Friday, July 31, 2015

Moringa O2 Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner (with Argan) Review

moringa malunggay herbal shampoo

Herbal/natural shampoo usually doesn’t lather richly so I was surprised with how this set turned out. The design of Moringa shampoo looks like it’s an organic product but it’s not. I was initially amazed when I first used it since it lathers and works like an ordinary shampoo with just a little twist.

Moringa shampoo feels very gentle to use. The unisex scent is clean and refreshing. At first, you might feel that it lathers like Sunsilk though the distinction between the two shampoos becomes noticeable if you use the Moringa longer. Aside from having a clear blue appearance (which sometimes looks green too), Moringa shampoo is not stripping and drying.

shampoo and conditioner content

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dermal Vegetable Placenta Mask Review

Collagen Essence Mask

Firming, Regeneration, Moisturizing

dermal vegetable placenta mask

After my first unpleasant encounter with a sheet type mask from a different brand, I’ve accepted that they will not work well on me. I generalized and stayed away from it. But after I’ve tried this Dermal sheet mask, I realized that there are brands or lines that will still work even if they're supposed to work for a certain skin type only. Too bad it's mostly a trial and error before I could find them. Experimenting is expensive because you have to buy them and just run the risk of disposing them if they don't work.

The cooling sensation from a wet mask is relaxing as always though I wasn't able to relax on this because the selfie consumed my time.

The essence really remains on the skin after. It feels gentle and not penetrating for those who have sensitive skin. It doesn't sting the eyes too. I was really surprised when the effect was still there the next morning. I love the feeling of this mask than a typical moisturizer applied at night. The fact remains though that the effect is only temporary unless if this will be used regularly.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How To Be a Bridesmaid Book Review

how to be a bridesmaid book
Price: 100php

I don’t know what an “abay” truly is even after being a bridesmaid for around three times. My first bridesmaid experience will always be the most unforgettable and special of them. It’s not because of the pretty dress or for simply being asked for but because of the unexpected short bond I have with my cousin, who is the groom, and the other pampering and luxury that followed.

7 years of relationship + dream wedding. It’s such a wonderful wedding. I admire it. It’s not like the other bridesmaid experience where they’ll just take the body measurement, let you fit the dress and then only see each other on the day of the wedding. Since the groom shouldn’t see the bride yet, I accompanied my cousin in the hotel and slept there. Sayang kasi yung hotel, it’s a room for 3. It may be unintentional bonding but I’m glad it happened. It was my first time in a high-class hotel. I also appreciate that my cousin and I were able to eat breakfast together. It’s a rare opportunity to not only be invited but also be a part of a wedding typical for wealthy people. A once in a lifetime kind of experience way back early teenage years.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ant Man (Movie Review)

ant man coat

We're about to watch the Terminator but it was replaced exactly on the day we watched this. My cousin was really looking forward for that and was quite hesitant to watch the Ant-man. I'm not actually interested in Terminator. Not that I only like a love story movie, it's just that not all action movies appeal to me. Yung tipong pinagbibigyan ko lang... Guys sila eh. Besides I can't resist being a Santa when simple things makes other people genuinely happy.

Ant-man. Parang walang dating. Yet it's one of the nicest movie I've watched in Cinema. It's unique compared to the recent action movies I've watched. Simple, cool, and funny but worth the payment of the ticket. Even funnier than minions. I really laughed then felt embarrassed because ang ingay ko ata. I'm surprised when we both thought it will be boring. The humour pile up in the last part of the story which was also the climax. There's 2-3 korni humor on that last part but generally the rest feels relatable or natural. It's a good way to end it.

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Book 1) Review

I'm glad to have read this book without spoilers. So far, it's nice and I enjoyed it. Some twists are shocking even if the other reviewers say it's not original. This book made me miss HP (Harry Potter) books but nothing can beat the magical world that HP created.

The world they've made around City of Bones is just simple. My late reaction after finishing the book is it's not satisfying. I want a world that is really complex and would amaze me. I also want to jump on action part right away. Waiting for the mystery to unwrap is agonizing but not so horrifying when revealed. I will still say that this book is okay. I just hope that the next books of Mortal Instrument series is worth reading.

City of Bones (Book 1)

I hardly put the book down. It only happens when I need to sleep. It's quite addicting. It took me 2 days to fully read the book or not even an entire day if it's weekend. Our protagonist, Clary Fray, has some past memories she can't remember because it was intentionally removed from her. She may have learned her real identity but those past memories are not yet revealed in this book and the author didn't hinted if there's more to look forward. The author didn't put much cliffhanger that will make you desperate over the next book.

This book is about shadowhunters, they are Nephilim but they are far from the true Nephilim of the Bible which is half human and half angel. The main teenager characters are descendants of both shadowhunter parents, not of a human and angel. There's a lot of questions I have in mind like the shadowhunter that was bitten by a werewolf. How come that he survived knowing that he became a mixture of 3 breeds now? The author should have added some disadvantages. It's a loophole that can be easily abused.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Minions 2015 Movie Review

The coming of Minions in cinema is a much awaited movie. The collectibles of Mcdonalds and the commercial in televisions just teases and heightens anticipation. I was not yet planning to watch this but cousin treated me.

