Thursday, November 20, 2014

TM New Astig Sim Choose Your Number | Review

New TM Sim Card

Can you remember those times when you’re so proud of having a nice cellphone number and you’re friends will say “Your number is very nice” or “You’re lucky”?. And there’s also the nuisance of memorizing the hard combination of contact no. of either your partner or friend. It doesn’t matter to me now as I only need one number and that doesn’t have to be replaced yet. We only need one for official transactions and it’s not also that simple to ignore the long years of attachment with an old loyal sim card.

An easy to remember number is beneficial in the market. I once heard that those kinds of numbers were being sold in a higher price and bought by business owners. Your best chance of picking the best number before is through choosing from the set of available sim card the salesperson has.

This customization is likely to help the network for its survival and better recognition. It will attract consumers and possibly boost the company sales.

Number not available in the sim card container
No more printed number in the sim container

It made me brood over who’ll benefit in this kind of gimmick, the big company or finally the users? Let’s see where the extent of this change will lead us later. Will this give the costumer a better and promising satisfaction or is this another temporary service?

Hopefully, this numbers is replaceable. It’s really disheartening that we cannot own a number forever. Replacements for sim cards are still limited and some sim features is sadly cannot be restored. I hope that the companies stop encouraging us to buy and change our sim card frequently.

  • There’s no major change in the packaging of TM sim card such as the change of design, style and color. I didn’t realize right away that I have to choose my own number. The reseller didn’t inform me of this feature too.
  • After the sim is inserted, my Android phone won’t start unless I choose a number. It doesn’t have a welcome message that informs me of this feature. There’s almost a lack of clear instruction.
  • I felt bad after I realize what happened. The opportunity to choose my own number was gone to waste.

  • It costs around P25, the price of regular TM sim.
  • I still find this more practical than the regular Globe sim.
  • Once the chosen number is registered, you can immediately continue your transaction. (Such as GCash)

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