Monday, April 27, 2015

Pond's Dewy Rose Gel Review

Pond's Dewy Rose Gel

When I first heard about this Dewy Rose Gel, I am not really interested. It's just another gel version created to catch the attention of consumers so there's something we can call "new" from them. There's already overwhelming number of beauty products created and I can't imagine what the other newly released product can still offer.

Nonetheless, it’s so nice to have an opportunity to try different products. Just like this, it surprisingly goes well with my face. I would still be ignoring this if I haven't tried a sample of this gel and will never know how good this product is. Lesson learned? Don’t underestimate some product but it's still "to try is to believe".

Whitening Soft Gel in Flawless White

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Experience in Buying Watch at Lazada

What's inside the package
Unboxing the watch I bought.

My getup is only truly complete with a watch. But I’m still watchless now. It’s hard to buy a decent cheap watch since almost no one uses watch anymore. Why buy when you have a phone anyway? Unisilver doesn’t have leather. They’re mostly on silicon and plastic type which I don’t like. The strap of my previous watch is embarrassing to wear with its dark stains. All of my watch is disposable after 1-2 years due to damaged or dirty straps. Watch is not an investment to spend 2k or more for me. It doesn’t last even if it’s a branded one. Chances are it might not fit the kind of personality you have later on.

Choices are limited here in our province especially if you are searching for a particular design (we don’t even have SM here). I rarely find white watch. Unfortunately, the divisoria-like merchandise here sells cheap products that really have a cheap look and a poor quality when it used to be quite satisfactory before. Then I remember we have local online stores now so I searched in Lazada and Zalora.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Experience with New Sample Room VIP Subscription + gift box

Vip packages with vip gift

I will admit I was discouraged when Sample Room increased their VIP subscription fee. It's like paying P100 for a free gift and an excuse to increase their fee. But change is expected for a growing institution and the gift is better than nothing at all. The best time to subscribe for VIP is when being a regular member is not enough and the free samples are really hard to resist. When Belo Sunexpert line arrived, I decided it's time to subscribe for VIP again. Why not when there's Burt's Bees products too.

The Initiation

I received a notice of shipment in my email. It didn't indicate that it's for VIP gift box so I thought it was meant for my 1st order even if I didn't send my payment information yet (maybe it's not needed to send it at all). This is where the confusion started.

Since I ordered another sample product (2nd order) again, I am expecting 3 packages but only 2 arrived (the VIP gift box and 1 package). Inside that 1 package is the 1st order and the 2nd order. They were in the same plastic. That means the 1st order arrived late. There I realized that payment information should by all means be sent and should be ASAP.

What I was wondering was, why should it be in the same plastic? So I ended up having 1 invoice for the 2 orders. Maybe they have forgotten to include the other invoice meant for my other order. If they were trying to save resources, they should have at least include the other invoice :(.

Olay Whitening Pearl Extracts Body Wash Review

Olay Moisture Body Wash

This body wash is better than Olay Coconut Body Wash. The clean scent is more acceptable. It reminded me of a powder detergent at first sniff. There are few times that I recognize another scent similar to the previous Coconut variant. That 2nd scent is quite sour. It’s a scent that needs masking. But in general, it’s not bothering or even noticeable for some. I finished the whole bottle unlike the Coconut variant.

It seems that I’m getting used to body washes especially now that returning to bar soap requires another adjustment. Just the thought of the dry feel from oil stripping bar soap discomforts me. Bar soaps means adjustment to a new kind of lotion to compensate.

Olay Body Wash in the skin

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fast and Furious 7 (2015) Movie Review

Did you watch the Fast and Furious 7 in the movie theatre already? Bf said I will not enjoy it because it is about cars and racing (He thinks I only like love story since I recently indulged myself into books and movies in that genre but the truth is I’m really into a variety of things). Though my cousin said I will enjoy it and he was right.

I was surprised I did too because I was unconsciously expecting it to be a different kind of action; the serious and hardcore type. Instead, the feeling was like how it is with Pacific Rim though the later was way more overwhelming for me that I was even shaking when it finished. The action of the Fast and Furious 7 is meant to entertain and charm everyone.

