Friday, November 28, 2014

Miacare Acne Patch for Night Review

Whenever I return home, darkness already intimidated the night sky and the spaces underneath. BER months means longer nights. The earliness discourages me and makes me less productive. I still want to do some work but it’s as if it’s a call to stop. Oh how I wish this gloomy air to end asap.

Mia Care Acne Patch

Finally, I was able to try this product. High expectation just led me to some disappointment. Bench Acne Patch is more effective than this (perhaps it’s because Bench is medicated). Nonetheless, there are still some parts of it worth appreciating.


I somehow feel there’s something wrong in the way the English words are expressed. For packaging, it’s cute and well presented. After trying the product though, it seems that they need to trim some design and make it simple to match the product effectiveness too.

Ingredients are not included. It’s only labeled as hydrocolloid dressing. It didn’t mention if it’s medicated.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Milcu Underam and Foot Powder Review

Milcu Deodorant Powder

It’s difficult to convince other people to try something new and break their old habits. I am also like that years ago and still a bit of it until now. It’s only because of this blog, the promise of a solution and rediscovery of more satisfying product that somehow drags me out of the comfort zone.

To fully benefit in this product, that particular area of the skin and your belongings that will be in contact with the skin should also be clean. It’s possible for an unpleasant odor to still occur if the sweat is very excessive. But for average people, Milcu performs well. I can also vouch of its effectiveness since it works better compared to other products I’ve tried before. It only consists of 2 ingredients yet it works way more than other deodorizing product.

Seal of Milcu

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Black Beauty Cuticle Coat Review

I really thought I've already made an entry about this cuticle coat but when I search around this blog, it seems that I need to accept it was just an imagination.

Hair serum is essential in taming my unruly hair. This is actually a mainstay in my stash. I always bring this wherever I go. I only feel confident not to bring this if my hair is straightened. Serum really doesn't have a huge effect in my hair but doing nothing feels much worse. If only hair straightening is inexpensive and healthy for our scalp. Using the right shampoo still helps most of the time.

I'm not actually using hair serum everyday, but this product is a necessity. It's important for instant grooming and giving the hair a lovely shine. I heavily rely on this for a boost of confidence and for a presentable look.

Protect Cuticle Coat

Since I run out of serum, I bought this with the hope it will give a promising result. I'm also using the hot oil of Black Beauty that I always repurchase.

For Fuller and Thicker Hair
Protective Health Shield Serum
For Extra Shine and UV Protection

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Muz Facial Sheet Mask Review (Whitening + Oil-Control)

In Koreanovelas, it’s common to see the casts wearing this stuff. It’s as if it's a natural part of their beauty regimen unlike us Filipinos. It really made me curious of how it feels like when this is applied in the face. Does it make a lot more difference and yield much better result? Perhaps this makes them more beautiful considering that they have already a naturally nice skin.

It’s rarely seen locally especially here in the province and rarely advertised in televisions. I can’t remember seeing someone I knew who uses this kind of product (like my mom, cousins, aunts, friends and the likes).

Muz Facial Sheet Mask

Even though it feels like it’s just a luxury purchase, some curiosity must end. It’s still an experience after all. (A bad experience) The lesson learned in this entry is “Believe in your instinct”. If there’s no product raves, it’s highly possible that this product doesn’t have an outstanding performance. But why is that this sheet mask get sold out in MD easily?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

TM New Astig Sim Choose Your Number | Review

New TM Sim Card

Can you remember those times when you’re so proud of having a nice cellphone number and you’re friends will say “Your number is very nice” or “You’re lucky”?. And there’s also the nuisance of memorizing the hard combination of contact no. of either your partner or friend. It doesn’t matter to me now as I only need one number and that doesn’t have to be replaced yet. We only need one for official transactions and it’s not also that simple to ignore the long years of attachment with an old loyal sim card.

An easy to remember number is beneficial in the market. I once heard that those kinds of numbers were being sold in a higher price and bought by business owners. Your best chance of picking the best number before is through choosing from the set of available sim card the salesperson has.

This customization is likely to help the network for its survival and better recognition. It will attract consumers and possibly boost the company sales.

Number not available in the sim card container
No more printed number in the sim container

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Handling Difficult People by Dr. John Townsend (Book Review)

I know reading book reviews can be boring. Even so, I somehow hope you can endure my reviews. There's beauty in reading books. Ah I know it still depends upon the personality of individual and on how the book is presented. There are boring books and there are books that's very attractive you would have hard time stopping. If you are not really interested in books, I still believe there's a book that's meant for you or will suit you.

Handling Difficult People

what to do when people try to push your buttons
by: Dr. John Townsend

Sometimes it gets overwhelming to deal with difficult people. We sort to aggression or stay silent than finding ways to properly handle them. They're everywhere and worst they're grown up. It's as if they need some values education and doesn't have any idea of what being matured means.

