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Glamworks Body Wax Strips Review

glamworks body wax strips

For my first time waxing experience, I've procrastinated many times. It takes courage if you don't have the experience yet. It's complicated since it needs a proper timing like you should grow the hair first and have made sure about not having activities that can stress the legs after (like going the beach, the need to take a bath right away or if it is raining). There's a possible skin reaction that you should be wary too. It's painful, but how painful? Fear of not knowing. And also, no one in the family does this thing.

My first use is already ages ago (perhaps early this year) and I have used it twice already. Thus, I can no longer give my exact impression from that day accurately. From before to now, it changed tremendously.

So ironic that my female relatives don't like the idea of removing hairs. I can understand them because it reminds us of youth and innocence. But we have to shape up! I've listened and believed before but in the end, I don't look professional in a bushy eyebrow and hairy legs. Yet it's so awkward to personally caught their horrified looks at my legs.

waxing kit

They believed that shaving will make the hair look thick and uglier. They also believed that it will get tired growing on its own, just wait and see. I tried but I doubt it will happen soon. I have to act quick before the embarrassment will consume me. I am the first to shave legs in our house. Then they followed. See? o_0

Glamworks Body Wax Strips

Glamworks Body Wax Strips are quick and ready to use straight from the pack. Each single sides strip can be used several times. Enriched with moisturizing and nourishing Aloe Vera, they are effective on short hair and leave your skin soft and smooth. They are suitable for arms, bikini line, and legs.

There was this one time when we have to attend a parade that requires us to wear shorts instead of jeans. I’m really thankful that I’ve shaved my legs instead of waxing in rush, even if the hairs have grown enough for that. Weeks later, bf came. I was torn between waxing and shaving for I have already waited a long time for it to grow back. I waxed it! Then red bumps appeared all over my legs like some sort of skin disease. It lasted for 2-3 days (or maybe more).

Waxing direction tips and cautions
Intimidating instruction for beginners

What’s weird is, my second experience is harder. I’ve wasted a lot of time staring at my legs. Knowing how painful it is, I tend to get slower for I find it hard to hurt myself. Napapamura ako! 0_o I can’t even prick my finger and let the blood ooze for microscope purposes way back biology class in high school. How I wish someone could pull the wax strips for me. Red bumps in this second try is milder.

Wax Strip Ingredients:
Colophonium, Hyrdrogenated Microcrystalline Wax, Glyceryl Hydrogenated Rosinate, Tocopherol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Parfum, Benzyl Salicylate, Hexyl Cinnamal, CI61570

recently waxed legs
I intentionally didn't remove some of the hairs.

After Wax Finish Wipes Ingredients:
Paraffinum Liquidum, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Tocopherol, Parfum

But woah… I enjoy being hairless for an extended period. It takes 2-3 weeks for new hair to show while 80% of it takes forever. In shaving the hair grows back the next day. In waxing, some will take month or more before it shows. I have a thicker hair or maybe just a fast growing hair compared to average people (over the net). That’s why I just ignore my hair most of the time. The new hair that sprouted after waxing is thinner and doesn’t hurt. In shaving, I only experience bumps if the hair starts to grow, if I've shave deeply and if it is shaved against the direction of the hair growth. That’s itchy. Those tiny hairs are trying to break free since the pore has already closed. There's no itchiness in waxing. But maybe it will someday!

red patches from hair pulled
The redness of the skin after waxing. Pulling those hairs is no joke.

Cautions in the box that confuses me:
- Do not use within 2 hours of showering, bathing or sunbathing.
- After waxing, it is recommended to wait 24 hours before sunbathing or swimming.

The two cautions confuses me. Does the first one means I shouldn't use it after taking a bath? But why within?

-It is common for skin to turn pink or red after waxing. If you experience any unusual discomfort while using this product, apply a cold compress (pack) and stop use immediately. Consult your doctor if necessary.
At first, it doesn't make sense since you will use a cold compress (wherein I initially thought it's ice which turns into water later right?). You shouldn't use water when cleaning your legs from the wax residues. Use oil. But after trying the wax for 2 times already, all instructions makes sense to me now. Cold will help soothe the pain but you should use a cold compress in pack instead of ice to avoid water.

probinsiyana with waxed legs
Look who's enjoying her legs now.

- Not advisable for the next day event you'll be attending especially if you have a sensitive skin. It causes bumps for some.
- Few of the hair does bleed so you should be careful of your legs. Imagine getting leptospirosis in the flood because of this. Yikes!

Some hair that are left. It only happens if you use the same strip multiple times (on the third reuse). Just bear in mind that the sticky wax of reused strip will only be stronger at the center so you’ll need to adjust positions. You can use the sticky residue to manually remove the stray hairs using your own fingers (this doesn’t hurt since the legs are already numb by this time).

I will only use this for emergency purposes and long occasions where I need to be hairless. There are reasons why those hairs exists so I might just ignore it on ordinary days. I will still use the shaving method. Seeing how my skin reacts sometimes scares me. Poor chicken. I'm still not that comfortable  with the possible consequences that I will reap later in life. Waxing is an intense exfoliation and might cause varicose veins and thinning of the skin (just an opinion).

Recommend? Yes

Repurchase? Yes

Rate? 4.5/5

Do you wax your legs too? What's your first time story?


  1. I never used a body wax in life but my wife does and I think this product will somehow make her interested. On a lighter note, I am the type of guy who likes "hairless" legs and I am sure that many guys share similar sentiments.

  2. This is a helpful guide for those who would like to try waxing strips at home. It's great that the product is already enriched with aloe vera for moisture.

    1. Hello Kirstin ^_^ I hope so... I didn't go over the simple "how to" of waxing since I'm just new to this. It has aloe vera but I'm not sure if it hugely helps the legs in a wax form. I haven't used the after wax finish wipes yet (this has aloe vera too). I will use this when I'll wax next time. I'll be updating this post when that happens.

  3. I haven't experience waxing, I am afraid to do it alone. Maybe I have to go to a salon and entrust it to the professionals.

    1. I was thinking of that too before but I realized that going to salon is expensive. I'd use the money for their facial service instead. I was also hesitant that I didn't jump into waxing right away. I've read reviews first.

  4. I can imagine your pain. How I wish I can also do this at home! But I don't think I can't! Nice detailed review!

    1. Have you tried it before? Why? Is it because it's painful?

      This makes me remember it again o_0 maybe not growing the hair too long will lessen the pain.

  5. Haven't tried any waxing products. But I'm a big fan of glam works. If I'm going to wax my legs, I'll use that one

  6. I reached my age without using any waxing products, partly because I had very sensitive skin since I was young but I can understand why girls would want to do this. So as long as it's safe, then why not?

    1. Because for some, like me, it's ugly-looking. Imagine a lady having a hairy legs like a guy's legs. If I have a finer strands, I might keep it that way. Thanks Teresa for dropping by! ^_^


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