Fast and Furious

The effects and the stunts are awesome. It tries to go beyond its limits to the point that the cars are dropped from the sky by a plane and it’s even real except the actors/actresses is probably not in the car when it was taken. It was my favourite part. When Dom is about to fire a gun at Shaw, I find it amusing when he suddenly decided to choose the street fight way where a scrap of metal is used to strike each other.

BSKOS Hydration Moisture Cleanser Review

I can’t find even a single review of this all in one cleanser over the net except the reviews from Sample Room. Maybe this is new or not yet popular? No wonder it’s only 50 points. But the pump looks pretty and it doesn’t look cheap at all.

BSKOS Cleanser Bottle

Inside the translucent bottle is a quite visible yellowish substance. I thought the stuff is concentrated, sticky, and thick or probably a gel/cream cleanser that doesn’t lather well. It’s actually hard to guess at first. Then I found out that the cleanser is a runny liquid but not as watery like H2O Cleansing Water Sample Review. The consistency and how it feels like when applied in the skin reminds me of the experience between using Cetaphil and Lactacyd.

Since the bottle is half filled, I used it in my face for only 1 week and a few days. Using it in the other parts of the body is like wasting the product and not being practical. But sometimes I wonder how it will feel like when used as a shampoo. I could only assume how it feels like in the body.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You're My Boss ~ Movie Review

Who haven’t seen the trailer of You’re my Boss? The way it repeatedly aired in television, it’s as if it’s telling us it’s a promising movie. But the best movie doesn’t need a lot of promotion; its success comes from words of the mouth of those who have watched it.

The Trailer

The trailer doesn’t justify the real comedy the movie has. It could have been better if the “Oh my Gosh” of Coco Martin is omitted. But because it’s Toni Gonzaga, who caught my attention after the proposal of Paul, I became interested in this movie.

What we didn’t expect was that the scene in the elevator was really funny. Right from the start, the movie made us laugh and the humor continues for about 2/3 of the story.

You're My Boss Poster

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Angelfall (Book Review)

Angelfall is my favourite book back when I still don’t read that much. So imagine the effect it has on me then. I like this better than Hunger Games and Twilight because their love story feels right and wholesome yet still surprisingly striking. This book also has a lot of potential as a movie as long as it will be beautifully made with the right actors and actresses. Talk about charm and good cinematography.

Back in those days, this book was very close in my heart as it reminded me of a special friend whose character I truly admire. Sometimes you have so much respect to a person that their being just a role model in your life is enough. Being exclusive is not mandatory. And if they’ll like you back, you want it to come naturally and not forced.

It’s kind of predictable in this book that when two people are living together, they will certainly have an attachment and a room for attraction. It happens in real life. That’s why it’s just normal to assume that when two people are always together, especially opposite sex, there’s usually something between them.

Angelfall book cover

Nonetheless, Penryn is not the kind who’s desperate of love. The possibility of love is minor even if they’ve exchange a lot of bantering during their journey. Part of this book is action and survival until they were able to achieve each of their personal objective and mission. She is determined and courageous which reminds me of Arya from Hunger Games. She’s not a damsel in distress and is better than Katnis and Bella for me.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Just A Bond with Couz

Goya cookies and cream
Goya cookies and cream.

Cousins are like with friends, sometimes you need an effort too to reach out and be with them to avoid awkward silences brought by being strangers. Honestly, it’s hard to keep up. Just like the quotes about the grains of the sand, you cannot hold them all forever. Then only few people will remain sticking in your life later.

I’m relieved to see my cousin after a month of hiatus. It seems there’s still a lot of change I missed though. The effect of having a new love life is apparent to him. I can sense the lack of full attention during our conversations. Oh well, that’s the trance of falling in love and it is strong when it’s just starting.

Sometimes, I feel like I have a responsibility to look after him. You know, I believe every guy needs a bit of guidance from a female who’s more matured than them (no matter how strong they are) else a guy is doomed. It may be a mom, friend or a cousin like me.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How Are You?

