Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Zenutrients Softening Argan Hand & Body Lotion Review

zenutrients hand and body lotion

Just after my VIP subscription ended, this line of Zenutrients appeared. I wanted to have the soap too but my regular points is not enough. This is the first single purchase I did in Sample Room. I paid P140 just to have this. The color of the bottle is unique and has a strong nature feel on it. The Argan oil felt like it promises a dreamily moisturizing experience.

When I tried this for the first time, it's very different from what I thought it will be. It's not the kind that you slather at night to deeply moisturize your skin since it's best suited for a day use. It won't trigger sweat even if you are doing heavy activities. The lack of SPF makes it not good to use under the direct heat of sunlight. Not a problem since I'm not always into SPF products, I just make sure to avoid the sun.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Giving Some Love Advice

It's not that easy to give an advice if the person is very sensitive and is not used to constructive criticism. What if he'll blame you later or if he'll realize you're not trustworthy after. What if your friend lose his confidence and become unproductive. Then he will distance himself and won't be open anymore.

Years ago, a schoolmate said to me "Bata pa kasi kayo". Why did she say that? Kaya ba hindi naaayos ang relationship dahil bata pa? How come if we're not even minor. Seryoso ako kaya it's hard to admit that it was even my first love. The heart ache took more than 4 years to heal.. Iba kasi pag trinato ka na parang wala kang kwenta. Very prone sa mga choosy at mga minsan lang pumasok sa relationship tapos sa hindi pa deserving na tao.

Bata pa kasi kayo makes sense. It means you're not matured enough. But yes, it's part of the experience until you'll get better in handling relationship - pero sa ibang tao na. Kung crush mo lang siya, hindi pa yan. Pag nahihiya hiya ka pa pag nakikta mo siya at natatameme, hindi pa yan. Pag nadevelop ka dahil tinutukso siya sayo, hindi pa yan. Ang totoo natuwa ka lang sa atensyon ng mga nang aasar pero mawawala din yan. Hello?

Safeguard Acne Prone Skin Facial Cleanser Review

(Includes a gross picture of pimples.)

safeguard acne prone facial cleanser

I was taking a certain medicine that gives a great skin for a side effect. I finished medication while in the middle of using this Safe Guard Acne Prone Skin facial cleanser. The facial cleanser is still doing fine then. Soon my skin turned back to its ugly duckling state but it is slightly better than how worst it is originally. It's hard to accept when pimples are suddenly sprouting back when you’ve already gotten used in being pimple-free .

Then the breakout started…

I still hold on and gave it a chance because it's meant for pimple but I’d eventually lost my patience due to its gradual effect. The 8 weeks promise before the zits will totally clear up is such a long time (but it could also mean that it's gentle enough). I want an immediate result or a sign of improvement the next day to inspire me. I'm not getting that though. I stopped using the Safeguard facial wash and used Kojie San. I hope my skin won't build tolerance with that product. But now that my skin has improved, I'm using the two alternately. Sayang kasi...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Myra Hand & Body Lotion Review

I’ve run out of lotion so it means that buying what’s only available in the department store and drugstore from our remote province is the left choice. But honestly, I just haven’t found my HG lotion yet. That makes it hard to decide which lotion to stock and hoard.

Myra Hand & Body Lotion Bottle

This is my 2nd or 3rd purchase of Myra E lotion yet it’s only now that I made a review of this. It’s more of giving this a second chance since I was not impressed with my first use. Though I still have faith that it can work just fine considering how bad the state of my skin 2 years ago compared to an improved state now. I bought this because it’s simple and perhaps plainer than other common brands.

Myra Hand & Body Lotion
with Vitamin E Beads
For healthy, beautiful, young looking skin

Has Vitamin E Beads that gently burst onto your skin. Vitamin E helps protect & nourish skin
Dimethicone & Glycerin seal in your skin's natural moisture preventing dryness
Helps keep your skin healthy, soft, & smooth to touch

Safe and effective for all skin types
Non-greasy & ideal for everyday use

PS I still Love You (Book Review)

“To All the Boys I've Loved Before” is way more beautiful than the sequel “P.S. I still Love You”. I am not instantly disappointed when I finished reading it yet I am not completely satisfied too. Her other books, the Summer series, is way better than this duology. Maybe because when I’ve read the Summer series, all books is available for nonstop reading. While this duology, I have to wait a year for the publishing of the 2nd book.

