Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Iloko, The flaw, The ridicule.

I dread the idea of hosting another program knowing that I must use our native dialect. Wether it is English or Iloko, or even the most common “Tagalog”, it will present no significant changes on my performance. I wish there’s an emcee training just lurking nearby waiting for me to find. It would be an advantage to professionally know how to handle people (sometimes annoying people) for I wanted to reach out too.

If you do intend to live here, it is said that “it is your responsibility to know how to converse with Iloko” (I was even ignorant back then that I was saying “Ilokano” when I was referring the language). I am not really against the use of Iloko, but someone should realize how to ease up the burden. Some regulation constricts us in our daily lives but will not give us alternatives. If badly implemented, it might hamper the immediate progress that should have taken place.

Education is something should be promoted and everyone should be glad to have. I believe it should be something accessible and as much as possible, free. Instead of corrupting, give that money to students.

I wish someone up will wake up. I will not blame the government but the people governing, well even they change the political system same faces will creep around.

Assuming that it is mandatory, foreign person or call them newcomer, it is their responsibility to know the native dialect. Who will teach them? How about access of information? Is it highly available in the form or books or over the internet, etc.? How committed they are in promoting the Iloko use of language if their apparent way is only by imposing charges.

This makes me wonder if they’re really wanted to preserve what left in this Iloko culture. Are they really promoting and reaching out there best?

Good luck for me this day…

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