Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bench Organics Purifying Green Facial Cleanser Review

I’m getting curious of Bench recently and have thought they were all on perfume and clothes. I'm always curious of Organic products and this caught my attention since it is called “Bench Organics” (Not sure if it is Organic though). I remember how my adviser said, “Don’t use baby wipes, it will give you pimples”. Even if the idea of wiping the face for instant feel of hydration is tempting, I didn’t dare try baby wipes on my face since then.

After a tedious day, how we wish we can go to sleep straight after. Personal hygiene should still be done though. And if you are afraid of having big pores, you should make sure to remove your make up. To go with the flow too, I want to try some facial wipes. This time, I’m not afraid to use this as it is made exactly for the face. Good thing that trying it doesn’t hurt with the P30 price.

Bench Organics Facial Wipes

  • Good for lazy days.
  • Didn’t cause breakouts.
  • Good for emergency purposes.
  • Helps removing the greasy and oily feel.
  • Removing dull make up that perhaps underwent oxidation.
  • This might help with my comedomes issue during humid and hot weekends.

Removing excess oil without washing your face. Washing the face twice is enough, but more than that makes me wary. There are times I felt the need to wash my face in the middle of the day but the problem is the availability of soap. Bringing a liquid soap just causes the bag to become bulky and heavier plus it’s not an every day necessity during our errands. To save ourself from possible dirty water from the faucet and to avoid making our face too dry with frequent oil-stripping face wash, then this wipes is a great alternative.

Opening of the pack

Personal Experience

It leaves an assured feeling that the face is at least quite clean. There’s still my OCD side of getting a perfectly clean face but I guess there are times that my face doesn’t need to be that perfect. Removing heavy make up might need more wipes but in my case I don’t really wear heavy foundation.

It cleanses and moisturizes the face at the same time. It doesn't totally strip the face of its natural oil.

Packaging | Scent

The packaging is very nice. It looks simple and even eye catching because it’s different with other wipes in terms of color choice (Other brands sometimes pick a redundant design). The scent reminds me of Iwhite or perhaps Green Tea. It is packed in a small plastic that means it is a space saver.


This wipes is soft, but there’s the side that it felt rough. Searching over the net, it’s quite normal since the rough side is meant for exfoliation. Feminine wipes is still softer than this (That is understood as the latter is a much more delicate area but I long for that kind of texture for a face wipe). This is also typical wet kind of wipes.

Single facial wipes
A wet wipes that has dried. This gave me idea how dirty my face could be even without using a make up. The wipes looks rough.

Recommend? If you are curious and you want something cheap, yes. And also for the convenience it gives.

Repurchase? Yes since it's the first wipes I've tried so far and only if the need arises. Cleaning your face with regular cleansers is still way cheaper and a sure prevention of pimples.

Rate: 4/5. I know there can be more promising wipes than this but since it is cheap, I gave it a higher rate. Not a perfect score since sometimes it felt rough if continuously rubbed in the face. Perhaps I could find a facial wipes someday that could give an almost perfect clean feeling.


  1. I haven't tried this product yet. This is a lot cheaper compared to other facial cleanser that I know.

  2. I've seen it but have always ignored it - maybe I should notice it more.

  3. Hey! I'm actually on a hunt for a cheap makeup remover or facial wipes since I'm using a foundation on my face. I usually like Bench perfumes but never realize that they had this facial wipes. It seems promising huh, I checked other facial wipes that are out in the market but most of them are quite pricey for me like Celeteque, Nivea those costs 100 plus pesos while Neutrogena is ridiculously priced at a 320 pesos (not sure but around that price).

    1. I'm not into facial wipes talaga. Parang another luxury lang. (Though may baby wipes ako sa bag ko). . I hope you'll like this... Pero I'm not contented with facial wipes alone, I guess it's better for my skin to still wash it with water.

    2. Ako kasi instead of using facial wipes I use cotton pads i soak it water muna tpos lagyan nun belo pimple gel wash... ntatangal pero medyu hassle din, kea nghhnap ako ng ganitong makeup remover. I agree facial wipes is not enough talaga need mo pa din mg wash ng face kasi mei traces pa din left behind ng makeup. Kasi ung mga makeup remover na parang toner mahal eh.,,,,

    3. Yun nga din eh hassle.. yung wipes din later on nakakatamad gamitin. Sometimes sa price ng facial wipes na iba, i'd better buy cleansers na lang. Pero I will try the Nivea, I just can't find it here. Not widely available :|


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