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Watsons Strecth Mark Minimizer Review

Watsons Strecth Mark Minimizer Review

It’s not a heavy moisturizer and it’s not oily or too thin for a cream. It’s more of a lotion to me; a good lotion. It feels gentle and safer to use. Because it’s not as thick/hard like the other stretch mark cream, I believe it should be applied twice a day to make it really effective.

The nice scent reminds me of a hair treatment from salon.

I only put a sufficient amount since it's pretty useless to use more. It will only be absorbed by the fabric I’m wearing. With different factors like sweat and fabric, reapplication is needed to keep the skin moisturized. Prior the use, I have a dry flaking skin in my bikini line. This body butter keeps it moisturized. It somehow mildly lightened the area. However, there’s a continuous friction there that darkens the skin so a different and a stronger whitening product is needed to completely whiten the dark areas.

This product is easy to blend and is absorbed well by the skin. There is just this tiny starchy part that needs massaging before it will settle in the skin.

Watsons Body Butter: A look inside

Lightens skin
Prevents & fades stretchmarks

Apply a generous amount on your body as often as needed. For better results, use continuously.

Did it work?

There is a 15%-20% of improvement while I was still consuming the first 2/3 of the product but the effect was on and off. Few white streaks became less noticeable and shorter yet became obvious again after few weeks. I still haven’t figured out what causes that. I thought that it was a skin underneath that emerges above and will eventually shed (something like a sign of improvement). But now, it felt like there’s something that triggers those stretch marks to appear (like there’s really just this certain period where my skin is very vulnerable of tearing).

That was when I was still using the cream twice a day. I became lazy, sleepy and busy on the last 1/3 of the product. I started using it once a day. Then after 2-3 weeks that I stopped using this because of what happened last time, I am surprised to see that all the white streaks are back. They’re all back. Back to zero.

These kinds of products take really long time (months) before it can minimize stretch mark. Bear in mind that consistency and patience is highly needed to make this product work. There are also other alternative treatment that you can try for a faster result yet is way harsher, invasive and pricey.

The after picture of minimizing stretch marks
If you will look at my stretch marks at this Celeteque review, they are slanted while here in this picture it's straight. It seems that this is a new set of stretch marks that appeared when I suddenly stop using it for 2-3 weeks. This is the current picture of my stretch marks and this is what I mean of the back to zero part. I don't have a before picture but you can check my previous reviews.

It Need Moisturization More than Massage

Massaging alone didn't help (even using it with Watsons Stretch Mark Cream). Maybe it needs to be paired with a heavy-duty moisturizer that you will leave overnight or a weekly 15-30 minutes mask. Let’s say massaging it with essential/natural oil like sun flower oil or pampering it with DIY avocado/papaya mask. That's high maintenance and not so easy especially if you’re dealing with a stretch mark that has been with you for so long (like as early as my teenage years).

It probably requires a consistent attention for at least 2 years. That doesn’t guarantee that it won't reappear again after. Sounds like a commitment forever. Will it be worth it? Or is it better to just ignore since the area is actually hidden unless if I’ll plan to wear a two piece? (that I have never done in public before)

If this is caused by pregnancy, at least it will never reoccur once healed except when you became pregnant again. But mine appeared even if I didn't experience frequent weight gain and loss. Blame it to hormones!

You can also read my review of Celeteque Anti-Stretch Mark Cream here.

Manufacturing and Expiration Date

Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Monostearate, Butyrospermun Parkii, Cetyl Alcohol, Vitis Vinifera (Grapeseed) Oil, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Extract, Saccharide Isomerate, Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, Fragrance Oil, DMDM Hydantoin, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Glycerine.


  • It's less inspiring to use this because it’s in a tub. Dipping my fingers is always a turn off but it’s forgivable since this body butter is only applied in places I am not very fussy of unlike products for lips, hands and face.
  • It’s not travel friendly. It’s big and it's not so nice to bring around. The product inside the tub moves easily if you shake it. I don’t like products that move on areas (in the container) I’m finished because it feels like it’s contaminates the rest of the stuff. I am so relieved that it was closed when I accidentally dropped it once.

