Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Myra Hand & Body Lotion Review

I’ve run out of lotion so it means that buying what’s only available in the department store and drugstore from our remote province is the left choice. But honestly, I just haven’t found my HG lotion yet. That makes it hard to decide which lotion to stock and hoard.

Myra Hand & Body Lotion Bottle

This is my 2nd or 3rd purchase of Myra E lotion yet it’s only now that I made a review of this. It’s more of giving this a second chance since I was not impressed with my first use. Though I still have faith that it can work just fine considering how bad the state of my skin 2 years ago compared to an improved state now. I bought this because it’s simple and perhaps plainer than other common brands.

Myra Hand & Body Lotion
with Vitamin E Beads
For healthy, beautiful, young looking skin

Has Vitamin E Beads that gently burst onto your skin. Vitamin E helps protect & nourish skin
Dimethicone & Glycerin seal in your skin's natural moisture preventing dryness
Helps keep your skin healthy, soft, & smooth to touch

Safe and effective for all skin types
Non-greasy & ideal for everyday use

Myra Lotion Sample

The years of reviewing products made me realize that my dry skin is more of internal problem and lotion only helps a bit. Applying a heavy moisturizer at night, drinking a lot of water, exercising and steering away from stress is the rule to achieving a healthy skin. If you want a shortcut, drinking supplements works too (based on my experience).

  • Not heavy on the skin.
  • Nice mild scent.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Simple description at the back of the bottle.

  • Simply the lack of thrill from using this because it’s so common.
  • Normally, it’s not greasy, sticky or slippery but it feels like I have a soup in the skin whenever I sweat a lot. It only happens in the palm and at the back of the knee. Since I badly needed a hand cream, I only apply at the back of my hands.
  • The myth that it makes the skin darker if exposed under the sun.

Directions for Use and Ingredients

As a hand cream. There is an instant softening of the skin but it’s not the kind that lingers long. At least it’s not a dry and greasy combo. Repeated application does help. It may not instantly solved the dryness of the hand yet there's still some improvement that you can look forward after a week than not using a lotion at all

Maybe, if I want something cheap or I decided that I want to save money. Since it’s widely available, I might buy this if the need arises. What’s important is it’s enough to soften my skin and it treats the dryness. I still haven’t decided if I will settle with this. I really need a very accessible and affordable lotion as a back up in the days I am not experimenting with different brands.

Only if you are okay with the review.



  1. I just bought this last weekend. Thanks for the review.

  2. I like how Myra feels on my skin - not sticky and it's moisturizing. I just find the scent a bit too strong for me.

    1. I don't find it strong naman though I tend to find the scents strong whenever I try using a lotion for the first time. Then I barely notice it on the succeeding days. With Myra, the scent lingers long.

  3. I actually find Myra E lotion amazing. Though I haven't had a detailed review of it since I used it long before time, I like that a) it has very nice scent, b) it gives a very youthful glow and moisturizes well. It's just that I've outgrown the product and tried so many other brands in the market since there are more popular products now plus those others have higher SPF which is what I need. Also, most of my lotions were from sponsors so I wasn't able to buy my own now and whenever I am about to ran out of lotion, another batch will arrive.

    1. Yeah thanks, I was thinking the same thing months ago. I am also into different products now. Though sometimes I'm still thinking if I'm just doing everything because of the hype. Simple is sometimes better. A product that still in the market has some reason. It may lose it's appeal to us bloggers but the mass consumers still buy it. Myra has a simple list of ingredients that other brands has too, they've just added fruit or plant extracts and put it in very attractive containers. Myra E has the basic combination of emollient and humectant, yet it still works.

  4. I get what you mean about this lotion feeling slippery and soapy when it gets wet. I get sweaty palms, and this just didn't cut it for me.

    1. A dedicated hand lotion works best for the kind of hand we have. Not everyone is prone of sweating though. I'm positive that this will work just fine for others. The Vitamin E does help soothe and heal the dryness of the back of my hand.

  5. I've tried Myra hand and body lotion and I love how moisturizing it was.

    1. Glad you like it Peachy! It is light but still moisturizing. It's good for ordinary days.


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