Friday, June 14, 2013

Blog Update 01

I haven’t been updating my blog for weeks now. My old lappy, who’s been my loyal companion since 2nd year of my college year, is in miserable throe. I finally decided I won’t make much stress for him for now. Yes it's a 'he'. My vintage camera bothers me too. The flash is too painful in the eyes. You know the feeling when you try to light up the powdery stuff inside the 5star on New Year’s Eve? Feels like old school photography.

So for now, I’m a bit incapacitated. I'm considering buying a new netbook but I should be cautious I might spend impulsively for some impractical things. I should consider too of something I can use longer and conveniently. Then again, I might just be blinded of my strong desire to have new laptop.

Let's see what will happen...

Sigh, with tight money on hand, I can't just invest in things that will eventually turn into a bad investment.

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