Friday, August 23, 2013

Fusion Bolt: Installing Temple Run Oz

This is my first time to install a game in my fusion bolt

I found the link in the files of FB group of fusion bolt. Here’s the link if you want to join.

The links address was but I was redirected into this site The file size is 27.5mb. The first site was quite confusing, it took me minutes before I recognize where the download link. You should click the skip ad to be redirected.

How to Install?
The file extension is APK and I am new in this. So my next problem is how to deal with this. My old games were running in a symbian operating system so I’m quite naïve. Anyway, APK means application package file.

I’m quite confused, before all I need to do is to put the file in the memory of my cp, now I came across into a site where it says that I needed Apps Installer.

That’s the problem in searching answer over the net, you are bound to find answers that confuses you more where in fact you should not be bothered.

Installing Temple Run Oz
1. Copy the file into your external SD card or internal SD card.
2. Click the ADK file. A pop up window will show. Click Install.


Akala ko kasi i need a special software to install the APK file, maybe a third party. Siguro nga, if you will be using a different hardware. The "ES File Explorer" is enough to initiate the installation. So far, i know nothing about Android. Exe in PC is being related with APK. Malabo sa part ko kung bakit needed ang third party software sa android para mag install. Meron akong nabasa na  you have to open this folder bla bla, paste the file here etc. Anong meron sa mga smart phone's noon?

Siguro kasalanan to ng pag aask ko kay Mr. Google 

Made me wondering.

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