlfriend but their relationship is more of puppy love to me. Or maybe it just happens that she is his first love.

People fight because they want something that was not given to them. It means “Please change” or “I'm shy to tell exactly what I want from you so we'll fight hoping you'll guess it after”. You and your partner are two different worlds clashing to become one. He's from Mars, you are from Venus and both of you meet on Earth. Fight occurs to cement you two. That's when compromise happens, the give and take part where one of you (or both) change to make the relationship stronger and to last longer. You will understand each other more and will learn to respect the differences both of you have.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Writing for Other Blogs: Is it Worth it?

Advertising in blogs doesn’t yield immediate profits. It’s like a tree; it needs proper nurturing and years before it could bear fruits. To become famous, you need to work hard and create good connections. A patience that can persist for a long period of time is a must. One of your enemy, if you write your own article instead of hiring a ghost writer, is it can cause you to burn out. You need a creative mind or at least make your blog presentable. Your articles should be very entertaining to keep your audience or very useful enough for search engines to display. There’s the part where you have to promote it too. You have to self study to be competitive.

I’ve been contemplating about a writing gig that was offered to me for a few dollars per article. Do you think I am competent for that? Is it worth it? I am not a writer and don’t know its fundamentals. I suck in subject verb agreement. Only when words sounds good together after reading it, then that’s the time I decide that it’s okay to post. My choice of words is simple. But for general SEO purposes, it’s better to make it simple and engaging. Remember that the general population of those who are searching in Google, Yahoo and the likes are looking for easy answers.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thinking of those Kids that Time

I went to her classroom to deliver my belated birthday gift. She's a grade 1 teacher. Some of the chairs are still empty when I came inside. The chairs, painted with light blue paint color, makes the room looks amazingly pleasant. It’s not gloomy, thanks juices! It’s comfortable and very refreshing to the eyes. Kids really need to have a room filled with different light colors because it’s good to their age. The kids are also very amusing to look at. Tiny little version of our race. That time, a part of me wants to fool and play around with them. Years ago with a different set of students, I brought a camera and they all came to me like a bunch of minions. It's like Gru surprised with sudden delight and amusement.

I’m scared of crying and insolent kids but I have a soft spot on kids that are naturally sweet and friendly. I miss those little kids from the past who once look up at me; it’s as if I was their idol. They’re cute and silly. They have a way of making you smile unexpectedly. It’s just unfortunate that we really don’t have a lot of kids in our place. That’s why I’m still scared to approach and handle those occasional little kids I met. I have only my little sister to practice at.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

thread: Snippets of July

Ginger tea because I don't want to drink medicine. Yeah I'm stubborn. This is very effective though. 30

Chicken meat at the center. I'm not afraid of rats until this happened. I caught 1 rat using this kamoi paper. This is the only time that I realize how gross it is. The little rat is alive and staring at me. I can't pick the paper because of that and it's trying to escape. It's still a living thing that it breaks my heart too. I need a guy in this task (yohoo bf!) What I'm afraid most is that those little vermin knows how to take revenge. I was not able to caught the other rat because well, they're smart.  The same trick won't work with them. The kamoi paper also caught 2 poor lizards. 28

Korni Laughters...

Movie Review | Mission Impossible 2015

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

This movie has a high ratings that I can't totally relate with. Why so high? The movie is not awful but I'm not completely amazed. I am numb after and I find it difficult to conclude a final say. It's not the kind of movie that I can still think of after but it left me bewildered. It's a fine movie that is in the middle of average and excellent.

now showing mission impossible

The involvement of CIA here is quite ridiculous. They're CIA yet they can't capture Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). The casts are few too and for the first timer like me the IMF looks like a team of 4 (not that believable). I need a subtitle here as I can't understand their conversations well. Ethan still has acess with some high end equipments even if the IMF was already disbanded.
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