The first few pages were very reminiscent of the first book and gave me high hopes. It didn't really make me go gaga though. Reading this is still fast paced but there's a boring part that made me stop once. I wish she didn’t rush into making this 2nd book. 3 years of waiting can be okay as long as it's worth it.

Part of it is quite predictable. The character did a lot of things that made me question this “Why are they even acting like that?” Why give a precious jewelry to your love one then return it again? Why does Peter still choose her ex over her girlfriend? The reason is not even that grave.

PS I Still Love You Book Cover
2nd book in the duology

It isn’t just right to ignore Josh after the years of friendship. He is, after all, the original character in the love triangle in Book 1. The arrival of new guy in Book 2, John Ambrose, doesn’t match the tension that came from the original Josh. John Ambrose just popped out in this book. There was no huge anticipation in his arrival and his character was not developed well in book 1. No wonder it’s not easy to root for him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Danger with Guy Friends

Being with guy friends means: no shrieking and excessive talks about crushes and opposite sex as if it's the only thing that matters, no exaggerated scream when a cockroach and rats passes by and most of all there's no destructive competition that's so common in a female group.

I have a closer relationship with my guy friends. They're mostly the last to stick to this friendship despite the changes that happened in our lives now. I generally hate guys... though most of the special person in my life belongs to that gender. Even my social life consists of them.

You might think that the friendship with them is very susceptible with falling in love. It happens to some but there are those who don't mind it. Falling in love with them was never a problem. It's a matter of discipline. It depends upon your character and actions too. It's really under the control of female. You're giving them a reason to act the way they do.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ender's Game Movie Review

Ender: the main character
In year 2135, humanity is preparing to launch an attack on the homeworld of an alien race called the Formics who had attacked Earth and killed millions. Over the course of fifty years, gifted children are trained by the International Fleet to become commanders of a new fleet for this counter-attack. ~Wikipedia
Right after watching this, I was wondering if this movie is derived from a book. My guess is right! It didn’t become that famous though but it was a great movie for me. It seems that I have another book series to read soon.

Hearsay is there’s a lot of alteration in the movie. I’m glad that I have watched this but the huge change from the original story of the book might feel deceiving for fans like me. Would I hate it if I’ll read the book? Should I still read it? This was what happened to me in the book “Divergent”. It felt like they have only borrowed the idea (because they can’t make their own) which dishonors the book.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

This is Cheating!

and an amazing site despite its typographical errors and few unorganized/incomplete sentences. Try putting the names of your friends and family and discover their dominant characteristics. Name has powers and I believe in that. Why do you think artists uses screen name instead of their real name? Why do we use endearments to our special someone? Even knowing someone’s real name give us an immediate impression.

I don’t believe in daily horoscopes found in newspapers. It’s just so impossible to counsel every zodiac signs especially if we think of the huge population of human beings all over the world and expect it to be accurate for everyone. It only pressures us to think of those people who might be the candidate for “There’s a person who will make you happy today”, “Someone is thinking of you”, “You will meet someone today” and so on. It shouldn’t be the basis of our decisions and dictate our actions. I knew someone before who believed in his daily forecast about love life instead of just moving or doing something to make their relationship better.

Numerology Name Calculator

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Letter of a Friend: The Sadness From Not Making It Easy

You are my friend, not just those kinds of so called friends. I mean it when I say I am. I hope you know how I take relationship seriously and how I usually end up hurt. When you met me late in life, I am already a million shattered pieces trying to be whole again.

I was mad at you for that kind of approach. Please don't say I only remember you when I needed you. That's not true. I was very angry and insulted for I've never done that. You know how I'm almost independent and that I don't take advantage of people who are close to me. I can choose to not to talk to you but still I welcomed you in my life. Never mind giving then, if you will only want something in return. I don’t ask a lot from you, and actually I’m avoiding it. So please don’t be too demanding… I cannot just easily give what I don’t have.

