Thursday, November 26, 2015

Recent Products and Hello!

Hello guys! Sorry for the MIA. Let's say, it's the effect of the aftermath of my long absence. Most of the drafts I’ve created remained unpublished. I want to blog but the environment I stays in doesn’t motivate me. I wish to live in a place that exudes positive energy and euphoria. Yung feeling na you don’t have the freedom to change something because you don’t own the place or the elders are against it. And since you can’t do/achieve that change, the “restless feeling” is always there. That kind of place doesn’t encourage growth.

It was the main culprit apart from my cravings of adventure. I want to make my weekends something I could really look forward. I want to enjoy life. Unfortunately, I find no enjoyment on both weekdays and weekends. Here goes the quote “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

But even though I’m gone, I continuously received different products from brands and my subscriptions.

acnecare products

Vida Nutriscience Inc. sent me two of the Acne Drying Lotion (the other one is not in the picture) together with the other products of AcneCare line. I've already tried the AcneCare soap and the AcneCare drying lotion. Expect me to make a separate review of them in the next few days. I haven't took the Acne Care capsules yet since I want to clearly see the effect of each product. For the soap, I love using it in my face along with the tight feeling effect it makes without being extremely dry (at least for me). It's like using Kojie san that I don't need to put a foundation/powder in my face in the morning OTW work. I believe it helped reduce the oiliness in my face too. I want to use it all for myself but let’s see if I’ll feel generous enough to make a give-away later (2 soaps and 1 bottle of acne drying lotion). I believe that their Acne Drying Lotion is new as I haven't seen it in the blogosphere before. It's an effective spot solution similar to Mario Badescu, only cheaper.

suprise gift from bdj box

I received a surprise gift from BDJ. Perhaps it's due to my November and December elite box subscription. I was confused as I thought it was the gadget I ordered in Lazada. I created a different username in BDJ website and my real name for delivery contact details. BDJ sent this parcel using my fake name instead of my name registered in their delivery contact details. Because of that, LBC branch won't let me have this when I went in their office. Good thing that the delivery boy volunteered to just deliver the parcel directly to me on the next day.

I wonder if this is all I've got from the "elite" privilege that BDJ said in this kind of subscription.

whisper and cream silk sample room

I've lost count on all the products I've got from Sample Room.

snow whitening lotion and cream

Weeks later, Vida Nutriscience Inc. sent me another product. I'm currently using the Snow Whitening Lotion and I love it. It doesn't have the acid/sour scent I usually associate with whitening lotions. It feels gentle and safe too. I'm surprised with the scent as it smells like perfume. It also has this instant blur and whitening effect when freshly applied - my favorite part. I will make a review of both the whitening lotion and cream later. So stay tuned!

pink sugar bdjbox

Hurray for my November elite box. When I saw that Pink Sugar gave an entire set to some well-known beauty bloggers a few months ago, it lost its appeal to me. Ang dami kasi sa kanila eh! tapos naiimajin ko konti lang sa akin lols. It would be a lot different if the box came out at the same month that it was launched. The box is small and lightweight. But when I opened it, the girly feeling is still there. My boyfriend noticed that I was gone, though he doesn't know that it was because of this box. I haven't swatched them but I plan to review them all. I like the way the light is being reflected in the bottom glass of the lipsticks. Of them all, I'm pleased with the shade of lip products that I've got. However, I prefer the Eye Shadow Pallete that has the color blue in it. I'm not sure if the shimmery blush will work on me.

november 2015 bdj box


  1. Lots of beauty products for you to use. Likewise, more gifts for you this Christmas coming from different companies.

  2. Those are all awesome! I'm always down for skin care because I have sensitive skin. Glad you got a lot of good products!

  3. those pink sugar products look so pretty! will you be doing detailed review on them soon? please do!

    1. Hi Mia! I plan to use the lip products, bb cream and the eye shadow palette but not that soon for the others yet.

  4. Lol i was also able to receive the 2nd, 3rd and 5th photo :) Love the make up! I've actually started using it when I attended a gala event last week ^^

    1. Laftrip lang xD I haven't even swatched them yet.

  5. I'm sure that eyeshadow palette from Pink Sugar will still look good on you. And I'm excited to see your review on everything in that Pink Sugar box!

  6. Sugar spice and everything nice , That one looks really girly and all but I think I'd like to try that. Let me know how it works out for you


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