Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Protective Cap for USB Port in CD-r King

Protective Cap for USB Port in CD-r King

Does my picture look dark? Let me know
6 pieces

I got curious one day when I saw a typical cardboard with a handwritten advertisement about protective caps for computer slots, ports and etc. So I bought 1 when I finally I came into the store. They don’t have other stocks than for USB Port. It costs around P30.

Why not right? When you can prevent dust to enter into those hubs, to finally get rid of dirty looking parts. However, I was expecting just one pack that includes all those commonly used ports or hubs, not a separate single pack for single part. Then imagine yourself adding P30 to all those parts. 5 x P30 = P150.

There is a word “card 5” in the little cap. When I used it, I find it easy to put in the hub.It glides easily inside.BUT it was a challenge to remove. If you will look closer at the picture, you’ll see the part where you can pull it. I believe the little handle shouldn’t be that smooth so we can pull it easier.

It’s made of typical plastic, sounds like the square part of the board game “scrabble”. Well, I don’t have any more to say. I wonder if it’s better if it’s made of rubber or a mixture of plastic and rubber.

Rate: 0.5/5
-the idea is nice

No. I wish that it’s an all in one pack kind.

USB Protective Cap side view
USB Protective Cap back view

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