Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Computer Viruses for Dummies

by Peter Gregory

Copyright © 2004

Yes, this is for dummies. I’m expecting to find something exciting about viruses, pwedeng technicalities or amazing facts & trivias in simple words na still for dummies. Very basic.

This one is intended for those noob. Yung tipong pang end user lang talaga, no no for advance user, pero enough para sa average user.

Good thing about dummies book is napagtyatyagaan kong basahin from cover to cover (parang nobela lang) though I doubt if magreretain sa utak ko yung mga nababasa ko.

Naappreciate ko yung pagkakaexplain sa terms like jargons for easy comprehension of those not familiar with computer terms. Drawback, it is tiring to read for someone like me. Simpleng thought na pinapaikot ikot that I seemed lost at the end.

I'm halfway from reading this book, I'm not giving up from the thought that I might learn something new after.

Kung nagmamadali ka, this is not the book for you since it will cover certain topics in details. Partly spoon feeding  yeah.

Yes. (I believe this is suitable for high school students and those who are just starting to take InfoTech or Compsci course.)

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