Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Handling Difficult People by Dr. John Townsend (Book Review)

I know reading book reviews can be boring. Even so, I somehow hope you can endure my reviews. There's beauty in reading books. Ah I know it still depends upon the personality of individual and on how the book is presented. There are boring books and there are books that's very attractive you would have hard time stopping. If you are not really interested in books, I still believe there's a book that's meant for you or will suit you.

Handling Difficult People

what to do when people try to push your buttons
by: Dr. John Townsend

Sometimes it gets overwhelming to deal with difficult people. We sort to aggression or stay silent than finding ways to properly handle them. They're everywhere and worst they're grown up. It's as if they need some values education and doesn't have any idea of what being matured means.

I'm into reading no-brainer books that consists of few pages to give me a sense of achievement of finishing a book. Despite the small size though, this book is very packed with practical and relevant information that won't make you regret.

I have a different set of people in mind when I took this book. Surprisingly, it's more on dealing with closer people in our lives. Some can still be applicable to lets say like colleagues, group or team mates and the likes but it's still more on personal relationships. It's still worth keeping even with above initial impression.

It's general in some sense but still gives specific examples you can use in case you really are determined to follow the author's suggestion. It will give you sequences and pattern of approach in your way in handling the situation. There's words too that you can edit and use for future conversations.

It's not that easy though. It requires skills, practice and patience. It seems that I have to memorize the last halve of the book to remember the suggestions or it's better if there's a workshop for this. I'm not a psychologist to deliver those guides well anyway. This is a two way approach though. Handle and change yourself first before dealing with other problematic people. It's easier that way, right?

This book is inspirational and gentle in delivering its message. There's also the feel of comfort, assurance and goodness in this book that also makes me closer to God.

In the end, it falls in the part of being good in communication and manipulation. Some have those skills naturally but hopefully it can be learned.

The Things I don't like
Price. It's still very expensive for the P195 price.

The Parts that I like
Questions. At the end of very chapter, there's a follow up questions that makes you reflect and let you absorb the content of the book better. I really appreciate this part, answering this could really help a lot.

The part that caught my attention the most is on page 112. (to be updated)

Recommend? Yes. If you care enough.

Rate: 4.5/5. Not perfect because it took me a while before I finished the whole book. The words are easy to read but has a heavy message.

I am responsible for my own happiness!


  1. I personally don't find book reviews boring. Siguro dahil mahilig lang talaga akong magbasa! Haha. This actually sounds like an interesting book. I'll try to buy it this weekend <3

    1. Sana magustuhan mo :) Extinct na kasi ang mga taong may gusto sa mga ganitong tipong libro :D My friends don't like reading books yay and sometimes they want a different genre.


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