Monday, August 19, 2013

Cover Case for Fusion Bolt

I’m trying to find a case cover for my fusion bolt through online, maybe something that would really fit fusion bolt, but failed. Some were over priced and doesn’t have the advantage of close examination. So I assumed I will never find one.

Then I came across some stalls, I don’t know what to call them. They were those who sell cellphone accessories and the likes. They suggested universal case cover. I’m eyeing the one with keypad/keyboard but it costs around P500. I can ‘tawad’ daw but I don’t know how and I feel awkward. My aunt said, the original price of those merchandise were ½ or 1/3 of it.

I wanted to buy the one with keyboard but it’s expensive. Real computer keyboard only costs P180 in CDr King. Besides I doubt the quality of the cover for me to invest much. But I wanted that one ;(

But since I’m being kuripot, I bought the one that costs P200, a black leather case cover that is keyboardless. Something that is enough to hold the tablet.

So now:
I will not be in a hassle of bringing the box of the tablet.
Since it can stand, I can now watch movies without getting tired of holding it.

I know nothing about technical, electrical and anything hardware. But I asked if the keyboard will drain the battery fast. They told me that it is 5volts compared to the computer keyboard with the range of 15-20volts. I wish I know about this stuffs.

Other priced it at P300 but I was able to get it at P200. They originally set the price at P250 for me but when I went to other stalls they don’t offer ‘tawad’ at all. Rule of the thumb? Canvass into places a bit concealed from the crowd.

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