When a blog losses its personal touch, it's bound to die. Commercial kills it. It's not easy to go back.  It feels like making yourself vulnerable to the eyes of others when it was once a source of fulfillment and a place to unload. I miss the journal feel and the comfort it gives me. I miss the comfort and presence of sympathetic friends as well

It sucks to have no sense of purpose in life and be in a place that is not where you belong yet. I honestly miss the support and warmth of compassionate people. Almost everything becomes uninteresting when you are in this stage of life.

If you would ask me when did the last time someone genuinely asked me how I am and actually did something about it, then I will say it’s probably 5 years ago. Someone cared enough to support me financially in my studies. It’s not even a real relative since it’s more of in-law related. That is how strange life is. You find those who really cared and those who concerned themselves with problems not of their own but of other people and they’re not even your family.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Ponds Pearl Cleansing Oxygenated Gel Review

Ponds Pearl Cleansing Gel

I first saw this in Puregold before its advertisement aired in television. I was contemplating about buying this but having plenty of stocks of facial wash back home refrains me from doing so. Weeks later, Sample Room have this in stock which slipped my thought. Of course, there’s always Sample Room out there giving samples of newly launched beauty and skincare products from different known brands.

This gel line is Pond’s new innovation that gives you wider and better options for different skin needs throughout the year. Pond’s pearl cleansing gel has a very appealing and sophisticated design. They mostly pick a nice packaging for an affordable product without making it look cheap. Even the sample product is a miniature of the original tube.

Ingredients to look forward:
Oxygenated formulation
Pearl Essence
Vitamin B3

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Marriage Bargain | Book Review

I read tagalong pocketbooks before since it was easily available than other kinds of books. I initially didn’t like reading pure text because I prefer comics but reading is really dominant in my genes. I don’t like to read PB now, that’s how some habits end. You’ve had had enough of them one day and you’ll look for something different and better.

It’s only just recently that I’m officially reading books (bestseller or the talk and raves) with my blog as the motivator. Some books feel harsh and really dark with their POVs making it worse that I don’t know if I should be relieved not having them before. For example, taking drugs at a young age is nothing but normal with most of the YA books. Then I got used to it eventually.

This book is not so different with tagalog romances, only it is written in English and more detailed. I’ve reread it for this review and also because I like this once and will recommend. The synopsis is stereotype. It’s good I didn’t bother to read it before, sometimes that’s the case with ebooks. I wish some books don’t have blurb at all.

The Marriage Bargain Book Cover

The Book in General

The guy is rich and needs a wife to claim his inheritance and the girl needs money. Even if the author used this as the base of the story, the progress is an enjoyable read. It’s a reminder of a love life when you have none. It’s always nice to read a love story that can make the reader laugh. It’s not a full comedy but it will pass as humorous. It’s not drama and will not cause you tears but there are two scenes that quite stirred my emotion.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

World After | Book Review

I want angel stories because I don’t know much about them yet. Their stories in Bible is what I have longed to know back when I was young. The perfect way they look only adds up in my fascination. Some movies have a different say though. Even my sister agrees that they’re not really that all good.

Angelfall is my favourite book before the “To All the Boys I Loved Before”. As of now, I don’t have a favourite. Just like crushes, some feelings fades with time. Still, I want to have a copy of Book 1 but not the complete set. But if it’s free, why not?

Content of the story:

Raffe didn’t appear quickly but that’s just okay. It leaves a question of “How will the story go?” and that made me afraid of getting impatient as I flip the page. I didn’t stop reading the book and soon I was hooked. Raffe is still a part of the story in a resourceful way even if he appeared late in the book. If Book 1 is the start of romance, this sequel is a different story that has an inspirational punch. It’s more of character’s growth and love of family (more on sisterly love).

World After Book Cover

Penryn and Raffe | Their love story

The budding love is forbidden. He’s not only a handsome angel but an archangel, the wrath of God but doesn’t seem the wrath at all. Penryn is only 17 years old and that I believe is still young for love life. Will they end together? Impossible and hopeless, but that’s one of the mysteries the readers will look forward. But if the author has a genius yet believable twist or excuse in mind, let's find out in Book 3.
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