Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cheap Charger, Fake?

So I bought a cheap charger for my cellphone which costs around P150.00. I got no idea how much an original charger costs. In other stalls, they charged it around P350.00, expensive for same poor quality charger. I wonder why they’re over pricing it, especially those sellers who doesn’t give receipts.

While purchasing
I don’t know the name of the stall; I haven’t paid attention to that. However, it was referred to me by my Uncle. It was indeed a ridiculous story. Staffs were not wearing uniform but the place was a bit decent compared to others. The salesman was saying it was original, ho ho. How come a P150 became original? Worst was during the time I was assisted by the saleslady who seemed irritated that they got a buyer. She doesn’t even smile. Wait! The charger was instantly given to me without letting me try it. But I insisted, and it’s not working. Uh-oh. So it was replaced in that very moment.

The charger
It’s not a fast charger. Haven’t caused fire yet. Soon.
INPUT: 100-200V~I
OUTPUT: 5.7V_800mA

Last time.
It’s not actually working properly. Whenever I try to move the charger, it will stop charging, so I have to make sure it is still whenever I’m charging. Since I got no receipts, I can no longer recall how old it is now. Maybe it’s around two months if I would make a wild guess? As far as I can remember, I tried my very best to take care of this charger, but it really proved itself as substandard. Among the entire cheap charger I bought, this one was the worst of them all.

It’s dead. :(

Am I a fan of cheap products? Lol.

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