The duration of this movie is very long despite the simplicity of its story. The craziest and funniest part for me is few and that is when Stuart was given a gift of gratitude (a snowglobe) and when Bob pulled the sword which led to the huge shift of the story. It may seem strange but the best part is the beginning (along with the trailer) and the end of the story.

Minions in Orlando

The movie is just average. The excuse why the outcome of the movie is not that appealing to adults is it's meant for kids. Pero kahit na! The Despicable Me is for kids like how most of the cartoon are for kids too. But still, a lot of adults are captivated in Despicable Me. So why not continue the charm in the Minion’s own movie? They could have done something better.

For Kids?
I noticed that some kids laughed the loudest when there’s someone hurt. I was also quite horrified to find some mild sexy jokes. I only relaxed a bit when I’ve read over the net about kids not capable of understanding the joke due to their age.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

2nd Time at Logos Hope La Union

logos hope ship

I'm really looking forward for this ship to arrive. I want to hoard books again. So far, I went home empty handed. I just can't roam around and scrutinize potential books because I'm with my cousin. It will just spoil his first Logos Hope experience if I will look at the books one by one since he's a guy and not into books. I always want to have a good glance whenever there's a bookstore. It's good that he still enjoyed his first ever visit to Logos Hope.

What I miss the most is the part where you can buy any 2 (can't remember if it's 3) educational books and pay 500 pesos only. In this ship's previous arrival, most of my purchases are computer books. This time though, I find the choices pretty limited compared before where there's a lot of eye catching books from different sections. Hopefully, they'll have those kind of books next next year.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I Have Reasons...

I've grown in an environment where people doesn't celebrate or give much emphasis to birthdays or anniversaries. It's not a surprise why those things are not a big deal to me then. It doesn't mean that a person is not important or I don't love him/her just because I don't know his/her birthday. A part of it may be true but can't the person just needs to lie low for awhile?

A friend made me feel like it was such a big deal to not know our other friend's birthday. Whaaaat? You dont knooow iiiiit? I know the month and used to know the exact day. Sorry guys! I just have to. To make it feel worst, she tested me by asking when is her birthday too. Too bad I am not sure of the day. Why not when I know that her birthday and my best friend’s birthday are next with each other and I can always cheat in Facebook when the months approaches. I'm that lazy. I know my best friend's birthday though... Then she said, “If the person is important to you, you should know those little details”. It's like saying I don't consider her special because I don't know her birthday. It was like I was slapped hard in the face. They used to be that important to me way back. But hey, I don't even know the birth year of my parents, the birthday of my favorite cousin who I'm always with, and the rest of my friends or best friends. Unless, the date is really easy to remember like it's on April Day's fool and the likes.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Glamworks Body Wax Strips Review

glamworks body wax strips

For my first time waxing experience, I've procrastinated many times. It takes courage if you don't have the experience yet. It's complicated since it needs a proper timing like you should grow the hair first and have made sure about not having activities that can stress the legs after (like going the beach, the need to take a bath right away or if it is raining). There's a possible skin reaction that you should be wary too. It's painful, but how painful? Fear of not knowing. And also, no one in the family does this thing.

My first use is already ages ago (perhaps early this year) and I have used it twice already. Thus, I can no longer give my exact impression from that day accurately. From before to now, it changed tremendously.

So ironic that my female relatives don't like the idea of removing hairs. I can understand them because it reminds us of youth and innocence. But we have to shape up! I've listened and believed before but in the end, I don't look professional in a bushy eyebrow and hairy legs. Yet it's so awkward to personally caught their horrified looks at my legs.

waxing kit

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Nivea Exfoliating Wipes Review (Oily/Impure Skin)

nivea exfoliating wipes

I'm curious of this wipes yet the counters of Nivea here doesn't stock it. Not sure if we have it in Puregold though. Even the hand cream is not available here. Hopefully I could hoard the other products if there's a 50% off again.

It's expensive just because it's not essential for my skincare routine. I'm just curious because it's “Nivea” and the clean-looking packaging of the wipes alone is very attractive. Buying this for the purpose of removing make up though is like a fork in the road where you'll pick between the laborious healthy way or the short convenient way.

The wipe is huge, sturdy and has long lasting moist. Maybe it doesn't have a strong alcohol. The magnolia extract is new to me.

A mainstay: Iwhite Whitening Peel off Mask

Iwhite Whitening Pell off Mask

I know it's not something new but that won't stop me from sharing my review and opinion about this product. It’s a mainstay and will always be a part of my skin care regimen.

iWhite Whitening Pack is a peel-off mask that effectively strips off all kinds of skin impurities. With the use of the iWhite Whitening Pack, visible results can be seen immediately:
an instantly brighter, clearer, and smoother skin.

Way back college, my female friend pointed out that (we) I have black heads and that I should use the nose peel counterpart of this. It's embarrassing to think of how I'm so manang, ignorant and less observant of my body before. No one influenced me and most of the changes I did is more on initiative or a lesson learned in a hard way.

I stopped using the nose pack though. As if I have a huge patience for beauty things before! I'm not so girly and I'm so nerdy (If only I could go back, I will recommend to the old me to go for a spa facial wash, nose pack for weekly maintenance and to wash the nose with warm water).
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