Tuesday, February 9, 2016

23 years

It’s disheartening to realize that the success-deprived fate of the smallest unit of the government came from their lack of unity. Na-gets mo? If they have that urge to be successful, there should have been some progress in 23 years. Imagine that... 23 years. A little nudge can help but shouldn’t be the lone source of it. A wise man will not wait for other people’s help. They will take steps and make way for resourcefulness.

Should we still trust their ideas? Should we still believe in them? There’s the notion of respect but it’s as if they cling to it when the years bereft of accomplishments slowly dawns to them. They’re capable, but what have they done?

Why wait for years? Why get sensitive and jealous of other people’s success? Success just doesn’t come from other people. We are the co-writer of our living years. Waiting for financial blessing is such a rotten dream when we on our own can produce it. Ang sarap lang ng buhay noh? It’s not your kids, it’s not your relatives, it’s not your parents who will make you rich.

You can spoil a person by freely giving him money instead of helping him realize how he can become a good provider to his own family. Your good intention can in turn damage him. Helping him is unnecessary; unless you really see a potential, initiative and growth.

I still have this great anger when I think of all the years that have been wasted. Let’s include the money spent in gambling that could have been used for the kid’s bright future. There is this annoyance because of her staying and keeping it whole when it didn’t really help to make the bond stronger. I hate the lack of dream. I hate witnessing their wrong and lazy perspective in life and finally realizing its extent.

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