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Mena Facial Cream (Review)

I'm overloaded with impossible and irrational number of tasks beyond my capacity. I'm still wondering what life lesson will it give me later. Will it make me a better person or will cause me more harm? Is this injustice or a prerequisite everyone will have a taste of? It's like some Cinderella story enduring the cruelty of her step-sisters.

Please bear with me. I am trying to catch up from blogging but my body seems want to escape (by sleeping) from all the stresses of demanding battlefield. It really feels good that Friday is over as it's time to get refreshed and inspired all over again.

Finally, I am able to post this after many attempts to finish this article. I've tried it on the past few days but it seems I cannot harmonize the outline I made after creating the paragraphs. I lacked the right mood to make the brain work and prevent this to turn into junk.

So let me finally introduce the Mena Facial Cream review...

Container of the Mena Facial Cream

Mena Facial cream is a product of Thailand that aims to lighten the skin and remove blemishes. It's affordable, suitable for all skin types and can be found registered in FDA website. I really did look for assurance due to parabens and hesitation to use this.

The Cream.

It is not hard to remove since I applied a thin layer only. It lasted me around 3 months despite the small quantity the Mena container has.

Mena Facial Cream Bottle

Pimple Fighthing

It doesn't help with fresh acne and doesn't make the skin thinner as a side effect of whitening products. There is itchiness when using this that will last an hour or stops when the face starts to perspire. The itchiness usually happens when I start to use it again after 3 or more day of rest from application. One or two tiny cystic pimples appeared during the initial adjustment period. I didn't experience some kind of peeling.


I'm spared with serious problem in dark spots and pimple marks. It comes and vanishes even if taken for granted. The oil the face reproduces during slumber does help to heal and repair the skin naturally. The effects and results of Mena Facial Cream can be different for those who has dry and normal type of skin. There wasn't an obvious and permanent lightening of the face since I'm already fair though the cream does a great job in hiding blemishes. It can also act as a very light concealer for big pores as it fills those tiny holes.

Ingredients and Expiration Date of Mena Facial Cream


It triggers oiliness in the face since it's a dry cream. It's not entirely absorbed by the skin and appears like it just sits there. If you use it at night, you will wake up with a very pampered and blooming look. Something in the product makes the face glow and radiant that you'll wish it to stay forever. That's the beauty of this product I appreciated. However, the skin is back to normal as if nothing happened when once washed.

I use this morning and night. Since it gives the face a white cast, it will look exaggerated and really unnatural for others to wear this during the day. I have a fair skin so tiis ganda ang peg when I use this every morning and to also get rid of this product quickly.

Remove big pores and scars through Mena Cream
Real and gross. This is the big pores I was hoping to get rid through Mena.
Looking at the mirror, it appears I have lesser big pores now. Around 1/4 of big pores on my left cheeks are  gone.

Using Mena for Underarms.

No. I will not use it. I will not risk the parabens to enter my skin and cause me breast cancer eventually. Use products for places it's meant to. Or at least don't use it for freshly shaved skin. Better use dedicated products that undergone clinical studies on particular skin area.

White Cast of Mena Facial Cream
Applying Mena at night. The eye area is spared. The white cast is obvious.
Keeping it from looking too heavy requires frequent attention. There are days that it feels just fine while there are days too that it's like you've put a thick foundation on the face.

Tip: Avoid using in direct sunlight.

- The cream does sweat like what happens to lipstick.
- It tends to get dirty with fingers to scoop it.
- The product has a different smell later.
- It's hard to apply

Rate:   3/5

Repurchase:   No

Recommend:   Maybe

Have you tried this product? Do you try cheap products too?


  1. My relatives were using Mena before. It worked, but they stopped since its irritating their skin

    1. Aww. Maybe they've accidentally used the fake one. So far I didn't experience skin irritation when I used this.

  2. Effective to sakin pang remove ng pimple scars. :)

    1. I don't have too much pimple marks so I cannot really say it helped remove them. Some products really don't work for me even if it works miracle to others.

  3. I remember seeing my mom using this when I was a kid. Hehe..... Isa sa mga antigong beauty product na nasa market pa din...

  4. You can use it for any part of your body and I haven't experienced any itching. And I would recommend it.

  5. wala bang side effect ang mena kapag nag stop ka ng pag gamit nito?

    1. Wala naman nangyaring kakaiba nung tinigil ko... Siguro kung matagal ka ng gumagamit like isang taon, it's either mamimiss ng skin mo or babalik sa dati yung state ng skin mo. Mild lang para sa akin tong product na to, yun lang may salicylic acid sya...

  6. Jenny FabricanteJune 20, 2016 at 7:25 PM

    I have many pimple marks and blemishes sa cheeks ko and I've tried so many products yung iba pa nga branded but still they didn't work. My boyfriend used to apply this in his face and luckily dun nawala. Sana hiyang sakin. I'll try this for one week then i'll post the results afterwards. Fingers crossed.

    1. Hi Jenny! ^_^ Naku I don't believe in expensive products, though I want to try them for comparison or for experience purposes lang. "Reasonable price" sounds better instead of "expensive". Sometimes, nasa tiyaga din ng paggamit lalo na pag peklat, dapat palagi (araw-araw). Yung sebo de macho alone, I believe that it can really remove peklat. I don't have a lot of pimple marks, big pores madami, I've notice that Mena was able to remove/minimize some big pores. Kung madami ako peklat from pimples, I might try sebo de macho in the face, like a spot treatment method.

      Try to exfoliate once a week too Jenny.

      For your pimple marks and blemishes, take note sa active ingredients na ginagamit mo. Perhaps it's not the brand that should be changed, try a product with a different active ingredient instead.

    2. Teri Yellow sensitive ang skin mo dapat wag ka gumamit ng kahit anong cream.

    3. Hello Aisa, pano mo nasabing I have a sensitive skin? Maraming namang products na nagcacater din sa sensitive skin. Nakakagamit naman ako ng different creams na walang problema.

  7. Mena is really a good cream for me.. 🖒 I'm using this for almost 10 years no and it has no side effect for me.. Tyaga lng sa pglagay at mapapansin mo na lalong pumuputi ang yong kulay 😉🖒

    1. Hi Caroline. Wow 10 years, sobrang tagal nun ha. Medyo makapal lang kasi siya, masyado maputi sa mukha pero yun pa lang ang nakapaglessen ng big pores sa mukha q.


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