This product will not remove your stretch mark in just one tub or 1 month. Still there is a little improvement when using this. This is good for moisturizing and maintenance purposes. There are different kinds of stretch marks and each needs a different kind of approach and product too. If you are desperate and you want a quick result, this is not the product for you.

Yes, because it’s very affordable and there's some improvement. I'll just make sure to use it every single day or even 3 times a day next time. I will still try different products and hopefully will come back to this due to its price and mildness.



  1. I just started my diet, i will be needing this once i slim down. :) thanks for sharing.

    1. Prevention is better than cure. Maybe it's better you'll start using anti-stretch marks cream already.

  2. When I read from the title that it's stretch mark minimizer, I didn't think it would work like a lotion. I also have this notion that it would be good ONLY for those post pregnancy marks. Hmm. Anyway, good it worked well for you.

    1. That's the reason why I was hesistant to get the Maternity Anti Stretch Mark cream of Celeteque in sample room before. But I am relieved that at the back of the box of Celeteque, it said that it can minimize existing stretch mark too. So I thought that this Watsons minimizer body butter might also work. It didn't indicate that this is for pregnant women by the way. It's just so happen that pregnant women are the main consumers of stretch mark creams.

  3. I wonder if this works for men, too. My brother's the one who buys all these stretch mark minimizers because of all that weight he lost from before. I'll share this with him so he can give it a try.

    The big tub, I agree, is not-so travel friendly. I'm kind of like you I think. When it comes to skin care products, I always ask if they're available in smaller containers so I would fit in my tiny bags and I could leave one in my office kikay kit + of course, they ought to be convenient for traveling.

    1. I'm not sure too, maybe he will also see a little improvement with this. If it's okay to him, then let him try. I'm still planning to use other brands so I could know which works faster. It really takes a lot of patience and months of consistent use to remove stretch marks. Reviewing this product for me is even tricky. For me kasi, since I saw an improvement, even if it's small, it's a huge progress na.

  4. my girlfriend has been working very hard to lose weight and so far she's had some very encouraging results. one thing that she's been struggling with was the stretchmarks that show up when you cut down on a few pounds. Im gonna read one more review about watson's stretchmark minimizer and if i like what i read i will definitely forward this awesome post to her.

    thank you Shayn

  5. It's just like sebo de macho except this one's classier, hihi. But in terms of results, it seems the same.

    1. Naku this is big, it's a tub, not a little tin can. I don't think that Sebo de Macho will work for stretch marks that are white streaks. They're not the same at all...

  6. Mainit ba sya sa balat? I've used one before ung butter something? from watsons din nakalimutan ko ung name. The thing is sobrang inet kasi and ayun tinubuan ako ng mga maliliit na kati kati so my OB advised me to stop using it. And until now that my twins are a yr olds na I haven't usen anything else na.


    1. Hindi naman sis, hindi sa tummy ko xa nilalagay, hindi kasi dun yung stretch mark q. Baka ito yun sis, body butter din kasi to pero I'm not sure if there's another variant (like cocoa). When did you use it? Before during or after pregnancy? Wala nakaindicate sa tub na it's safe for pregnant women. It has a whitening ingredient, something na di ata pwede sa mga pregnant. Para din lang siyang moisturizing lotion na at the end of the day natutuyo din...

  7. I used this product when I got pregnant. It was the price point that attracted me and that it's easy found on any Watsons. I'd say it worked on preventing stretch marks on my tummy. I barely have any except for a few spots that I really scratched hard on my 9th month. Those are even barely visible now. I stopped using it after the first tub (lasted me from 2nd to 8th month) but I'd still recommend it for budget-conscious mommas!

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Lourdes... around 150-200 un price niya.


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