Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Black Beauty Hot Oil Review

Black Beauty Hot Oil Review

hot oil instruction

Where to Buy: Mercury Drugstore
Price: 15php

I was surprised too see the content of this hot oil since I was expecting translucent oil. It turned out that it’s like a light white cream.

There’s nothing bad in the smell, but after I put it on my hair it reminds me a hint of Mayonnaise scent. (I put one back in the old days and mayonnaise is very heavy for the hair). This could be the smell of shea butter, watcha think? The fragrance differs from sachet to application.

Hot oil content

Vitamin E
-It is powerful antioxidant that protects and repair skin. It nourishes the scalp and prevents hair loss. It helps increase oxygen circulation in our body. Other functions include enzymatic activities, gene expression, and neurological function(s). The most important function of vitamin E has been suggested to be in cell signaling (and it may not have a significant role in antioxidant metabolism) We can get Vitamin E from supplements or eating Vitamin E rich foods such as avocado, nuts, olive oil and peanut. Overdosing can increase the risk of bleeding problems.

Hot Oil Ingredients

I used my bare hands to put the oil. I start in the scalp first and down to the tips. It’s an irony for it to be called hot oil when in fact it was cold when I applied it. Then I put a warm moist cloth in my hair and covered my hair with plastic. You’d probably consumed a whole sachet of it. After washing, the scent reminds me of my no poo days with vinegar.

Hot Oil Swatch

It’s not heavy on hair and it’s easy to wash off unlike the products I used before. I didn’t put a conditioner on my hair. I used a Sunsilk in the mean time instead of my main shampoo (Pantene). The reason for this is that Sunsilk does better in removing residue from the hair.

Hot Oil Application

I like how soft my hair after. The only issue after using these kinds of products is that my hair becomes buhaghag. I don’t have a blow dryer so I used my vitress to tame my hair for a while. It’s like my hair needs ironing. It’s a mixture of Buhaghag yet bagsak. The presence of oil would make it shinier especially in flash or places where light tends to reflect.

This will be a good once-a-week treat for my hair and for my scalp. It helps in removing dandruff too… The downside is that the results lasts only a day or lesser.

-It isn’t heavy oil
-Hydrates hair/scalp

-Hair needs taming
-It doesn’t have a sweet smell or a typical shampoo/conditioner smell


Yes. It wouldn’t hurt to try besides 1 sachet is cheap.


  1. Info on their website says you use it after shampoo and/or conditioner. Then just rinse off with water after letting it sit for 45min

    1. Hmm. Thanks for the info. I didn't know that, kaya pala I'm wondering why it's easy to rinse off. I'm still using it till now. Looking at the sachet direction in the picture, it didn't mention shampooing it at all. They should change this to avoid confusion to other consumers.

      It took me a while to find the information you have mentioned. I found it here:

  2. is this can be use daily or weekly? or monthly?

  3. Since it's a mild product, I believe it can be used daily but I would prefer using it once or twice a week.


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