I'm into reading no-brainer books that consists of few pages to give me a sense of achievement of finishing a book. Despite the small size though, this book is very packed with practical and relevant information that won't make you regret.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just Some Negative Comments

Having consistent internet connection, I became more exposed in how Facebook becomes a venue of uncivilized netizens with their constant sharing of bad words. It's not as polluted and corrupted during it's early flourish. Guess it's always the problem when a place becomes bigger and crowded. This is how FB is different with forums, since the latter has moderators who penalizes member with undesirable behaviors. It made me miss the concept of little preschoolers listing their noisy classmates.

Just past few days, I received a very insulting comment. Not knowing the full content yet, I instantly made a draft of response (which I haven't posted after) and published that person's comment only to find out that it was longer than what is visible in the comment approval section of Blogger. The other longer part was written in a tactless way that encourages debate. Worst is that the person belittled me and ridiculed me with “haha” in his comment.

Because of that, I wasn't able to carry out my night routine works and just went to sleep after getting tired and overwhelmed of that negative feedback. Perhaps he's happy in how he can affect the lives of other people that way.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sample Room Products Received #12

The shipping fee of this products costs around P160. Oh, is there another increased of shipping fee? With this, I did ask myself if everything is still worth it or if it's wiser to try another sampling site. Then I found out that the increase was due to the total weight of this products. It's around .75kg. I should have chosen another combination of products and maximize the weight range. It would be nicer if the increase is around P10 only, from P140 it will become P150 instead of P160.


The payment is P180 for over the counter Gcash transaction. I paid late due to attempt of doing the transaction using Globe sim card, but that's a failed story. So after 2 days, that was the only time I was able to fully pay this loots. For the next orders though, there will be less hassle in payments as I created a new Gcash account.


Late payment means late response from SR too. It's a relief when the order was not forfeited. The product was delivered after the expected 3 days arrival.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bench Clearpore Acnedot Gel Patches Review

Warning: This includes a picture of pimple.

Bench Clearpore Acnedot Gel Patches Review

I saw this kind of products just few years ago in Baguio Watsons. The price of a small box which is around 200php to 300+ raised my curiosity. I was clueless how it works before and was skeptical of its effectiveness and how practical it can get. Perhaps this would works since it's expensive. The instant effect and the idea of covering the bump of the acne is very bewitching. Make up can also be applied after (Though not for Bench). This could be a wonderful part of kikay first aid kit for an approaching event and to get rid of pimples asap. (I'm actually talking about a different brand in this paragraph just let you know and to avoid confusion).

The available smaller pack made me finally buy this. I can now try it cheaply without wasting a lot of money in case of product failure and dissatisfaction.

But before the MiaCare Acne patch review, I will work with Bench Clearpore Acnedot first since it was also the first I was able to purchase.

Round Acne patches

Clearer skin is a dot away
Point-sized gel patches to cool and soothe pimples.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stylized by Liz Uy (Book Review)

Since they discourage us of kakikayan as we grew up, plain t-shirt and jeans became my usual getup. Imitating what's common within our age group back on those old days seems like joining a cult and have to avoid. Perhaps our parents only want us to grow simple while their conservative nature makes them believe it's just their way to prevent us from becoming materialistic. Depriving us a lot of what we should have at least enjoyed created a void that makes us feel there's still missing and not right.

Too bad those gurly stuff and instinct didn't develop naturally and it seems I have to crawl like a baby to reach the destination I want to achieve. I can't totally relate. It's something I have too seek than turn a blind eyes.

My Expectations

I was still hesitant to buy this that I browse the pages first, it's the t-shirt tips that convince me into purchasing my own copy (I believed that the rest would be like that). I was expecting it to be an idiot's guide for fashion and will gives life saver ideas. Or some story of real life situation and how the author handled it. I won't consider this as a fashion bible for it's too brief and is a marketing exaggeration.

Stylized Book by Liz Uy

More on Good things...

Sarah Geronimo looks astigin and gorgeous in the book as well as Julia Barreto's fresh beauty that will make you stare longer (even after disliking her with the father thingy issue). It's just that Filipina models was given a little exposure and spot light in general. I do love the featured bags and rubber shoes while not so much for the rest.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2 Hours in Baguio

I have to go to Baguio because I have to. When you lose control of everything, you have to do something to bring out the first big step for transformation and restoration. So when something turns infuriating again, you have something to hold on.

Bad luck will always be there so you have to understand that it could happen even in undesired times. Experiencing it for the first time is normal. I’m not sure if what’s the most appropriate reaction; is it better to stay calm or be angry of what happened? Both is okay and is applicable in different kind of situation. Yet now, I’ll choose to stay calm BUT forever bear in mind that unpleasant incident and try to be wary and alert next time.