Please don't throw tantrums, for I have experienced worst thing than you. Please make it easy for us, say it in a concise way. Don't let me guess if there's something wrong for I always know there is, and not knowing the real reason only makes me more infuriated. Please understand that during those times that I'm gone, I also deal with my own problems and sorting my life.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Mutual Understanding Gone Bad

Mutual Understanding Gone Bad

I know you once liked me, but that was not enough. You're not sure of me and I will never find the reason behind. You're there but you're just there, you're not moving. Should I make the first move, or wait until you're really sure? Or should I leave so it won't hurt me? I need to move on too.

But why do you make me feel like I could have been yours? Then only to find out that you chose a different girl. Why do you have to make me feel like your regretting, that I am also to be blame for not trying. But hey, did you even try your best?

You know I like you, but I'm still sane. I have said enough of what you need to hear but it still feels like you're not sure of making it real. If there's one thing I can be afraid of, it's the part that I am just one of the options. Or can it be, you're the one who's afraid of it?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dove Go Fresh Energize Body Wash REVIEW (grapefruit and lemongrass scent)

Dove with grapefruit and lemongrass scent
Go Fresh Energize

There’s something in Dove that makes it better than the other brands. It doesn’t fake the moisture. It doesn’t dry the skin and won’t give a feeling like there’s a film coating the skin. It feels mild, safe and it’s a trusted brand.

It initially reminds me of bubble gum but after few days of using, the citrusy scent became more pronounce. It may be strong when you sniff it closely but it actually doesn’t stick on the skin unlike the Deeply Nourishing variant (you can check the review here). It doesn’t last long because it doesn’t really linger in the first place.

Energetic refreshment that effectively nourishes skin. Revitalization that refreshes every inch of you. The sparkling scent of grapefruit  lemongrass. The added joy of skin that feel dewy-fresh and vibrant.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Unboxing Bdjbox May 2015 (My first box!)

It’s only now that I subscribed to BDJ box because waiting for around 3 months for the box arrival isn’t that so exciting. However, my Sample Room VIP subscription seems more expensive and still doesn’t guarantee that I can avail the other available premium brands (Bobbi Brown, Shiseido etc.). It’s true that you can choose the products you want to try in SR but doing so diminishes the value of what you paid for especially if you are a VIP. It’s more of luck. At least, the BDJ box gives you triple value of P580.

May BDJ Box 2015

With that and the makeup of previous boxes, I felt it’s time for me to try BDJ. Since it’s a mystery box, I assume that they will only give the best or at least will try. I want the selection to be diverse now and I find SR too limiting with their mostly skincare and hair samples. My baby steps with make ups will hopefully start with BDJ. I want to experiment w/o spending a lot while also learning in the process. As I get acquainted with different consisteny, texture and other related things, the familiarity and knowledge will help me make a better choice in the future. There are things that you will only learn by trying...

Monday, June 1, 2015

Ship Your Phone Through LBC

Sharing you my own experience of sending a cellphone through LBC.

I’m still not comfortable of sending valuable packages like cellphones, other gadgets, etc. with our local couriers. It never occurred to me that I will be sending a phone someday.

They are closed every Sunday (check their schedule posted in their main door since it might vary with each branch). Even if the branch is open, there’s no delivery on Saturday. If you sent it on that day, it will arrive on Monday instead of Sunday.

Due to procrastination, I rushed to LBC before their cut off time (this will determine if your product will be delivered exactly the next day or the day after that) only to find out that they don’t have a cut off time on Saturdays. It makes sense because they have 6 working days and a rest day. The cut off time is around 3:00pm on Monday-Friday.

I’m relieved that the branch I’ve went didn’t throw the parcels (similar to throwing a ball) in the crates like what I’ve seen before.

Turning blind eyes?

I heard the experiences of other people about opening the packages for inspection. Even though they don’t do that regularly with my past transactions with them, I didn’t fully close the bubble wrap yet. I placed the phone box in the counter and they didn’t say anything so I started taping the bubble wrap in front of them. I felt really stupid that when I hand it to them, that’s the only time they’ve said they will open it for inspection. Isn’t that annoying?. They will fasten naman daw yet I didn’t like how it is packed after.

Tip: Check if the smartphone is properly turned off.
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