Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Digital Karma,

If nothing is permanent, how much more from those things made within virtual reality? Lost files again and I’m crestfallen. It’s always a risk playing thing to trust this brittle machine. A wide ranging accident is just a matter of when it will come. A tiny mistake and just a second of carelessness will determine the difference of failure and success, the time that we cannot bring back or the deadline that have been flopped.

And then there came the difficulty of weighing things for your future, for your career. To rely for something that has proven its unreliability is playing a game of chance. The lesson I always learned in the hardest way. Slowly, the accumulated errors extinguishing the hope I am holding into.
Am I doing the right things or I am dwelling again for too long?

Another digital karma, getting the happiness out of me.

I can’t smile, I can’t move, I’m stuck. I need boosting up.

Just another day of doing something I don’t like to do.


Lesson learned?
To be paranoid with digital files you believe is crucial especially if you can’t afford losing it.

Don’t depend in Microsoft’s Word Autosave at all. It won’t resave your file in case it went off accidentally again, I’m telling you.

You can configure your AutoRecover from 10 minutes to your desired length of time. I change mine to 5 minutes.

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