I hope I could keep up in blogging after being gone for 2 weeks. I have tons of products to review by now that I limit myself from buying skincare products during the short escapade in Baguio.

Products purchased in Baguio

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sim Replacement from Lost Cellphone

I lost my phone last July with my 2 most important and valuable sim card. The TNT sim card is a loader sim and was my longest sim I’ve used. It was a fruit of initiative and it carries with it my memories of summer job and college life. With loader sim and a brand that has one of the lowest promos, that’s totally a steal. The other one is a TM sim card I have perhaps last year or early this year. It was our couple sim. I was really heart broken when I lost them.

I went to Smart just few months ago but I was informed that loader sim is irreplaceable.

Replacing lost sim card

For TM sim. I went a fortnight ago at Globe Center. After the long line and long transaction, they were not able to find a sim card that would match the code of my number. The stocks will be delivered on Friday. 1 week later, it was exhausting to find out that they close at an early hour of Sunday. 2 weeks later, I learned that they close at 4 pm. And then just now, it’s confirmed that their opening hours is 9 am. Today is Monday and I came back at lunch again only to find out that my number is already expired and can’t be replaced anymore. It’s just 4 months and it’s already expired. Worst is that the number is registered in my name and was used in my transaction with Globe Gcash. The TM simcard has a remaining balance of around 300 pesos and now they’re just gone with the sim.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Argan & Rosemary Organic Oil Treatment Review

I was about to make a review of this hair treatment last week it’s just that well, I've already given a hint of what I ‘ve went through during those days.

I received this hair treatment from Old Wives Tail. They let me pick what specific product I would like to review so I chose the Argan oil since it’s almost everywhere and I was just starting to get acquainted of it back then. I should have asked them to personally recommend a specific mask that is best for my normal hair though.

Unwrapping the oil treatment

My hair hasn’t undergone any chemical straightening for a year now and that means it’s in its natural state but is very hard to tame with weather change. It’s moody and I’m yet to find a serum that works with virgin hair. Can you recommend some?

It does smell a hint of Vicks vaporub and perhaps cinnamon. Some people might find themselves uncomfortable of its smell.  But hey, that’s just being pure and organic. I can somehow tolerate it and I’m still using it. It would be nice though if they could mask the smell with other nice smelling organic product since the scent is a huge factor that attracts and gives the consumer a nice experience.

Certified Organic Ingredients Only
Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Gluten Free
Vegetarian & Vegan
No Animal Testing


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bench Organics Purifying Green Facial Cleanser Review

I’m getting curious of Bench recently and have thought they were all on perfume and clothes. I'm always curious of Organic products and this caught my attention since it is called “Bench Organics” (Not sure if it is Organic though). I remember how my adviser said, “Don’t use baby wipes, it will give you pimples”. Even if the idea of wiping the face for instant feel of hydration is tempting, I didn’t dare try baby wipes on my face since then.

After a tedious day, how we wish we can go to sleep straight after. Personal hygiene should still be done though. And if you are afraid of having big pores, you should make sure to remove your make up. To go with the flow too, I want to try some facial wipes. This time, I’m not afraid to use this as it is made exactly for the face. Good thing that trying it doesn’t hurt with the P30 price.

Bench Organics Facial Wipes

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sample Room Products Received #11

I quickly received this free samples. It's almost like the normal LBC one day delivery. I was expecting it to arrive around Monday-Wednesday last week but I got it already last Sunday. Perhaps it arrived Saturday when I wasn't at home and wasn't informed by a family member.

I like to receive Zenutrients products too because I love organic and natural products most. Should I subscribe for VIP because of that? Not yet... I don't like panic buying and the feeling of being pressured. The BDJ box sounds appealing here since it's cheaper and their products is mostly worth it. It's all just imagination and day dream for now. Occasional and cheap drugstore finds does the trick of diversion sometimes.

Maybe I'd just go to their stall in Baguio and personally pick the products I want to try.

Himalaya face wash and Belo Glutathione Free Samples

Megan Purifying Nose Pore Strips with Rose Extract Review

Happy November!!! I've been in a rest period for 1 week. I was kinda freak during those time and I am attending a seminar too. I made a draft actually but I forgot to save it. OCD won't let me start another new draft without being able to post that previous draft. Took me days before I got that copy (because it was created from a different PC and not from my personal lappy), but the desire to post it just fade away...

Megan Nose Strip in Nose

The product review I have here now is a nose pore strip from the brand Megan. Since I regularly use peel off masks to remove whiteheads and hopefully blackheads, trying different brands won't hurt and is also a great way to learn which brand works better.

There are other variants of Megan from other blog reviews such as the “Deep Cleansing” but this is the only available variant during the time I bought this.

Where to buy? Found this in Seven Eleven

Formulatd in Italy. Made in P.R.C.

Megan Nose Strip in Nose
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