Friday, August 2, 2013

Connecting Fusion Bolt to Computer

I became alarmed when I found in a blog, from one of those who commented, that connecting with PC is not possible or somehow defective. He further added insults in the product like it has a weak customer service. This made me worry "sayang naman". I became quite puzzled like what would be the use of the connector if it will not address that issue.

But that didn't stop me from purchasing this tablet. Really, it made me alarmed when I started plugging the USB connector. It's not connected and worst is that the device manager is not recognized. I got no internet connection in that instant to ask So I just resort into the first aid of roaming around the setting and letting my tiny brain think of possible solution in this dilemma.

I almost gave up in the setting icon when suddenly I tried tapping something in the lower right corner of my tab. Tah dah, it made me jump into the window where it asks if I’ll turn on the USB connector. That simple and ridicolously funny. Mission accomplished.

I can't blame him for this part is not well documented in its manual.

For noob and dummies, complaints like that may give hesitations of buying. It may also bring confusion to readers.

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