Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kapuso mo Jessica Soho: Moving on…

Having been there… wait… whew… I’m partly speechless… I can’t find words to describe the emotion I was feeling that time, so I just laughed. Laughed because it happened to me.  Because I’m one of those victim of love. La la la..

Sometimes, we wished that we are invulnerable of such thing, but avoiding may give regrets too. Try reading the “Hairy Heart” of the book of Tale of Beetle Bard by J.K. Rowling. It’s a tragic story where a wizard removed his heart to become invulnerable of falling in love.

He doesn’t want to be like his comrades who were succumbed into that madness. But hey, that’s human nature to avoid of. (Ayaw makiuso kasi…) So then, like any other story, there came a girl into his life. However, the girl felt something is missing behind those beautiful words and cold affection. Then came the point where the guy revealed his secret and the girl, stricken by sadness after seeing the heart where hair had finally grown, demanded the heart to be returned in its righteous place. Then she died.

LOL. I’m not a good story teller eh? That is the part I got partly teary eyed. I’ve been warned but still I got a bit shocked on how the story went. There is it. A potential love. A perfect one, the right girl. The heart recognized the feeling. The budding love came to an end before it even materializes. And worst? He killed the girl as his own heart turned into a beast. He wanted his partner’s heart to replace the heart he kept chained and secluded in the dark cell. He wanted a heart. :(

Comment from the episode:
I didn’t like what the ex-girlfriend did. Did she just went on-screen solely for exposure? I was not even convinced the way she responded and defended herself. There’s no hint of seriousness.  What’s worst was that when he was asked by his ex boyfriend if she will accept his invitation to meet up for a proper closure. She showed herself, but he brought his present bf. Urgh… this made me tilt my head and murmur to my self “No wonder...”.

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