Sunday, September 8, 2013

During My 2013 Birthday

When you’re dead frozen in bed doing nothing... and you find yourself too lazy to move… Mesmerized in deep thought but not really thinking. I wonder what’s wrong with me, I’m immobilized. Then I came back into my senses when I took a piece of paper and started writing…

As promised, two worth remembering thing about my birthday includes a supposed-to-be surprise from my BF and my Kuya’s thoughtful short stay.

I was really surprised but in a different way. BF said he has nothing for my birthday. Genius indeed. It made me sad and disappointed, not that I am looking forward for something big. But reminding me of my upcoming birthday when I actually trying hard not to think about it and worst letting me know exactly how unimportant that day is just a perfect way of ruining everything. (I knew he was trying to save in the first place though). It turned out that he’s just trying to surprise me since he really had something for me. :( It was a bad joke. An epic made by BF. I went a bit trauma. April fools in September. I keep reminding myself he didn’t mean to dishearten me. Hmm.. so should we consider it a surprise?

This is something wonderful about Kuya. He made a new tradition of getting home every September. I still feel awkward though. The presence of the person is enough for me to be deeply touched and happy. Then we got dinner but I wasn’t able to taste the cake he brought from where he came from. Naubos agad.

I don’t like parties. I felt sort of harassed and caught off guard. Not that I don’t like gathering, I just felt its not the right time nor the right place. It seemed that nobody really had much fun that day or maybe I’m the only one. A real party should be something where everyone is entertained and happy…

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