Saturday, October 17, 2015

Current Experience in this Blogging Journey

It was easier if we write the first thing that comes in our mind. That’s how I write in my early blogging days. However, the absence of any form of reward makes writing less motivating especially in the later part of blogging career. It’s really a huge mistake if you don’t have the heart in writing and expect this experience to generate money. The worst mistake is not studying and analyzing your blog. Realizing our long term goal in blogging is very important. Why do we really blog? What outcome do we expect? What will motivate us to continue?

Blogging Became Time Consuming

Trying to make it perfect takes a great deal of time. It’s not easy to be the boss and workforce at the same time. In this venture, you’re the brain who thinks of ways and techniques to improve your blog but you will do the laborious task of executing it too. To make your blog healthy, you have to write daily. But writing alone will not guarantee your success. There are some blogs that are regularly updated but the quality of their content is sacrificed. They don’t really have genuine readers. You won’t feel like reading every article they’re posting because the personal feel of their blog is gone. They’re in a rat race. They may fool brands, but not the real audience – the readers.

The Need to Update Strategy

Aside from posting daily, there are really other ways to improve your daily page views. You have to seek that information. You need to observe and contemplate on your previous action and have a careful thought of your future plans.

The Three Pressure you will Experience in Freelance Blogging:

1. The need to write articles.
2. Keeping the frequency of posts.
3. The quality of your posts.

It takes me 3 hours in post-processing pictures and 3 hours in research and writing. I proofread a lot but it still doesn’t assure that my articles are error free. I may have consumed lesser hours, but I already feel exhausted to continue or to write another article. It sucks the joy out of me. There are instances where the pictures still need adjustments to aesthetically fit in the page. It must have a unique background to kill monotony and a proper lighting which requires waiting for the right time of the day.

When I was gone, I’ve gained a clearer insight behind the blogging industry. I was actually quite giving up and aiming for a different prospect but it still led me back to this. Now, I have new ideas... and Hope.


  1. Welcome back! Kaya pala antagal mong nawala. It really have to do with passion. Kasi ako minsan I don't pressure myself to write everyday if I don't feel doing so. Kaya maganda pa din kung personal kasi kwento kwento ka lang hehehe

    1. Hi Neri, ang hirap bumwelo pabalik hehe. Hey thanks for dropping by, nakakacheer naman.

  2. Hi! Never give up! Continue on what you are doing, Teri. Cheers!:)


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